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:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: We Are the Community ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

We believe Community is what makes Google+ special.

We believe Community should be promoted to newcomers.

Share this to send that message to Google.

Share this because YOU are the Community too!!

Share this Now............Share this Now............Share this Now.

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I don't understand the message or purpose? help I'm all for community. I spend a lot of time strengthening and promoting community here, but in what context is the circle. I guess I'm asking how am I building community by sharing this circle?
+Ron Clifford It's about the message. The circle is the people who are behind the message.
Thanks very much for the share and the message, +Anthony Fox. Let's all do our part to build a vibrant community here on Google+.
I kinda get that but Is it not still promoting one persons Idea of who should be followed? Not trying to be a stick in the mud, just trying to get my head around it before running with it.
+Ron Clifford Actually, this is a very interesting exercise. +Anthony Fox has less "followers" than someone on the SUL gains on a single day. Yet - can he create a buzz by engaging the community? I wish him godspeed.
+Ron Clifford, the process for suggesting people in this circle went far beyond just +Anthony Fox, though I completely get your point about limited selection. This is a few hundred people's idea of people who are actively promoting community building and engagement on Google+.
+Michael O'Reilly It is a start. I'll put it in one sentence for you:
Bottom up engagement beats top down broadcasting
+Pascal Wallisch I did share it, and we will see where it goes. I would like to see the SUL become more organic and fluid with truly active engaging folks. Although I know quite a few people on it and the ones I follow are very community. I didn't circle them from the SUL but found them by there interaction. I have shared a few posts about how passionate I am about this community and how to grow your following so it has some substance
Google+ is not some new populist movement, it is the implementation of a business plan. Remember the saying, "If it's commercial and you're not paying for it then you're not the customer, you're the product being sold." Human collaboration is special. Google+ is just a platform.
+Ron Clifford Well, that is a confound then. You found them organically, and they just happen to be on the SUL as well. That's a big difference from SUL-firsters.
I think we are in agreement. I don't see how this could not benefit G+ by decorrelating noise inputs and strengthening ties at the same time. A worthy case. +Anthony Fox should be commended for putting all the work in. Talk is cheap.
+A. Scott White To be clear, G+ adds a social valence layer over search. That's all it does, from Google's perspective. That doesn't mean that there can be a meaningful community from our perspective. I connected with some amazing people on here in the past few months.
There's a few very not interactive folks in that circle, so seems an unusual selection to particularly want to promote to newcomers particularly.
+A. Scott White The profundity of your post astounds me! "You're the product being sold"
Joseph Heller "Catch 22" situation: sell or be sold.
+Pascal Wallisch I certainly don't want to detract form +Anthony Fox's enthusiasm to build community, I just feel circle shares are exclusive in their own right, It's a start and we need to find the right mechanism for building bottom up.
Thank you. +Anthony Fox I look at people who are in a circle and I will add in people who are interesting to me. I was once I embraced the whole circle and regretted after a few days because many people posts stuff wich I did not like. I am also for Community! But I must admit that is confusing?!! What message?! For those of all of us who have a profile on Google plus transmit its message, its truth. praise for the idea and effort
+Pascal Wallisch Sure, we can use it and enjoy it, and I do. I think it's important to remember the nature of our relationship with Google, though. I remember a popular video recently about a man in Spain who raises geese "humanely" and "free" and then sells them to restaurants for foie gras. He doesn't cage them. They are free to go. It may be more human than force feeding them, but they are still just being raised to be slaughtered for food. It's just a metaphor, but we're the geese and Google is the kind goose keeper and targeted marketers are the restaurants. Google will make things nice enough to keep us around so they can sell us. Of course, we're not being slaughtered, so the metaphor only goes so far, but I think it's an important perspective to remember when we start "demanding" things of our keepers.
Another great circle! I swear +Anthony Fox you have a talent for grouping great people together.
Am I the only one who thought, for a second, that this was another one of those, "Save Community" the T.V. show petitions?
+Pascal Wallisch I have no intention of publicly picking out individuals in this and potentially turning this thread into a flame war of differing personal opinions.

But I don't understand how the idea of "community" is dependent on resharing a particular circle promotes that one jot. I don't understand the message here... "Share this to send that message to Google." Eh? Share this 20x and your wish comes true meme? Surely for building a community to get noticed, that's about conversation of a relevant idea that gets noticed by G+ folks.

