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Disability Resource Income for People unable to work +Castelli SSDI 
Just created this social security disability resource. Anyone interested please consider following, or putting me in your circle . Let me know your content or questions you would like answered and I'll do my best to put it here
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Anthony Castelli

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Wow +Preston Clark should I +Anthony Castelli Attorney  be a fake nice guy and tell you how your Hall of Fame  ranks right up there with a preeminent by Martindale Hubbel or tell you that you put up some great names but missed many more but that it's a great start.  I'm starting to feel that being seen as an authoritative and trustworthy lawyer on google is getting to be a mutual suck up job. ( start as may communities, join as many communities, start as many hangouts, join in on as many hangouts, circle plus and comment and share as much as possible) 

I certainly would have written this with a different slant if you had mentioned my name in the top 10. Except it would not be right to include me because I'm just a member here and have not contributed much as your criteria is "most engaged and most awesome" btw use of the word "awesome" as well as pictures of cats gives you a minus in the google + algo so please insert SWAG instead of awesome and ban cat photos from the community. 

No disrespect to the names you just mentioned because I know a lot of them and they are really good attorneys as well as being savy marketers and providers of some great content.  *Would you like a  real list of the best personal injury lawyers in the United States* I mean there are only 100 and no one else gets in till someone dies or retires whichever comes first.

 I guess being a legend in my own mind and not in Preston Clark's mind is what I'll have to settle for. 
My point is that for lawyers g plus and trust and authority is becoming a popularity contest and not a meritocracy. I'm not blaming you my good friend +David Amerland I blame the lawyers myself included.

BTW We do have space for you Preston in Vegas on the 25th of April, just one week away,  if you would like to hangout and be a presenter. And I would not offer this if I did not think you were authentic, super smart and talented. Ah their I go sucking up again. But you are Swag as hell in my book.
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+Preston Clark you can do a hangout , as you know , from the magic of your i-phone on a tripod.  We just got you back on our radar and the conference came together in 60 days. But I totally understand with such short notice and your travel season 

 So we truly hope you will come on one of our Friday morning hangouts and present when the opportunity is more doable.  *15 minutes on 5 things lawyers should be doing to get good clients but miss every time and then 10 minutes of questions* Or whatever topic you choose.  
Your vision and imagination are what truly make you a #sage  business man .

Your point is well taken about engagement. 
 I see  internet marketing as becoming a crowded space and organic search is not the end all and be all on Google. If it were, the way I rank in Cincinnati would cause my phone to ring much more. All the more reason I need to pay attention to a man of your vision and the ability to execute on it
Look forward to engaging, chatting , collaborating and just hanging on down the line 
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Are you seeking social security disability benefits? there is one piece of evidence that is critical. Watch the video and then download for free.
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Wearing Google Glass While Driving is Distracted Driving Plain and Simple It saddens that some feel it is okay to use #googleglass while driving. I understand it shows a holographic image in you line of vision. 
How can its use be anything but distracted driving?

Using Glass can be a hands free tool. So do not have to necessarily use it with the vision piece. Make sure you go to the link of  +Mitch Jackson's spreecast about it He has first hand insights

Here are some links to articles with different viewpoints. +David Azizi +Jonathan Rosenfeld +Patrick Salvi +Steven Gursten +Mitch Jackson 
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We'll have to agree to disagree +Garner Marshall. Talking on the cellphone and texting (reading and composing texts) while driving are both extremely distracting and dangerous. Use of Google Glass's visual features takes the distraction and danger to a higher and, even more, unacceptable level. By displaying videos, photos, text messages and e-mail message directly in front of a driver's line of vision, Google Glass dangerously and recklessly redirects the driver's attention and focus away from the road and onto whatever's being displayed on Google Glass.
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Anthony Castelli

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Anthony Castelli originally shared:  This  is not the official event page . But I just wanted to get something up here so lawyers can clear some time to see some of the great marketers that impact seo in a big way  . Closer to show time I'll drop in an official link 
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Anthony Castelli

