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Anthony Edwards
Higher Education Instructor and Administrator
Higher Education Instructor and Administrator

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Discipleship Dictionary
Discipleship Dictionary Church: The Church is God’s People (who we are) saved by God’s Power (what He has done and is doing) for God’s Purposes (the good works He created us in Jesus Christ to do) - The Church is the entire Body of Christ - no...

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Your LinkedIn Profile Checklist
Use this list to get your LinkedIn profile ready.  The more informative your profile, the easier it will be for employers to find you. Intro First Name Last Name (add degree and certificate abbreviations after your last name) Headline (Your current title or...

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Social Media Discipleship: 4 Tips for Creating Content People Will Share
Who are you trying to reach with your church's social media posts? Members? Future members? Both?  While you can use the same accounts to communicate with different audiences, you might consider creating different accounts to communicate with people at diff...

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30 Ways to Use Social Media in K-12 Classrooms, Schools, and Districts
Want to start using social media in your classroom, school, or district, but not sure where to start?  Here are some suggestions you can use to get started.  Pick a few items from the lists and add items as you gain confidence.  I've included tips for teach...

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What Carnival Cruise Lines Can Teach You About Content Marketing
Carnival Cruise Lines will debut three different television shows on three different networks in October 2016.  Here are some strategies content marketers can employ based on these new TV shows. Give people a preview of what they can experience with your br...

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7 Ways the Telemedicine Industry Can Learn From Online Education
Telemedicine companies like Teledoc are disrupting the traditional patient experience.  Here are some examples of how online education could provide a way forward for telemedicine. 1. Annual satisfaction surveys can show increasing acceptance of new technol...

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Measure Success with Numbers AND Words
Working in higher education, I have no shortage of success metrics.  Having  a science background, I tend to find comfort describing my performance using numbers.  As a teacher of students and leader of my department, I regularly have to provide feedback on...

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Suggestions from +Constant Contact on using #snapchat in #business
Want to use #Snapchat to market your #SmallBusiness but don't know where to start? Our new blog post has 7 creative ideas to help get you started on this popular (and growing!) platform: #BeaMarketer

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How to use #Twitter  to #Study  and Complete #Projects  ! via +TSMRI +TarletonSSMI 
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