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The definitive guide on how to use static, class or abstract methods in Python
Doing code reviews is a great way to discover things that people might struggle to comprehend. While proof-reading OpenStack patches recently, I spotted that people were not using correctly the …
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Anthony Pantekoek

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You can re-use notes and other content through an attribute called conref.
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Boost+ 清理, 加速, 安全, 應用鎖 - Google Play Android 應用程式

裝置反應緩慢?應用和系統程式數量多到難以掌控?Boost+ 是免費的 Android 效能專家,能智慧調整效能、改善耗電量、清除無用的垃圾檔案以取回儲存空間,並且可在 Android 裝置上增添任一個應用程式的安全性。 ※除了在 HTC 裝置外,目前此應用程式為 Beta 版本。


Album by KeroDean

Better DITA Graphics for a Multi-Screen World

Good visual communication is essential, yet graphics are often an afterthought in DITA implementations. We need a new approach to make them


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AccuRadio is better radio for your workplace! It offers more than 900 customizable radio channels, unlimited skips, incredible variety, less Gets a Face-Lift

As reported today by Dan Brickley, a new version of the website has been launched. The most significant change is that examples a

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View lessons from experts. View lessons from Google's digital analytics experts at your own pace. Test your knowledge. Apply what you learn

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Digital photography, endless and inexpensive, has made us all into archivists.

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A Python book for learning to write idiomatic code

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Snow fell across Ottawa and eastern Ontario and we asked for your photos of the winter-like weather on Halloween's eve. Here they are!