If it was a circle of here's a bunch of 100 folks I find interesting, or post lots of info on blue widgets, sure, no problem. I share those on all the time, but how is this, in and of itself, anything to do with community or helping newcomers?
+Matt Holmes From what I understand, the probability of being engaged by these individuals is higher than by a randomly picked group of 100 people. Therefore increasing the likelihood that the impression of a "ghost town" is dispelled. That's it.
+Michael O'Reilly My Ideas are to educate about engagement and building true community. the numbers we all see are fluff and only valid as a metric for marketing. ( another valid discussion where SUL's are failures for everyone except those on it) If we log into a network and put no effort into seeking out interests, commenting on content and getting involved in initiatives, the we may as well go watch t.v it will be the entertainment we are looking for. When we start to pursue followers for the sake of growth or status, we have lost what it is to be community. On the other hand, if you are the product and you are promoting, then those numbers are going to mean a whole lot more! I run a business. It' is photography. I have an audience AND I engage community. I don't have it perfect, but I do know that I don't increase engagement by adding circles, I increase it by engaging. The circles can help me find interesting people, but so can commenting and checking out the other people making interesting comments on threads. Just like what is happening here! Perhaps the biggest benefit of this share is the conversations, not the circle itself.
btw. you could put people in who have less than 2000 followers so then it be right message hmmmm, mona think I am still confused by this post. But no matter. Many greetings to all from Zagreb
+A. Scott White Thanks. I specialize in threads like that on my page. Hence my premium on "engagement". As far as I am concerned, that is what G+ is about, not fire-and-forget broadcasting. +Anthony Fox Irony ;)
+Pascal Wallisch I tend to broadcast on my own (barely active) stream and engage selectively on others as the mood hits me. Many days I'm just not feeling it. Many days I agree with Sartre that "l'enfer c'est les autres" (Hell is other people). :)
+A. Scott White I know what you mean. I try to provide a haven ("Sanctuary", sensu Logan's run). Admittedly not always successfully.
+Pascal Wallisch thank you for helping me with this thread. My notifications are going crazy right now. And, I see my role in this particular post as that of a messenger.
... as I commented under +Max Huijgen's share: This circle is very clearly broken since I'm not in there. ;) But it's a great statement and even broken as it is, it's orders of magnitudes better than the original SUL.
Totally agree! Don't cancel Community! wait what?
Pam Adger
Most of you commenting are doing so from the veteran of Google plus standpoint. I remember my first days and weeks here and I can tell you that it was work for me to find people to engage with. A circle like this gives the NEWCOMER a great list of people who are known engagers. If those newcomers add the circle they get an instant stream of content and conversation with people who like to engage. What better way to hit the ground running so to speak. All this talk of exclusive and elitist is just crap. We are all in the same Google plus tribe and you all will be assimilated into their circles as well if you continue to engage on our posts. In fact when I get home I am making a point of circling every one of you who commented above because I think you all have interesting points and I love interesting.
This was my introduction to the share +Anthony Fox and others, which may help in explaining.
A pledge to support the community on G+ and an alternative to the SUL
There are endless circles and they are always promoted by the same people, so I can understand the ´yet another´ feeling.
The difference is that this time all the people on the list had to pledge their support to the community as opposed the Suggested User List (SUL) with the google selected celebs and the one way traffic.

All people in this circle oppose the hierarchical model which Google seems to advocate by treating all new people to celebrities in the hope of gathering silent fans.

These folks had to promise that they would really engage all over G+ regardless of the numbers of followers they have. Interact with people, comment in and outside the comfort zones of their own posts.

They have been selected on their engagement and a minimum of followers as a way to provide an alternative to the Suggested User List.
I don´t guarantee that you will all like them, but if you have to choose between the SUL and this group I´m sure it´s a major improvement of your time on G+.

my own handpicked instead of community sourced circle: Think Different: The interactive circle is worth a consideration as an alternative as I purely selected on originality and interactivity without minimum follower counts so even people with a 100 followers got in:_
+Pascal Wallisch I popped over to the post you linked and yes that is exactly the community I am involved in. I'm also in that circle. (not that there's anything wrong with that) ;)
+Pam Adger Very well said Pam!! It was very very difficult in the beginning !!

In the beginning i just started adding everyone of the google suggested people .. I added 3000 in a couple of days and out of that only a small fraction were actually active, so i had to find new people one by one by one by one by one, and i had to find those from people who were commenting on other peoples posts, it was even more difficult because we also had a nice nest of trolls at the time..

