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Anthony Torres

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Hey Nike Runners, I don't usually post on communities but I felt compelled to share something that I am really excited about. Recently, I signed up for an 8k called Beat the Bridge. It's basically a race to get across a draw bridge before it opens. If a runner is found on the wrong side of the bridge when it goes up, it puts a 5 minute penalty on their time. I signed up because a friend got me really excited about the race and its challenges. I've never run an 8k before but i've done several 5Ks. I think with a bit of training this should be completely doable for me; plus I'm rather stubborn, so it's happening :)

Recently, (during the registration process) I learned that 'Beat the Bridge' is more than just a run, it's actually a event to raise money for type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. The reason I'm posting this message is because I realized it would be the perfect place to reach people interested in running as well as helping others.

During my registration they automatically created me a profile/donations page. I have set a modest goal of $150 which goes entirely to T1D research. If this hits home with you or any of your followers, I would appreciate any contributions, even a small donation doesn't go unnoticed. My page is:

Thanks for taking the time to read this! 
The JDRF Walk raises money for life-changing T1D research. Join the Walk today.
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Anthony Torres

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I just signed up for an 8k in Seattle called beat the bridge. In addition to being a ton of fun, it's also a fundraiser for type 1 diabetes research. If anyone is interested in donating to this cause, I would appreciate it, greatly. Thanks everyone!
The JDRF Walk raises money for life-changing T1D research. Join the Walk today.
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Anthony Torres

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I never post food stuff, this is probably the first and last time it will ever happen. But for anybody who hasn't seen fractal broccoli (more officially known as Romanesco Broccoli)  it's super cool! It tastes like a combination of broccoli and cauliflower. It really appeals to the math nerd in me more so than the foody (which I'm not at all). If you happen to stumble on it, its definitely worth a shot.
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Anthony Torres

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Anthony Torres

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Just a taste

Clean Bandit - A&E (Random Acts):
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Let's make yoda famous. PS he came with that name but has Yodas temperament
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I like the name----beautiful cat!
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Anthony Torres

Bragging Rights  - 
Owned the fuelband for a little over a week now,  I'd say today was a good day for me :)  I don't know anyone using nike+ locally so anyone please feel free to add me (am17torres) in hopes to keep me moving! Thanks!
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Got your request. Consider yourself added. Let the competition begin :)
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Have him in circles
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Anthony Torres

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Hey folks, sorry for the spam. I just got this in my email and figured I'd share it with any outdoors folk. Plus I'm using you all for  potential referral bonuses :-P
Want insider knowledge about the best outdoor experiences? Sign up for the new RootsRated to discover the best outdoor experiences, hand-picked by local experts, and be entered to win the trip of a lifetime to Jackson Hole.
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Anthony Torres

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Anthony Torres originally shared:
Any of you nerds have any idea on how to shorten this regex (specifically group 2)? After a few optimizations this is the best I could get.  Keep in mind the groupings are important for what I'm working on.

#regex   #javascript  
Test your regex by visualizing it with a live editor. JavaScript, Python, and PCRE.
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+Anthony Torres bingo...
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Anthony Torres

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My app drawer wtf #jellybean
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Board game kitty
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Anthony Torres

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Short, simple, and exactly what I needed. Thanks!
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/dev/null is webscale
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I have been a member at Stability for the past few months seeking chiropractic treatment for some back issues I've been struggling with for years. I've visited doctors in the past for the same issue without any success. The general consensus was this was something I'd have to live with and there wasn't much I can do. Dr Favreau took a different approach when trying to determine the cause of the pain. He took a holistic approach to solving my back pain by not focusing solely on the area causing pain but the entire spine from top to bottom. Doing this helped identify the source of the problem where others have failed. Using a combination of stretching, physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and by prescribing massages I felt a significant improvement in the way my back felt within a couple weeks. While a feeling is always good, there was also measurable proof. The periodic assessments show, using actual numbers, how I've improved over time. This had the added benefit at improving my performance at the gym due to a lack of over tightness and excessively sore muscles. Additionally, all the staff is wonderful! They are very professional, courteous, and organized; I have nothing but positive things to say about all of them. I would definitely recommend Stability to anyone who's seeking help for ailments, even when other doctors have turned you away, you wont be disappointed.
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My spouse and I arrived to Seattle yesterday (we are officially moving to the area in two weeks). We decided to try out this eclectic rum bar for a single drink each - in the 20 minutes we were in this establishment, we heard a woman next to us loudly discussing how we weren't welcome. After pouring us our drinks, the bartender discussed with this woman that he agreed with her statements. I have never been so insulted in my life.
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