Combining the Power & Google Fusion Tables with Linked Data

A few Linked Demos for my #Naija30 folks that shed light on the path to better data, information, and knowledge viaLinked Data.

In this particular example collection I use Google Fusion Tables to randomly locate structured data about oil spillage in the Niger Delta. I then use our URIBurner [1] service to transform the tabular data into high-fidelity Linked Data.


1. Linked Data Meshup (not Mashup that's for Web 2.0) --

2. URIBurner based URL that will work with other Tables too, just change the Fusion Tables resource URL --

3. Surveying an Oil Spill --

4. PivotViewer Page (needs a plugin; alternatively, you can look at the screenshots attached) -- .

/cc +Victor Asemota , +Emeka Okoye

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