This is an awesome community of people and the circle was picked by the community .. There are a ton of people that i would have liked to have recommended for this list but they wanted to limit it to 100. I think that it will help those people who are looking for engagers and content.. :D

I think also that agreeing to be on this list means agreeing to deal with all of the nonsense that comes with being on such a list, like increased spammers, helping new people learn their way around and dealing with any trolls the add the circles for the lulz.. So not all fun and games.. but a great idea none the less.
+Anthony Fox That's a great list of people who engage! Still have some work ahead of me I see. ;-)
There are a million or so G+ users that also matter to the community. Thanks for adding me to this core circle.
Noze P.
ugh that took me a while sorry, was cooking and reading all the comments, but finally put my part of share there as well :)
To more engagement and connections - we can all learn from each other.
That's odd then +Max Huijgen I never agreed to anything at all, or took a pledge, or to do anything at all, nor would I. Hmm..
Hell yeah save Community from canceling !!!! this is what are we talking about right?
That´s certainly odd +Cynthia Yildirim as I thought we were all asked to confirm that we wanted to be included as supporters of this community project +Anthony Fox?
The old post has been deleted so I can´t check.
+Chanchal Bhatia this is ALWAYS a hot topic. Sadly one that some use as a platform to build their circles, not that I am saying that about this one, but it happens
I cannot add to the comments of +P E Sharpe +Mari Thomas & +Pam Adger. All have said so eloquently, each in their own way, all the things I would have wanted to say. +1'ing each of their comments didn't seem fitting enough agreement, I needed to call each out. Well said ladies!
Awesome idea, and I am pleased to be part of it. Keep the Community going and moving ahead.
I'm so not a celebrity and constantly baffled as to why so many people circle me. I know a lot of it comes from being in a few folks' shared circles but really...I don't get why people stick around. It's so weird because I'm not using G+ in the way people are constantly told to use social media: I don't stick to one topic, I don't court followers in any way and certainly not by kissing up to them, I don't kowtow to flames and trolls, I don't circle everyone back, I don't base whom I circle on whether or not they circle me, etc.

I just post a lot of nerdy, crafty, political, funny, bizarre crap that interests/amuses/inspires me. I never would have thought so many people would dig that. Kind of freaks me out.
+Pam Adger Good points all around. But the fact that a post like this goes a bit viral and benefits a handful of people is what concerns me. I agree its a far cry from the SUL, but mass circle shares are getting tired, a clamoring for numbers in the name of engagement. Best way to engage and grow for newcomers is to be given the tools and know how. to engage and grow. How in the world di Facebook ever get to billions of users? There were no circles of interesting content and people. It grew through the interaction of the participants. Now it seems many people want to Jump on G+ and have an instant but better FB. It is better, but long term sustained growth happens by doing what you and I are doing. Engaging.
Being in a good mood today I decided to share this circle with some really new G+ members I know. Let them try it out. Glancing at it there are some interesting folks in the circle. I may make it another one of my test circles to look at ther postings. But, as +Matt Holmes already pointed out, many are hardly interactive--at least not outside of their own postings. Guess I will just weed them out quickly.
I don't mean to play devils advocate, but I agree with those who seem unclear of the purpose behind this circle. I love when people share circles of those who are interactive. It's a good starting place. However, you are use "community" as a shameless promotion tool. Let's be honest... If this was about a message of community, then you would be more interested in sharing circles to get out the names of more of the lesser known engagers. This way, more people are meeting more people. Growing a community. Not just plugging the same 100 superstars over and over again. Out of that circle I already have 13 in my circles. I can tell you that only 1 (maybe 2) has ever interacted with me. However, I can think of tons who I see interacting and engaging everyone but they never end up in these circles. Just saying...
ahh no! i've had to move twice since January. Nothing has been normal in my life for a while. Really, I want to be involved more. Don't let my seeming apathy water down your kindess. I am really new to this.

Thank you for getting my attention. I want to be involved!
I often find people to circle in the discussion that follows the post. If I notice someone who makes intelligent and reasoned points, I will visit their profile an see if they are posting things that might interest me.
I also find people to Block, like Yogi there. Jumping in with a marketing blurb.
Wow - I just discovered the discussion going on over here! Quite the Hot Potato this has turned out to be!
Yeah sorry not going to share this. I think it's completely the wrong direction.