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Goundbreaking material about #googleplustips  by +Dan Petrovic 
In recognition we ask this #sage   "Can you present at a hangout out by on this article on friday 4/25 between 11am and 3pm via hangout. . If not could we prerecord a hangout with you to break down your article . I mean this is groundbreaking stuff that we would love to learn  more about. 
A detailed analysis of Google+ platform with case studies, actionable tips, statistics and a visual guide to little-known features.
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Anthony Castelli

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HY +Chris Dreyer +Attorney Rankings a great contributor
The Power Ball, V6 from +Rusty Ferguson
New Version Updated: 4-3-14 To Improve Your Engagement and Stream

A good shared circle will not only help you to grow your following and increase your engagement, it will also provide you with some quality people that you will be happy to have in your stream. For that reason, I have about 100 people in this circle that I would almost bet you will not share this circle. I would bet you, $1 a head on those that will not share. You have to bet on all 100 though. I’ll subtract a dollar for each one I get wrong. Haha

I also will not add everyone that shares my circle to my shared circles. I have a massive database of trolls and spammers. I am constantly updating that.  They are not here.  It includes about 4000 people. It is constantly updated.  Send people in my circles or communities, community invites and other spam and you’ll soon find yourself blocked. If they are not following you, I really dislike that.  If you’re doing it, I will know and you will soon be gone.

I don’t need to be the number one most shared circle to the point that it means loading you up with a ton of people I wouldn’t follow. I won’t do it.

This is a circle made up of mostly of those that are known to share circles. However there are also over 100 profiles with incredible content or promote worthy causes. Most profiles are from those that have shared my circles in the past.

A few of the featured profiles are:

+Save the Children USA 
 +Institute for Veterans and Military Families 
+Veterans of Foreign Wars  
+Habitat for Humanity
+Alan Shapiro  an extraordinary photography with an awesome sense of humor.
+Regina Pagles  with her awesome portraits 
+SETI Institute  

For the Circle Sharers To remain or be added to this Circle do this:

Plus this post. One of these days we will get 500 plusses!  
Comment on this post
Share this Circle
Add this Circle to your circles 

When you get re-shares of circles that you share, you’ll find that you are in more circles.  It is in your best interest to share it to your stream and tell others about the benefits of shared circles. 

Are You New to Circle Sharing?
Here are some quick tips for you. 

When you add a circle, many of the people in it will add you back.  Many more will if you have a profile picture of your face. To further improve on that complete your tagline and employment fields found in your profile. Instead of saying you work for IBM or Walgreen’s tell us something about you in that field. What you do at your job or what you’d like to do. It doesn't matter. What I want to know is what you are interested in on Google Plus.  You’re profile should tell us about what kinds of post you make.

The other day, someone told me some of the people that add the circle will delete it. She’s right, they will. So what you need to do is engage with the people you add. Leave comments on their post. When you do your name shows up and if you keep doing it you will get their attention and even those that delete will keep you in their circles more often. Those that don’t, probably are not worth your efforts.

 Also, for those post that you like or think your audience (followers and potential followers) will enjoy, share those post. When you share another person’s post you should plus tag the person that shared and it and the person that originally posted it. 

If you don’t do this, they will likely never know you shared it. If they do know they might come by and plus or comment on your share. 

How do you plus tag? Type the plus sign and then without a space start typing their name. This works best if you add them to your circles before you plus tag them. As you type their name, G+ will offer suggestions of people on G+. When it finds the person you just circled, click their name and you’re done. Now they should get a notification that you mentioned them in a post and they can go straight to your post and view your profile. 

Google wouldn’t be showing us the number of profile views if it wasn’t important. Google is trying to get us to improve our postings. I believe that’s the main reason they recently added it to our profile.  It’s a carat. Read between the lines. Get people to your profile. Hey sometimes I forget to do it too.

