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Anthony Rothstein

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So my RAM arrived, got it installed. It works at least, that's something!
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Anthony Rothstein

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Well just purchased 8GB of RAM for my Mac Mini. This should finally sort out that lil' problem when I have too much stuff running!
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Anthony Rothstein

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On top the Empire State yo'
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+Joe Exley yeah, it's still a pretty bad thing for them.
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Anthony Rothstein

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So i'm going to New York City two weeks this Sunday.
Kept meaning to really sit down and plan some cool stuff to do.
>time went stupidly quick

Anyway, just been looking through some cool stuff, holy crap there's a lot to do!

Here's list i've compiled so far.. must be some more awesome things to do!
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Also, I'd recommend the American Museum of Natural History. It's really awesome as well.
A bus tour might be a good idea as well. Gives you a first impression of the city. And take some time to just...walk around and experience the city itself.
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Anthony Rothstein

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Stop it Cadance you drunken mare, that is for my brother's birthday.
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So, anyone else thinking about getting a Chromecast/Already has one?

If you've got one, are they any good?!
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Its good for 30$ but my Chinese android tv box is way better for 100$.
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Anthony Rothstein

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Well! Here I am, sat on the plane ready to set off to New York!

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Holy cow!
Its been FOREVER since I've seen an actual post from +Anthony Rothstein!

But anyway, good luck on your trip and don't go shopping crazy. A lot of things in New York's shopping district are really going to entice you. :P
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Anthony Rothstein

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It sucks marjory that PEGI is as restrictive as it is. Would prefer to use America's rating agency.

Though I do wonder what China's one is like. Probably something on the lines of "Too American, banned".
The other day a friend of mine linked to me an article that spoke in depth about rating agencies for video games and why harsher rules of the European ones make it a nightmare for Game Developers, especially smaller ones to l...
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Anthony Rothstein

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Does anyone know if the Mac Mini's 4GB's of RAM is from 1 4GB stick or 2 2GB sticks?
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Anthony Rothstein

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BronyScot has announced their date and venue!

Scotland's first ever Brony Convention will be taking place on the 11th and 12th October 2014!
On behalf of the BronyScot Events Committee I am proud to be making the announcement that BronyScot 2014 will be held at The Hilton Grosvenor Hotel in the wonderful City of Edinburgh. The event will be taking place over the w...
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Looks Mint in Purple Shades and Cowboy Hat.. because Stetsons are cool
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I have fond memories of Leeds train station. People who have been giving reviews are idiots. Such as the person who said the ticket barriers are annoying. That is a normal modern thing you will find in most train stations. Don't talk utter crap. Dimly lighted? Well feck.. who cares? >why am I even writing this.
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