The SUL is not the problem here, any more than it was a problem on Twitter. This is just the same list of people as always.

And no offense guys, but I don't follow half of you and barely follow half of the remainder. Why? Because you don't post about stuff that interests me.

Being an "engager" is great, but utterly useless if you don't engage on the topics I want to discuss. This would just be SUL MK II
+Eoghann Irving There are 200K new people a day signing up to G+, and all they see is a bunch of celebrity blogs. After that, they are on their own. Google needs to highlight the community to the newcomer.

This is an attempt to do something about that.
+Eoghann Irving Good point. These "engager" circles might be received better if they were topic based. If we had REAL reasons to put these people in our circles beyond the fact that they have made themselves popular here.
Honestly +Anthony Fox I don't think they do. Even the SUL didn't originally exist and I found people just fine.

Having to go out and search for people is part of makes G+ what it is and a big part of what makes it worthwhile.

I can state with total confidence that of the 12,000 people following me barely any of the active ones came from circle shares.
+Anthony Fox What about these 100 people makes them "the community"... I'm not trying to diss anyone, but this isnt going to share a community. This shares the same 100 people who could be found in any number of shared circles put up daily here. Maybe you should guide them to the actual community. There are google docs, websites, and more that have organized and made easy to find shared circles of ALL topics. Grow your community by informing newcomers of these resources and guide them to people who match up to them. Not just the same allstars who they can already find easily.
I don't think there is a problem +Anthony Fox. I think people keep trying to turn this into Facebook or Twitter. And it's not.
+Melissa Bryan There is an awesome post by +David Piper currently floating around, it says, better than i can, how i feel about Google + circling and being circled ( )..

.That being said, I think this is an awesome circle of people, and i think that it was very good of +Anthony Fox to crowd source this circle and give people a chance to opt in or out of it.. because one of the downfalls of being in a circle share like this means an influx of spammers, people who dont know how to use the network and trolls, for the people who agreed to be in this circle you are agreeing to be an unpaid ambassador to google + .. Hours of your time moderating threads, answering the same question over and over again without blowing up and scaring off some new user who just doesnt get it yet.. Most of these people dont give a damn about the numbers, they just enjoy being here.

The Suggested user list that google put out was full of celebrities who only post concert pics and who seldom engage even on their own posts.. and a small portion of great people who have been open and engaging since day one.. this list is the reverse of that.. I am not saying that because i am in it, ( i dont self promote and have shared many lists that i am not in) i am saying that because the people in this circle are awesome and will tell you what they think no matter who you are..
+Anthony Fox +P E Sharpe I just want to be clear, I am as big a community advocate as anyone here and I have posted and shared my opinion openly. I dont agree that the current SUL is a good model and something needs to be done. I am Also in support of your initiative to bring great content to new users, good on ya and keep it up. My concern is that Circle sahres like this seem like a good way to accomplish this and everyone involved gets a boost, but it creats a micro climate of SUL's. There has to be a better way. What this has done has indeed helped some new people to connect to interesting people, and at the same time creating advantage to the few. I know you don't agree but I just want to put it out there. I LOVE this place and the people in it, circle shares are not the best way to promote it, but I don't have the answer right now as to what that is so It is the best we have. For now.
I like the concept of putting together circles of those who aren't popping up in the SUL. But if the circle is to be made with the intention of sharing with newcomers, it should be full of truly interactive individuals, ie those who will make new members feel welcome. Someone who has thousands of followers but only follows a couple hundred people themselves is hardly going to be interactive, they are simply follower whores (IMHO). They may be engaging, but I wouldn't really call them part of the community.
Google+ will lose out if it keeps promoting its affiliated celebrities and pushing the bigger community aside to do the hard work. Don't be evil Google.
Thanks +Anthony Fox
+Ron Clifford this circle share was a vehicle to get this message across and to stimulate the conversation, and that's all it is. It's working. I used the tools available, to the best effect I could manage.
+Mari Thomas Please don't confuse my distaste for the "message" as distaste for shared circles. I am in a few, have shared a few, and I support them completely. It's a FANTASTIC way to find people of like minds. That's not the problem. The problem is that the same 100 keep promoting the same 100 with a message of community and engagement. YET this practice does nothing to support or grow a community, nor does it promote engagement. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with one individual organically ending up in lots of shared circles. It's just that if the same 100 people keep sharing circles with the same 100 people in it and putting a strong message behind it to influence others, it seems a bit more like a shameless plug with lots of backers.
+Melissa Bryan there is nothing shameless about this. I shared this circle, but I am not in it. It's not about the circle. The circle is people who support the idea of Google introducing newcomers to the community instead of merely showing them a bunch of celebrity blogs.
Again, Amen +P E Sharpe! I am not here for followers, and if one were to look at my stream, you won't see half of the engagement I do on a daily basis. Why? I am involved in conversations on multiple threads throughout the day and evening.

