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This is a post I'd like to pin top the top of the page always
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Second post with little more to say than the last time

First Post with not a lot to say

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This picture shared on the G+Norse Mythology group could easily be a scene in Davokar!

Hi all. I have just purchased the core rule book and have a question about corruption and mystic powers.

If I purchase a mystical power that belongs to my tradition do I suffer a permanent corruption or do I avoid this because of my tradition?
I addition like rituals is the temporary corruption when I use that power reduced to 1 rather than 1d4?

If so where does it state that in the core rulebook. I couldn't find a direct reference to this although it is alluded to under 'Mystical Powers' in the Abilities section.

Many thanks for the clarification.

Hi does anybody know if there is a picture of the Elikilbri anywhere. I couldn't see any that was specifically attributed to this semi-intelligent species.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi all. I've put together a quick rules summary sheet to help new players to the game get a quick overview of the system and how it works.

Hope others find it useful and please comment if there are any corrections or additions that need to be made.
Coriolis Cheat Sheet
Coriolis Cheat Sheet

Do you still intend to release Wordplay 2nd Edition rules as standalone or will they be released bundled with settings?
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