Okay, +Bliss Morgan has become my inspiration recently (1) so in response, and as a show of support for her dark and twisted mind (2) I'm going to give away an e-copy of her book (3).

But you have to earn it.

Give me a reason to give it to you. Maybe suggest an idea for another Garden War story (http://www.projectmagnus.org/series/garden-war/ (4)) or maybe tell me why I should give it to you. But you're going to have to be creative. "Because" isn't going to cut it.

Or how Bliss has inspired you. Something.

You have until tomorrow to comment below (no set time) at which time I will pick the winner and gives it aways!

It won't be a random pick, I will read the responses and decide. Yes it's arbitrary, but it's my give away so bite me :P

Why am I doing this? I hate horror. I can barely watch the original Nightmare on Elm street without jumping out of my skin, and the 2 hoor books I've read kept me awake for days. Since I won't read it I'm going to give it away. And yes, I'm hoping to trade in on a little karma :)

(1) meaning I hold her responsible when I do weird sh*t. Which is a lot ;)
(2) Because really, who else could have come up with the Scythia concept
(3) You get to pick what format.
(4) yes, it means you have to read them.
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