People who come here expecting to circle a bunch of celebs, post a few things, and sit back and wait for engagement, will not have the Google+ experience they were hoping for. Circle people, engage on their posts, circle new people who engage with you on the comments. Post your own topics, engage with commenters, circle new people who have engaged with you on your posting. Lather, rinse, repeat
+Melissa Bryan 90% of that list are people who are in enough circles already to have totally ignored this one (they arent desperate for higher numbers) . some people opted out by not commenting or actually saying that they dont want to be in it.. I think that the circle represents the people who are willing to do it.. not a bunch of greedy circle .... addicts.. I have never seen any of them post the infamous "share and circle for more" (shudders) nor have i seen them kiss up to the celebs or attempt to steal the posts of others to get recognized.. everyone of them earned their place in the circles that they are in.. and were nominated for being active and engaging. that might be why so many are in a number of shared circles.
+Mari Thomas agreed. Some of the people in the circle are on the Suggested User List and won't even notice a boost in their numbers. They are in the circle because they support the idea of Google promoting the community to the new user.
+P E SharpeI'm getting flustered here. I want the same thing you do, a healthy growing community, and more has happened within this thread to do that than all the circles in the world can accomplish. I get that you are using the tools at hand to promote that Ideal. But it is about circle shares and their viral quality, or it would have just been a +Mention list for you to go and check out for yourselves. An initiative was started early on here and it is how many of us "found" each other, there were no circles to share. It is the Public Circles Project created by +Jarek Klimek here It is organic and based on interaction and it is how so many of us found each other. It is a list on my about page of people I personally recommend. As you go to their About pages you will find their lists of whom they personally recommend. No trolls, no spam, no creeps. Don't take my concerns as anti Circles, I have been in many and feel honoured when i am, or anti community, it's just that there are other less "exclusive" ways to accomplish this.
Noze P.
This is getting to a flame war here hehe, well im done cooking and burn my cookie of course so i can take some time to give my 2cents on this topic. I am in fact in a few shared circles (and for most times i have actually no idea who shared me where). I do not care about numbers, people follow me if they wish if not they dont. I started out with 5K people (which is the maximum to circle), and yes im down to 2K right now. I am giving priority to those that actually talks to me, im popping around lots of topics and places and not only on those that i have circled. On the other hand this handful list of people has done a lot already around the place, like building up and sharing musician community, artists, and national (for the non english like me) circles. For me engaging doesnt mean at all the content people pull online all day long, it mainly means that they DO respond when you talk to them. I am not a celebrity of any kind, i know most of those on this list since the closed beta around and im happy having them on my stream. All these type of shares are flamed always, but these people there are potential help for any newcomers to BUILD a community (unlike the silent celebrities), which is the big grief of those that gets here, and i dont think the first reaction should be screaming around about follower whores...
+Anthony Fox Don't be defensive.. I'm after the same thing as you. I want to see this community thrive. That's why I'm joining in on the discussion of whats the best way to accomplish this. I'm simply questioning how you went about it. You are fighting the idea of introducing newcomers to celebrities who won't interact with them by introducing them to non-celebrities who won't interact with them. Again, I have 13 of those people already in my circles. And yes, they all post a lot (including g+ tips). They all even reply a lot in their own comment areas and comment areas of others within this group. What I don't see happening is them in turn reaching out and interacting on content a newcomer might post. Let's not forget that in order for this relationship to be mutual it requires the circled individual to circle that person back. Otherwise, you won't see their posts. Thus... No community building. Maybe you don't truely understand why the newcomers feel so lonely. They are finding the people you shared already and they are interacting through comments, but at the end of the day their own posts remain ignored.
+Ron Clifford don't criticize +P E Sharpe it was my idea and part of the reason for having a circle of some of the most active people in the community was the idea it would get on the "What's Hot" list and a lot of new people would see it and add the circle. My purpose in doing that was to get a trickle down effect for the rest of the community.

