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What am I doing wrong? Why is it that only my first hyperlink is displaying properly, and the others are showing the URL: instead?
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Describing digital portfolio basics to high school students. Preparing for school wide digital portfolio implementation!

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Hi folks,
Is there a limit to the number of columns I can query in the advanced parameters section of an Awesome-Table build?

I'm trying to modify a template (I'm building off of the "Staff Directory" template), and I want it to query data from C:DX. However, when I list each and every column from C all the way to DX, the table... crashes? It goes to a log in screen. I log in again and the table fails to load. When I reduce the number of columns for the query to reference, the table functions, but it's not querying all the data I want it to. For example, if I set the query to select C,D,E,DP,DQ,DR,DS,DT,DU,DV,DW,DX, (values near the beginning and end of what I want the table to query) then the table would load and function... but I want to list ALL of the columns.

So, again, is there a limit on the number of columns? Any advice as to what I might be doing wrong? Thanks for your help!

My work for reference (don't laugh--I'm a trial-and-error, copy-and-paste coder... )



Is there a problem with Awesome-Table right now? The views I set up in the past are not displaying. I get a log in screen, then nothing. The data sheets are shared with the world and I haven't made any changes to them... current status on Awesome Table?

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Hi everyone,
I am curious about editing the template instructions. Right now, the template instructions tags come from a manual tagging of a column by name, such as ${"First Name"}. My question is, do any of you know if it's possible to insert items into the template more automatically. I tried inserting something like ${'Form Responses 1" ! E}, but that didn't work.

Basically, I want the display sheet to be able to change based on how people (teachers) edit the questions on a Google Form. The Google Form populates column headers and Awesome Table displays hyperlinks with text according to whatever the person wants that column to be named (again, names of columns changing through Google Form Response Sheet).

I want something that people can edit on their own, easily, without having to go into the template HTML stuff on their own and edit everything manually--I want to create a URL manager for teachers requesting multiple URLs to sections of student digital portfolios.

Right now, I'm doing this with embedding a spreadsheet and using a bunch of array formulas, but it's so slow. See what I'm doing now on this site (linked below), but the display sheet will take a full 60 seconds to load! (not ideal)

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Hey everyone,
I'm glad to see that it looks like we can use Awesome Table in the new Google Sites. Thanks to those of you who responded to my previous question. I wonder if you can help me with a more advanced question. I am a high school librarian, and I have been advocating for more teachers to use Digital Portfolios with students--for students to demonstrate their learning through the content they add to pages of their digital portfolios. I've been working with one teacher on streamlining his workflow (collecting a bunch of URLs at different times) using Google forms + embedding a spreadsheet that has some (for me) tricky formulas:

For me to do this, I had to watch a few videos on how query and array formulas worked. Here is a view only copy of the spreadsheet that is embedded on the Google Site linked above if you would like to look at rows 1 and 2 of the "Display Sheet" to see what formulas I'm using:

I have 2 goals:
1. To create a workflow solution that teachers can easily copy if they, like the teacher I'm working with now, would like to go all out with digital portfolios and be able to easily collect/display multiple URLs submitted at different times from all their students--and have all that appear on one row (like my links above).
2. Create something for the whole school (~1,800 students) to be able to submit URLs to their pages as part of a potential "Digital Badgification" or "Gamification" of Digital Portfolios--and have those URLs appear as hyperlinks rather than URLs (like the sample I link to above). And, as with goal 1, to have a student's submissions all appear on one row of the display sheet.

Right now, I'm doing the "all on one row" thing by giving students the ability to edit their previous responses on the collection Google Form.

Any ideas for how I should get started? I've been thinking about digital portfolios for years--experimenting in my classes, presenting to my staff and at trainings--I just want to have a system for making managing all the URLs that students would submit over time as easy as possible for teachers--so they don't have to be frustrated by the logistics and then give up on the learning benefits that come when students are put in the position of proving what they can do on their websites.

Thanks everyone!

Awesome Table works in the new Google Sites, right?

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I shared my video on using Google Forms + Sheets to display student Digital Portfolio URLs a few days ago, and now I've gotten around to writing a more detailed set of instructions for how to give it a try. Please share with anyone trying to manage collecting multiple digital portfolio URLs from multiple students!

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Hey everyone, I just finished a post I've been meaning to complete for a while. In it, I make a connection between scaffolds for English learners and work that teachers can be doing with digital portfolios. Thanks for reading!
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