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A satirical look at travel safety: the crazy things and risks travellers do overseas that you normally won't do at home, such as Airlines, Transport and Sex
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The Gluten Free Diet and Travelling - when it doesn't quite work out the way you want it to!
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Some of the likely and unlikely things that makes Bus Transport as a mode of travel rather unattractive! A bit of silly travel satire!
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The Worst Movies for Travellers! Includes Snakes On A Plane, Into The Wild, Space Virgins From The Planet Sex, Pearl Harbor, and Titanic for silly reasons!
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Today I have an article from Max about the weird things to do in Peru. That's apart from drinking frog juice, eating guinea pig, and of course, Macchu Picc
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Awesome post!
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The Anti Social Media post - why it can often suck for when you're at home or travelling abroad. Has it made some of us ironically anti social?
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A silly list of very expressive Spanish Swear Words (including some Central and South American ones) that reflect this colourful Latino language!
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What I would say if I managed to score a free ride on one of the private jets used by business people and the ultra rich! Contact me if you have a ride!
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A funny story of how a man asked two women travelling around the world for a threesome using his unique pick up lines, plus a hilarious comeback line!
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A photo collection showing the most bizarre, weird, unusual and strange Halloween Cakes and ideas that people come up with to celebrate a 'Happy Halloween'!
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Funny television screen dump about Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crash which made Airline News! When quality control goes missing from the media!
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Probably one of the more politically incorrect Leaning Tower of Pisa photos you'll ever see, but not surprising considering it's phallic nature in Italy!
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Travel Blogger and Freelance Travel Writer - finding any excuse to travel almost anywhere.
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    Australian Travel Blogger at The Travel Tart. Writing about the funny, offbeat and weird aspects of world travel today.
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Travel Blogger and Freelance Travel Writer from Australia
I'm a travel writer/blogger who runs The Travel Tart, a silly travel site which focuses on the funny, offbeat and downright weird aspects of world travel today.

The Travel Tart is a travel blog with a difference - think of it as a cross between Monty Python and Lonely Planet. The website features funny travel photos, videos, stories, advice and tips which make fun of travel - because travel was meant to be fun and not taken too seriously!

The Travel Tart (sometimes known as Anthony) is a self-proclaimed travel addict who will find any excuse to go travelling.

He discovered he really enjoyed traveling the world when he was sent to a former war zone for work -- Kosovo -- as his first venture outside of Australia and New Zealand. This created a habit of visiting places that most package tourists avoid like the plague. He has since travelled to over 50 countries over six continents -- nowhere near enough!

While travelling, he likes risking his life by utilising barely road-worthy forms of transport such as African mini-buses, suicidal Cairo cabs, and flatulent camels. That's if he's lucky!

His foray into the travel writing world happened by accident -- his dodgy friends thought it was a good idea to convert his silly travel emails into something more substantial -- like articles, and a website.

But not an ordinary travel blog where there are boring anecdotes of places that everyone else has been to! No, he has an eye for the quirkiness of the world, wherever that may be, even his home country of Australia!

I even have an irregularly updated 'beer index' of the website, which lists a nominated beer of each country that I have visited in a price per litre. So the country with the cheapest beer wins! It's not necessarily an indication of quality, but hey, many people have commented that this is the best part of the website!

If you are a travel blogger or blogger in general, feel free to contact me via this form ( and I would be more than happy to feature your funny travel photo. In fact, some of the funniest world travel pictures I've come across have been from others keen to share their humour with the world and other funny travel photos, videos and stories!

Let's face it, travel wasn't meant to be taken too seriously! The last thing that we want to do after taking time off from the the fluorescent prison (that is the office) is be serious on holiday or vacation. Travel was meant to be fun! This is in stark contrast to a lot of literature which is quite serious. Stuff that! Have some fun!

I have even written a dodgy travel book which is yet to be published - it's called 'I hope that my god makes you're bus crash and you're the only one who dies'. The title comes from a hustler in Tangier, Morocco, who tried to extract my money for providing advice that I didn't ask for, need, or want! It sounded terrible at the time, but I had to have a laugh! 

Check out my silly travel website and social media profiles
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Travel Blogger, Survived Minibus Taxi Rides in Africa, Loves eating weird stuff
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Tennis Racquet - Australian Big Things | The Travel Tart Blog

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Innovative Drink Coaster from Bitters and Love cocktail bar in Singapore which simultaneously shows smiley faces and sad faces in a clever o

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Funny travel photo - Give Me A Sign God! Well, here is the answer that you've been looking for and it's in a shop front window in Sydney, Au

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Shipping Containers - why some travellers like sea transport on cargo ships. Great photos of these large vessels in very rough seas and mass

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Funny travel photo from Sydney about screws from a hardware shop sandwich board. They might sell nuts and bolts here too!

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5 Signs that you've survived a trip to Amsterdam, Netherlands. Some different things to do there.

Funny Signs - Japanese Ski Fields | The Travel Tart Blog

A humourous WTF funny signs spotted from a skiing resort in Japan. Another excellent example of Engrish from this hilarious Asian country

Cat Man from Vietnam - Pet Transport! | The Travel Tart Blog

The Cat Man from Vietnam - Pet Transport Photo! Masters of Transport and Logistics in Third World Countries - moving scores of cats via a mo

Best Travel Clothes - Phrase Shirt! | The Travel Tart Blog

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How To Walk a 'Dog' - in Nigeria! | The Travel Tart Blog

Amazing pictures of How To Walk A Dog in Nigeria. New kind of dog training for security in this West African nation that would put dog whisp

Drag Race with Drag Queens! | The Travel Tart Blog

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Flowrider Wave Machine on Cruise Ship | The Travel Tart Blog

Royal Caribbean's Voyager of the Seas - The FlowRider Wave /Surf Machine or Wave Ride located on the stern of this large cruise ship.

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