I will freely admit it is a kludgy way to get new users into the community but it also illustrates the need for Google to address the situation.
+Melissa Bryan I will tell you what I am doing. I am trying to get Google to find a way to introduce new users to the community. And that is it.
+P E Sharpe +Anthony Fox Sorry if you see my comments as critical, I am not critsizing but challenging. and discussing ways this can work better. For the record, I shared this circle, and I almost never share circles.I am enjoying hearing all the opinions expresed here and it is exactly this that will enhance our community and how to move ahead. I said throughout the thread that I appreciate where you are going with this and then offered my perspective on some otf the pitfalls I have seen happening along the way.
+Melissa Bryan - I find your comments interesting actually because you bring up many great points.

I will say this in response to the main point you are bringing up: Ever since July of 2011 when I first joined Google Plus, I have added people to my circles based on 1) comments to my threads that are engaging 2) comments in other people's threads which I find engaging. Both cause me to go to profiles of people I would never normally come across and explore their world. I have forged many, many great online friendships this way with some truly awesome people (from all creative and non-creative fields). I have gone on multiple photowalks here in NYC where I have also met people from G+ in real life which caused me to find them on G+ afterwards and circle them. Additionally, I have also done a major HIRL (hangout in real life) with many people who use G+ primarily for hang outs where I met over two dozen people who I didn't know prior to meeting them at the HIRL but promptly went and circled them after having a great time with them over the course of quite a few days.

There are limitations to how much people can take in and give out and that is not something that G+ will be able to solve completely. It's one of the reasons that I don't add circles but I take quite a bit of time to find out about people organically (sometimes via circle lists admittedly where I go through and check out people's profiles and add one by one when I have the time) and the only way I am able to do that is via comments (on other people's threads or on my own). It's near impossible to keep up with the amount of people who add me on a daily basis. I don't want to throw out the numbers here but it exceeds 1k a day. In the beginning back in July, I actually used to check out every single person who added me and I would add them back if they had a filled out profile! That was a messy system and a system that doesn't work past a certain point. I have since refined my circles.

However, that brings up another interesting point. In my highly interactive circle, I have 120 people (I don't put more than 120 in each circle because it gets too overwhelming). I would wager that many people have circles they interact with more than others which includes the people who comment on the threads of those they have in those favored circles. If you think about it that way, everyone is bound to miss out on tons of people that way despite having circles they are highly engaged with where they find new people to connect with via those subsequent comment threads. I am not sure what the elegant solution is to this conundrum to be quite honest. That is the core issue though.

I know now by visiting your profile after reading your comment here that you obviously circled me at some point. If people comment on my posts or posts of those I interact with regularly here, I tend to eventually migrate over and add them to one of my interactive circles. However, based on the conundrum I typed out in the paragraph above, sometimes you do miss people...
I predict +Billy Wilson and his +Donkey are going to change the World!
OK, maybe not the whole world...
But if they manage to improve the SUL process, that's good enough for me! 8¬)
Well said, +P E Sharpe. I like your description "the joy of asynchronous communcation" a lot. The first hard thing newbies have to get beyond is the idea that G+ only works if everybody follows everybody back. I follow lots of and lots of people who don't follow me back and I never expect them to, that doesn't make me enjoy reading their posts any less. I don't feel like I'm "missing the good stuff" if someone doesn't follow me back, I feel like I'm seeing exactly what they want to share with the public, and if that gets boring to me, I can simply uncircle them without regret. This seems to be a hard one for new folks to grasp and I wish there was a way to make that idea easier for them.
Thanks for having me in this circle!! Rock on!!!
Dont have me in the circle, that is fine.
+P E Sharpe I just saw that one , and yeah, I'm good and have enjoyed the ideas being passed around!
I want to say first that this is a remarkable conversation and I wish the WSJ would have covered this kind of thing instead of clinging to questionable ComScore numbers.

Second, I'm adding everyone in this Circle to my permanent recommendation list on my public profile.

