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Isn't that an oxymoron?
I thought raw was risky and sometimes unhealthy ... what gives ?
maybe they use faux fire.
You really should read the article before commenting.
+Andrew Edds My comment was directed at the choice of words, not the show, article, festival or those involved with it. And I was joking around.
Now I'm really curious about who this douchebag might be. Being a food blogger (see +HeFedSheFed ) I try to be as under the radar as humanly possible, without disrupting other diners or generally disrupting the fine dining experience. The Japanese, however, can be particularly sensitive to such obtrusive mannerisms and I doubt I would dare whip out a cam or cell phone without their explicit permission. Some chefs don't mind the food blogger, because it's a double-edged sword: if we write something favorable, that's free press and might result in more sales, but if we tank them, well, I'm sure they'd prefer no review at all.
Os comensais foram japoneses, deverás, comeram com pauzinhos, mas feitos por varios chefs de maior grau do mundo, deve ter sido uma refeição saborozissima.
Bourdain's a beast man not a douchebag cant get enough off this guy, he tells it how it is!!
@Jeremy Johnson oh man sorry i was like HOW COULD YOU haha! And i really shoudn't have jumped too conclusion as i didnt read this yet, im just so used too seing this guy get alot off hate.
Its true we've watched you get hammered a time or two...but always with grace and style. That is what is important.
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