A Word about Notifications
Most of you will get three notifications from me. Some will get more.  I will usually re-share a circle two to three times and notify most people when I do. 

If you don’t engage with the circle, I assume you didn’t get the first notification. I have many people that never get them no matter what I do. So, I might notify you with another profile hoping it makes it to you. 

In the early stages of a circles life, I can harvest those who plussed and commented on a circle. So if you do that before the circle has over 300 shares you’ll not get most notifications. If you don’t do anything, I have no choice but to keep notifying. You can tell me to stop and I will do that for you if I see it. If you do those things I’ll not send you most reminders. I will likely send you a last call though if you have not reshared it.

I’ve had people get angry with me for the last calls. It has happened enough that I don’t like to send them. I feel it needs to be done. I always get people that think they have shared it and haven’t. Or maybe they made a mistake and shared but didn’t share it publicly. I know that I have plussed and commented saying I shared but I forgot or I shared it private.  Haha It happens to us all. Also, if you share to a community and some moderator hates me or is competing with me some of them will delete it. So you’re share might just disappear.

I do the last call because I want to make sure that those that wish to share have one last chance to do so. If you get notified on the last call, I can’t see your share even if you did do it. If I can’t see it, G+ didn’t count it. If you share from a page, there is a good chance that Google will not count that share. It is best to share from a profile and not a page. If you don’t know the difference then share direct from the circle creator. 

I hope this explains some of the notifications. In short, if a circle doesn’t get shared it won’t get added by many people. For a circle to do you any good it must get shared so that people not in it will add it. If you are in it, there are likely good profiles in this circle that you are not following.

For more information about some problems specific to me and notifications you can read this post:

I don’t enjoy notifying people. It’s a pain and I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t needed. 

My Communities

The best one for circles shares is the Rusty Wheel Hub



On Behalf of the +Rusty Wheel Team

  #circleshare #publicsharedcircle #sharedpubliccircle   #publiccircleshares #publicsharedcircles #sharedpubliccircles   #circlesharing #sharedcircle #circleshare #circleoftheweek   #cpbc45x38121x5739508x0006 #cpbc45x
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Thank you +Anthony Castelli 
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Just created this social security disability resource. Anyone interested please consider following, or putting me in your circle . Let me know your content or questions you would like answered and I'll do my best to put it here
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We need also their help and support,Mr. Castelli
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Personal Injury Attorney Educates on Bed Sores
Bed Sore on Heel Stage 4 A wonderful personal injury lawyer and good friend of mine Ron Miller, hates to see elderly get abused or neglected. I feel the same way. I've seen bed sores up close. They can be hideous. Read on as Ron walks you through the sorry ...
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Bed soars can be very dangerous.  Very few people really understand this.   - Good Post +Anthony Castelli 
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Personal injury attorney, car accident lawyer, dog bite attorney, wrongful death lawyer, motorcycle and truck accident law, accident injury news Ohio, attorney for back, neck, head, serious injury insurance claims
Dedication and persistence . Negotiation and injury trial
Basic Information
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Tony Castelli
Cincinnati Injury Lawyer Helping People Injured By Others Get Financially Made Whole

I am a greater Cincinnati personal injury and car accident  attorney that handles Cincinnati  car accidents,  injury claims, workers compensation attorney, motorcycle accident attorney, personal injury lawyer and social security disability attorney. 

I provide free initial consultation and my web site provides educational materials.

I have practiced law through out Ohio including Columbus, Dayton, Chilicothe, Lebanon, Franklin, Hamilton, Monroe, Middletown Mason, West Chester.

My father was a WWII hero and my grandpa an immigrant tailor. They taught me that we are all created equal, to respect everyone , and to be there with a hand for those in need. So I worked with the mentally handicapped at age 19 and became a social worker helping abused and neglected children. 

I learned that the best people that have the power to fight injustice were the lawyers. So I mentored under Walter Beall , a wonderful personal injury lawyer. He taught me to work hard to protect my clients and focus on their hurts, harms , injury, pain and losses. I've dedicated my professional career now spanning 32 years to justice for injury victims in their fight to get a fair insurance settlement.

