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The last day of my MBA program has arrived! I feel better already!
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Congratulations Baby! We've missed you!

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Screen display issue after upgrading a Thinkpad X200s to kernel-3.8.3-201.fc18.x86_64. 
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An excellent read

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Enjoying a spur of the moment dinner.
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I've been struggling with this one for a while...  If anyone has any pointers, I'd appreciate hearing them.

I have a few services that need to obtain Kerberos user tickets to be able to access NFSv4.1 filesystems in Fedora 18.  Mostly the services are for the "apache" and "mythtv" users.  In addition, I'd like to enable my MythTV frontends to login automatically after they've obtained their user tickets and can access their home directories, and other media directories.

In Fedora 17, the was relatively simple (hah!), as I would create a specific unit file similar to the following for the "apache" user:

.include /usr/lib/systemd/system/httpd.service

ExecStartPre=/usr/bin/kinit -r 604800s -k -t ${KRB5_KTNAME} apache ; /usr/bin/chown -R apache:apache ${KRB5CCSYSNAME} ; /usr/bin/chcon -R -t user_tmp_t ${KRB5CCSYSNAME}

Then in my "apache" user's cron job, I'd simply specify a line with the command "/usr/bin/kinit -R" and everything worked beautifully.

Now that I've upgraded many of my systems to Fedora 18 with the KRB5CCNAME changes, and with +systemd being so damned fast ;) I'm having lots of complications especially with the MythTV frontend autologin users which are are not local to any machine, but held in FreeIPA/SSSD

At first, I tried to use systemd-tmpfiles:
d /run/user/1234567 0700 mythtv-fe1 mythtv-fe1

but realized that systemd doesn't know about the mythtv-fe1 user at that point in the startup since sssd isn't started, so then I tried using the uidnumber instead:
d /run/user/1234567 0700 1234567 1234567

which didn't work :(

So I'm currently trying the following unit file which works sometimes, but other times I get the error systemd[1]: Cannot add dependency job for unit lightdm.service, ignoring: Unit mythtv-kinit.service failed to load: Cannot allocate memory. See system logs and 'systemctl status mythtv-kinit.service, which doesn't tell me anything useful.

Description=Kerberos v5 credentials for mythtv-fe1
Before=display-manager.service sssd.service

ExecStartPre=/usr/bin/mkdir -p -m 0700 /run/user/%U ; /usr/bin/mkdir -p -m 0700 /run/user/%U/krb5cc ; /bin/chown -R %u:%u /run/user/%U ; /usr/bin/chcon -R -t user_tmp_t /run/user/%U
ExecStart=/usr/bin/kinit -V -r 604800s -k -t ${KRB5_KTNAME} %u


I keep thinking that there's got to be a better more native way of doing this, right???  Any help is appreciated in letting me know how to improve integration between +systemd and Kerberos.

Thanks and have a great day.
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Can any +systemd gurus offer some suggestions on this:

Description=k5start Kerberos ticket service for user: %i
Before=display-manager.service httpd.service mythbackend.service sssd.service

ExecStartPre=/usr/bin/mkdir -p -m 0700 /run/user/%U ; /usr/bin/mkdir -p -m 0700 /run/user/%U/krb5cc ; /bin/chown -R %u:%u /run/user/%U ; /usr/bin/chcon -R -t user_tmp_t /run/user/%U
ExecStart=/usr/bin/k5start -b -f /etc/k5start.d/%u.keytab -K 60 -p /run/user/%U/ -L -v -U
ExecReload=/bin/kill -ALRM $MAINPID

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