What I am seeing is that those who circle us want to be circled back. Well it just isn't possible. I can only circle 5000 people. I have over 12,000 people following me. Plus there are about 500 people I follow who don't follow me back. So I can only follow 4500 of my followers. My personal selection criteria is I add people who interact with me or on someone else's posts. How else can I choose people who I want to follow? The newcomers are used to the friending process. It doesn't work that way here. We have to be selective. Mistaking that selectivity for cliquishness or self promotion does not help the newcomers become comfortable with how Google plus works. How do we change that thinking? Google plus is set up to customize what we want to see in our stream and to encourage engagement not to collect friends. After reading all of these comments I think I am going to follow up Anthony's effort here with some thought and scientific method to see if I can find a way to help the newbies feel appreciated.
+Pam Adger nice point. That makes a lot of sense. People are coming here assuming it will be like FB, Twitter, college, or something else they are used to, and they get frustrated and angry.

Hell, I thought it was a blog platform for the longest time. That didn't work very well.
+Ardith Goodwin I don't know anything about that second link. You can see the ripples if you open the post in a new tab and click on the drop down menu in the upper right corner.
+Melissa Bryan I totally see where you are coming from about some of us not following you back but there is a problem there that Google+ controls...the 5000 following limit. When we hit that ceiling, there is no way to follow everyone back and engage on their posts as well, as much as we might like for there to be. So we have to make sure who we follow fit our needs like everyone else. I make a point to engage on my posts, other's posts, and interact with newbies, I just can't follow everyone back. Not possible.
+Melissa Bryan For example, I follow +Ardith Goodwin, but she hasn't had me in her circles until recently. Nevertheless, we have commented on the same posts from time to time have +1'd each other's comments. I know she's a 'Bama fan and that is interesting to me as a former resident of Tuscaloosa.
The 5,000 limit makes it completely impractical to "follow back." It has to be because you want to include someone's posts in your stream. As +Anthony Fox +David Piper was quoted in another post by +Anthony Fox circling is temporal and will change over time. I.e. nobody should worry about what others think, spend that energy creating posts that reflect who you really are. The birds of a feather will congregate when you do that. By the way, I just circled you Melissa. No need to circle back though ... best,

I just got home after a long day and am trying to read every comment on this thread but can't even promise myself that I'll succeed. To me this celebrity SUL thing has always been fascinating because I confess I really haven't a clue who is a celebrity on G+ and who isn't. I follow my nose. I let G+ flow through me viscerally like I do what books to read (not the Top Ten lists), what plays to see (not what the critics like), what restaurants to eat at (not what's hot and doesn't even have an address on the door).

I can only say that I found friends and interesting folks and curious sorts here one person at a time. Someone would comment and I'd check them out as +P E Sharpe noted. And I post all sorts of different things that interest me and I don't spend one single minute worrying whether I'm cutting it by someone else's standard. I think we all need to respect the flow of one another's rivers. I'm grateful to +Anthony Fox for including me in a non-SUL list, because I'm happy to know there are so many other people here who are also following their noses. I like homemade cologne. There are no preservatives!

I still fantasize about one long dinner table in the middle of Central Park and an overnight feast of conversation, laughter and storytelling. No celebs invited!
Thank you. If it wasn't for you, I don't know what time I would have went to bed last night. I don't sleep well with unfinished business.
What is amazing that not even everyone who "signed" the petition bothered to share the circle. Overestimating engagement of the engagers or people being ill/busy?
I think it depends on whether you consider sharing a Circle to be engagement, +Pascal Wallisch. I didn't share this Circle to my own followers, but I did tweet a link yesterday and referenced it in a different context today in my own Stream. I think some of the engagers in this Circle may have been put off by the marketing-speak in the OP, or some may simply know their audience better than we do and know it wouldn't go over as well. :)
+Christina Trapolino Good point. Sharing broadly speaking. Quite a few didn't reference it at all, which I do find odd, as it was an "opt-in" commitment kind deal. This is a serious issue. G+ stands and falls with it.
I´m on the same diet +P E Sharpe All the talk and topics about Google or the ghost town only enhance the ´nothing happens here´. People don´t sign up for a social network to talk about the network itself but to exchange ideas and to catch up with friends (or make new ones)
I'm not going to share this particular circle again. It's not your typical circle share; it's an attempt to send a message and get a conversation started.
+Max Huijgen I never expected a direct response from Google, and code takes awhile to plan, write, test and implement. And, for all we know, Google already has something in the works.

People are talking, and more importantly, others are taking action.
Community starts from within, love your message +Anthony Fox your sending to Google, in time...with enough voices change will take place.
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