So I fight with all my heart to get my clients full and fair compensation. Because I know no other way. 

I have two wonderful teenagers  .

I enjoy motorcycling and reading and writing and music. .

Sometimes I wonder why there is so much tragedy  in the world and am working on myself every day to be a better person that tries to help in some small way. I work as a personal injury attorney to help make a difference in  people's lives that have been hurt or harmed and deserve justice to make up for their hurt and pain   

Cincinnati personal injury Lawyer - My google maps

My practice extends through out the State of Ohio including Columbus, Dayton, . If you can't get to me I can come to you. My desire to help is motivated by uncompromising advocacy and uncompromising compassion.

I have been honored as an Ohio Super lawyer many times and have a preeminent rating by Martindale Hubbell and a superb rating by Avvo . This is the top rating they award.

I have written several books and coauthored a best seller Wolf in Sheep's Clothing. this gives inside secrets about insurance claim practices.

My practice areas include:

Wrongful death claims

Dog Bite injury

Child Injury Claims

Car Accidents

Bodiliy Injury claims

Social Security Disability

Workers Compensation

My promise is  that I will fight with all my heart so that you get the compensation you deserve.

Bragging rights
Co-author of Best Selling Book on insurance injury settlement tips and secrets Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - Ohio verdicts in excess of a million dollars - Listed as an Ohio Super Lawyer in Personal Injury
Map of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has lived
Cincinnati personal injury car accident lawyer - Columbus - Ohio
Contact Information
8170 corporate Park Drive #220, Cincinnati, Ohio
8170 corporate park drive #220 Cincinnati, Ohio 45242
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Anthony Castelli's +1's are the things they like, agree with, or want to recommend.
How to Appeal a Social Security Denial

Social Security Disability Lawyers Cincinnati & Ohio

Westlake Village Personal Injury Lawyer & Environmental Attorney Ser...

To work with an experienced personal injury attorney in Thousand Oaks, California, call Vititoe Law Group, LLC, at 818-991-8900.

Social Security Attorney Anthony Castelli

Anthony Castelli lays out the definition of depression, and how this can affect your life - Contact us to find out how we can help you win S

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Grammar check, instant proofreading, and plagiarism detection. Improve your writing with Grammarly - the leading online English grammar and

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The first step in applying for disability benefits is to determine whether you are eligible for benefits. Eligibility is different for all f

Skin Disorders

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Ohio Social Security Disability Benefit Resources

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How to Apply for Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability Lawyers Cincinnati & Ohio

Personal Injury Attorney

Anthony Castelli's Cincinnati, Ohio lawyer is dedicated to the protection of personal injury victims rights.

Cardiovascular System Disorders

Social Security Disability Lawyers Cincinnati & Ohio

Cincinnati Attorney Anthony Castelli Rebuts Social Security Fraud

Because a small percentage of people have defrauded social security the politicians and the naysayers aere calling for wholesale changes in

I co-counseled a car crash injury of a young lady Ohio resident who suffered a catastrophic amputation . After doing what I could in Ohio I found Randy Kinnard to finish the job in Tennessee . He is the consumate fearless gentlemen advocate. I was so impressed with how he was able to resolve this with a full and fair settlement without delay.
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Been around for ever always a neighborhood favorite . Family friendly . good food good service good prices Casual
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reviewed a month ago
Awesome golf course used to be a member
Public - 3 months ago
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nothing special service mediocre nothing to distinguish it from anywhere else easy parking
Public - 5 months ago
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26 reviews
Not a bad place . somewhat of the beaten path . But the people are very nice there
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I met the Diehl's at a motorcycle event and followed Debbie's motorcycle insurance article's in an Ohio biker magazine. Very knowledgeable about motorcycle insurance
Public - 4 months ago
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great venue for music . easy in and easy out , Nice acoustics though not marvelous . great spot
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