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Sancocho, bitches!
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besides how delicious it is, it really helps with hangovers (among other "deseases")... we call it "levanta muertos". Hope you enjoy my beautiful country :)
its a latin traditional soup....with different types of meats and vegetables...
Locrio, is another typical dish but it have rice...also delicious :)
Puerto Rico does Sancocho better... just sayin'!
look like watery curry... would love to taste it :)
Sancocho: the giver of life after a tough night of drinking Brugal.
I had that with a platter of local food in Panama City...fantastic. They had to roll me out of that restaurant.
and what kind of dish is this??
Traditional soup (often considered a stew) in Latin American cuisines derived from the Spanish dish known as Cocido. You can find it in the Canary Islands or from Mexico to Perú, including the caribbean.
Soy Dominicano, este es nuestro mundialmente famoso sancocho o salcocho. Lo hacemos hasta de 07 carnes diferentes, vibres como son: platano, yuca, maiz, batata, yautia, etc. y agregamos un plato de arroz blanco. Es riquisssssimo
Ya Freddy Maldonado lo dijo todo, qque bueno es eso y como yo lo cocino.
En Panama el Sancocho es diferente..., esa sopa aca es un "Levanta Muertos"
I've had sancocho in Colombia, but it didn't look like this. Colombian sancocho reminds me of those shrimp boils that you get on the Texas Gulf Coast: the stock is still pretty clear. This (Dominican?) version looks much richer....
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