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Anthony DeCrescenzo
I'm a husband; father; web designer and developer specializing in ExpressionEngine; Macintosh IT pro; professional musician living and working in New York City.
I'm a husband; father; web designer and developer specializing in ExpressionEngine; Macintosh IT pro; professional musician living and working in New York City.

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A hard truth about Arab life in the Middle East. This is one of many reasons why Israel is, and deserves to be, our closest ally in that part of the world.

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The More You Know.™

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Ok, so this little boy is fascinated by the bus. "Daddy!... Daddy!... Daddy!..." all the way. At one point he just lets it "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" About a five second "wheeee!"

Next thing you hear it's the bus driver on the Mic, and he starts a round of "the wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round..."

The boy stops his excited chatter, eyes wide with amazement, and several on the bus join in. Then the boy joins in, top of his lungs, high pitched and broken English. Adorable.

#Brooklyn #NYC

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This is a seriously excellent article for bending Gmail to your will. Seriously. Not like those "advice" articles, that be hacks ahead, mateys!

(Isn't it pirate Sunday or something?)

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Note: This is a request for medical research donations (it'll be at the end of the message). Any amount will do, and since ALL of us have "any amount," please read on to find out what you're donating to. :-)

In 2009 my son, Steven, was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. Crohn's disease and the other Irritable Bowel Diseases (IBDs) are often made light of because of the obvious punchlines in their gastrointestinal nature. 

But Steven's Crohn's Disease onset was no joke. He lost 30 pounds in 3 weeks and was in the hospital with the best medical team in the world scratching their heads as to how to pull him back from the brink. Thank God that they did, but when all was said and done Steven was left with an ileostomy (yep, the bag on the side) and his entire colon, part of his small intestine and most of his rectum removed.

Uncomfortable conversation, I know. Now imagine being the 10-year-old going through it. Steven bore it all with a level of faith and strength that actually guided his parents through the ordeal, rather than the other way around. To this day he bears his burden faithfully and bravely, continuing to lead the way.

When we speak of medical research, sometimes it seems as if the cure for this disease or that disease is so elusive that it will never be found, that the best we can hope for is some help with symptoms or to eke out some more time for the patient.

But not so with Crohn's Disease research. They're making HUGE strides every year, and we're getting to where we don't even have to count in years. It seems like a few times a year some new clue is revealed and some new discovery leads to new hope for a cure. Crohn's Disease research is hot on the trail of a cure right now, and so we need all hands on deck.

And make no mistake, Steven needs a cure. The best medicines and the most effective treatments did nothing for him. Really. Nothing. And if his severe Crohn's decides to rage back to being symptomatic, there's nothing left to remove.

So I'm asking everyone… EVERYONE… to donate what you can. Truly, WHAT YOU CAN. If that's $1, awesome. But if that's $500, awesome too (and good for you!) 

I understand that you're probably not checking in to G+ for fundraising petitions: there's lolcats and wiseass memes (and even actual informative content!) to be discovered. You can get to all that in a minute.

Right now, PLEASE take a moment to donate what you can. You can read my wife Theresa's thoughts on Stevie's story at

Thank you for reading to the end, and thanks in advance for your donation. PLEASE SHARE!

XO - Anthony

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The sky over NYC put on a show tonight after the pretty severe electrical storms passed. Wish I had a better camera, but this gives the general idea. 
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Hmm...seems Disqus is floating the idea of optional "featured" comments in their comment flow. It's opt-in, and they're being open about it, but it's rubbing some the wrong way and creating some doubt about the wisdom of using third-party solutions for your commenting system.

What do you think?

#webdev #developer

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Grab a towel. Time to go.

Hitchhiker's Guide Game rebooted by BBC online. For free.

Spoiler Alert
See you in 42.

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You just can't get any brighter than our current leadership.
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