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You ran over the large guy with your caddy? Poor car.
tengo a mi Hermana menor ,su esposo y mis dos sobrinitas allí...en Chesterfield...alguién esta cerca de este lugar?
Where's the text bubble above his head that says "shit, another pic?"
Rocker, tourist and homeless hijacking your ride?
Hey +Anthony Bourdain  I'm heading to Chicago in October, where would you say I have to check out, in terms of restaurants. I love trying new food.
You should have said you were coming to Chicago!  I would have poured two Hendicks for us, subsequently I'll pour only one ;)
   Hope the auditions went well for The Taste!
  I wonder if the network will let you put an emphasis on actual cooking, for some reason they think we wouldn't like a show that's worthwhile and based on cooking skills.

    Best of luck  cheers
...ah yes, now that's nice
Esse Carro eh Bom Meu Pai Tem Um
Beautiful caddy to bad your in chicago come to Texas
debe tener su atractivo Chicago
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