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Common place today; ridiculous ten years ago:

I'll be ready to go when my battery charges to at least 20%. 

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Cory Henry performing a tune from the upcoming album "The Revival Project"


Task: In the shower. Wash lens from eye. Catch in mid-air. Place lens back in eye.

Pro tip: baby boys seem to have a reserve bladder that's only activated when their diaper is removed. #Commando #IGoWhenIWant #InfinitePee

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We decide if we live, if we run, or if we turn to face adversity. 

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Some solid examples of systemic racism and corporate sponsorship of inequality. 
Michael T. Smith argues that the “normalcy” of black murder is ingrained in our American culture. Indeed, the idea that a black American would be involved in a homicide—either as perpetrator or victim—is so broadly accepted as to be largely unnoticed.

Smith exposes the racism that underlies the appalling lack of outrage at high death rates in the black community, and highlights the hypocrisy of a society that glamorizes violence, but ignores its victims. “It doesn't take action to keep racism going,” Smith observes, “it takes inaction.”


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Morning Hymn: From the Gospel According to Jazz Chapter III "Because You Loved Me" by Kirk Whalum featuring George Duke

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Free on Google Play Music...Jason Aldean's "Old Boots, New Dirt"

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Ten-year old Joey Alexander is an incredible musician. Watch out for him... Enjoy his wonderful interpretation of "Giant Steps."

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How it all began... #RIPAndraeCrouch
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