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+Anthony Bourdain I read the Les Halles cookbook and Kitchen Confidential. Working on Raw now. I made a huge mess in my kitchen making dark beef broth then dark chicken broth. Freezer is full of some awesome demi-glaze. Been rolling out lots of fresh pasta too using my Italian pasta machine.
It. Was. So. GOOD! For an anti-show show, it worked. Nice to see home again. Of course, the night out ends at Town Topic. oh yeah!
Just wanna say your show is the shit. And yes, you have fans in Kuwait. How about an episode?
I'm from KC (the Kansas Side) and I missed this show. Watching the videos online now... awesome!
Hey Mr. Bourdain, would you and your beautiful wife PLEASE take me to dinner?
We here at Baristas coffee co absolutely love ur show hope u will keep on going and going ......
Anthony, you're my fucking hero dude! If you're ever in Vegas I want to ink you up man!
Watching your Mozambique eppy right now, Anthony - had no idea you'd done Africa. You say you love hot-headed, passionate people so you and the missus have an open invitation to Lagos, Nigeria whenever (there's nowhere messier, trust me! xo)
Cant wait to watch it. Im stoked man. You're the fuckin man.
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