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Anta Agni - Fireshow & UVshow
Fireshow, UV Light Show, Firedancers, Black Light Show, Fire show, Dancers, Acrobats, Pyro show, Fire dance
Fireshow, UV Light Show, Firedancers, Black Light Show, Fire show, Dancers, Acrobats, Pyro show, Fire dance

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Eng: The Visual Pixel Poi Technology (also known as LED Graphic Poi) enables performers to make ornaments, graphics, text elements, logos, and writings appearing while the hi-tech tools are spinning.

Anta Agni use it in various shows like UV Show, FIRE Show, CRYSTAL Show. Logos, graphics and writings can be adapted to client’s particular requirements.

Sk: Technológia Pixel Visual Pois (známa tiež ako grafické LED Poi), umožňuje tanečníkom a performerom svetelnej UV show vykreslovať logo, text, obrázok či iné grafické prvky, ktoré sa vďaka točeniu s hi-tech náradím zobrazujú počas predstavenia.

Anta Agni používa Visual Pixel Pois v kombinácii s rôznymi predstaveniami ako UV Show, FIRE Show, CRYSTAL Show.

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Logo, text and custom made graphics

Visual Pixel Poi - popular part of our show

Would you like to see your logo, corporate slogan, graphics, picture, birthday greeting with a name or any text as a part of the performance? Visual Pixel Poi technology (also known as graphic juggling with LED poi) enables dancers a performers to display graphic elements during the performance that will become a part of the show.

Visual Pixel Poi acts always bring an original surprise in the final scene of every show.

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Dancers in the ring of sparks

Pyro effects, colourful flames, vibrant colours

Group choreographies with pyro-effects enchanted audiences in stadiums and big halls. They are especially popular among organizers of opening ceremonies and producer of TV programmes. It is also possible to carry out Pyro Show indoors.

A dance with sparks is a spectacular finale for every show.

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Light is born out of darkness

Blacklight show is pulsating light, atmospheric music, flamboyant masks and costumes. Breathtaking art of movement in combination with latest technology.

We are one of the first ensembles in the world that has combined the visual effect of blacklight with acrobatic act on Cyr wheel ring. You can chose from a number of impressive effects, such as choreographies with large juggling cubes, lightning staffs and poi, airbrushed flags, wings, flamboyant cocoons.

New dimension of a UV Show

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Our Fire Show offers much more than just fire

Elaborated costumes, mesmerising choreographies, professional show, art of movement.

From lyrical and romantic duets, through sensual acts performed by girls with hula hoops, choreographies with poi, and dynamic acts with flaming staff to group choreographies full of sparks and pyro effects.

Anta Agni Firedancers Go Hot

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White costumes in combination with the best lighting effects, subtle choreographies interlaced with dynamic acrobatic acts, vibrant colours under black light fill the entire space and mesmerise the audience.

New costumes - new UV Show. Acrobatic tool Cyr Wheel, juggling with cube, dance with ribbons, lighting tools, pixel pois, logo display.

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Anta Agni is happy to introduce our brand new website!

New photos, videos and shows - enjoy here.


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