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Happy to be one of the first thousand...

...or so people to use this application. Placeme is the kind of service that I've been trying to convince people about the value of for years. It basically monitors your world. It is a breach of privacy overload but I still want it.

Ten years ago, I met the most important person in my life. I know where I met her, I know that it was a summer's evening, and that it was raining. I remember my heart racing. I remember the emotion as if it was yesterday, but I cannot even remember what day of the week it was. Perhaps the memories are somewhere in the recesses of my mind, but I do not know how to retrieve them. Sometimes our memories become confused, distorted.

If I had this app ten years ago, I would now know the exact minute she entered my life, the exact temperature even, and every moment since. Data about every moment would be preserved. Right now, I know that there are things that I've forgotten about my life, but if I had had this app there would be something to remind me. Something would be remain, rather than being a memory slowly burning in the fires of time.

This is about your entire life being recorded, and you wouldn't have to check-in or do a thing. Data would be collected about you passively, and you'd be able to come back at a later date and search your life. Yeah... it's freaky.

This is a fundamental change in the way that we can view our individual lives on this little rock, but it is also part of an overall shift in the way world history is recorded.

We neatly divide the past into pre-history and history, as the dawn of civilisation and the written word allowed us to collect stories about our past and build up a picture of life hundreds or thousands of years ago. If you go back before the written word, the amount of information that we have plummets. We struggle to even separate fact and legend. Archaeologists find pre-historic remains, and try to understand a little about the lives of those people, but even something as simple as a person's name get's lost because people in pre-historic times didn't know how to write it down. The written word changed everything for humankind, and allowed us to learn much more from our past and to grow as a people.

I believe that the dawn of being able to collect data digitally marks a a second major change in the way that history is viewed by future generations that is just as significant as the first arrival of the written word. The way we are learning to collect, collate and analyse data is going to allow us to soon create a whole new kind of history that is will be so much more detailed than ever before.

The future of history, or from our point of view the history of the future, will be a collage of images, ambient data, personal stories, that are sown together in such a way that people in the year 2100 will be able to rewind the clock back to any time or place in, for instance, 2050, and explore a detailed and accurate virtual representation of that world. This is so radically different from our concept of "history" that it will probably need a new name to appropriately describe our pre-www and post-www documentation of our civilisation.

There is so much potential sitting in this little unassuming app... it's a shame the damned thing loves sucking so much power from my phone battery =)

So, erm... Hello world!
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I've been trying it out but the requirement to have WiFi always on is the bit Ican't cope with on everyday basis...
+Jakub Kaliszewski Same here. I don't really like leaving WiFi on so much. I'll see if I can send them some feedback

[Edit] Feedback sent. Those guys are very helpful. Hopefully it will change in future.
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but what are the differences between PlaceMe and Google Latitude?
Right now, not much :-)

Placeme seems to do a better job at identifying places you've been and registering how long you stay there. It also allows you to annotate. Latitude doesn't require things like GPS and WiFi to be constantly running though.

Based on what is in the app, it's hard to separate what Alohar can actually do and what is just hype. They say they are taking more data than just location, but I still can't see the results of that in the app.

I really think that the way we record and use ambient data is going to change a lot, but in my experience of Placeme so far it is Latitude with more potential, but also more bugs.
Hi, I do not really get the hang of it. Seems to be unreliable so far. Maybe I do not use the app correctly.
I activated WiFi and GPS.

Is it also necessary to activate the data plan (Edge, 3G, 4G)?

The app doesn't give you a clue, but asks you to activate GPS and WiFi.
My best guess is that you need WiFi and GPS and mobile data access for the app to work as designed.

I personally think this app, as is, requires too many things to be active on your phone, and that the service should just work with whatever it's given.

If the app was giving me data that was significantly more accurate or detailed than Google Latitude then I could probably accept the inconvenience of leaving WiFi and GPS on and the hit on battery life, but as of today the app still hasn't lived up to expectations. It misses certain locations, and has inaccuracies.

I still think that ambient data collection is an important part of the future of how we document our lives, but the app does seem to be having teething problems and currently doesn't meet the expectations that many have of it. I'll things develop over.the next few weeks though. The developers have been very helpful when I've reported issues, so maybe it will all work out.
+Anthony Kelly Thank you for the answer. Same here it doesn't come up to expectations: sometimes the results are fine, but then there are errors too.
I will go on trying it for some time. It's a nice way to keep something like a diary for one's movements.
+Friedrich Wulf did you notice the "pinpoint" feature for when the locations are wrong? it isnt perfect, but at least the app knows where I have lunch now ;-)
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