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Fitzgerald Gambrell expresses an unforgettable look at God's power to change a person's life and he states that one of the great things about knowing God is that it allows others to see the change that He has made in your life and allows them to come to the conclusion that it is a better way of life.
- Pastor Joyce Smith

God is filling me with so much to write. It's amazing how He knows what you need to write and corrects you on what you want to write.

I will be doing a revised version of my book, A Voice In The Darkness and it will be out this summer.

I am hoping to release my forth Christian book and my first Sci-Fi book this year.

Thanks to everyone that has purchased A Voice In The Darkness and making it alive again!

Due to an unforeseen problem, the release of my next book will be delayed.

My e-book A Voice in The darkness is now only .99 at Amazon.

My ebook A Voice In The Darkness is now only .99 at Amazon

My e-book A Voice In The Darkness is now only.99 at Amazon.
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