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Resistance PoD Update

We are still waiting for the stickers and envelopes to arrive and then the items will begin shipping.

Question: If I were to reproduce any swag item from my catalog, what should it be? Which swag did you miss out on that you still want?

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Ingress 4 Year Anniversary Celebration Swag

The #RobWear Ingress 4 Year Anniversary Celebration Swag is now live on! You can buy the coins and pins separately or in bundles!

Coins - $6 each or 4 for $22 in the bundle.
Pins - $4 each or 4 for $15 in the bundle.

These Items are a Pre-Order and sales will be open until December 31. Once sales close they will be manufactured. Manufacturing takes 4-6 weeks so do not expect them to ship until mid February. Domestic US shipping will be handled by n3rdsy, International shipping will be handled by MandoMerch.
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Path of Darkness Updates
By public request the Path Of Darkness coin and patch will now be sold individually. Orders are still closing on November 30th at Midnight EST.

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New Product Green Goblin Patch Pack

Get your Green Goblin, Glow in the Dark Patch Pack today! This pack features the Green Goblin Savannah Patch and the Green Goblin Member Patch! Shipping is included!

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Path of Darkness Bundle

Between 1600 and 1560 BC, an unknown artisan, astronomer, craftsman, created a device called the Nebra Sky Disk ( An exquisite device depicting the night sky as seen at the time thousands of years ago. This find has been hailed as "one of the most important archaeological finds of the 20th century." Revisit that craftsmanship and beauty with the Path Of Darkness Collectors Coin! Buy your Path of Darkness Bundle today and revisit the glorious mysteries of old!

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New Product - Semita Tenebris Bundle

Celebrate the last series in this 4th year of AR Games Appreciation with the Semita Tenebris Bundle on You can order yours at We will begin this series with a limited number of packs, and may expand the inventory as needed. Order yours today while supplies last!

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New Product Update

Semita Tenebris Swag Packs will hit in about 30 minutes! Look for them at 10pm EST tonight!

Shipping Update

All items being shipped by us, that have been received from production will be out the door in the morning. This includes Calgary Items, the Alberta Coin, and any remaining Calvinball Packs. There are other items that are in Production and we will be announcing then the shipping begins on them once we receive them. Thank you for your patience!
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