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Under #ECPA  today, the government may access the content of your communications without a warrant beginning 180 days after receipt of the message. The ECPA Amendments Act of 2015 (S.356) would require the government to obtain a warrant in all cases where it wants companies like Google to disclose the content of users' communications. Share this graphic and show your support for reform!  
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No surprises there really...
One In Four Americans Think The Sun Orbits The Earth

By +Chris York 

You might want to be sitting down for this one...

One in four Americans think that the Sun orbits the Earth.

Just read that again...

An incredible 26% of people surveyed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science appear to be completely unaware a fundamental truth first proposed in 1543 by Nicolaus Copernicus.

Read the full story here:
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Chelsea Manning exposes US human rights violations - She now faces 11 months of inhumane detention and a 35 year sentence. 
Make this is the last birthday Chelsea spends in custody. Sign our petition for her release.

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Dave Hax demonstrates how to create a crossbow out of pencils, an ink pen, a binder clip, and rubber bands in his latest instructional video. 
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Haha, best use with big, fat whiteboard markers... for health and safety reasons ;)

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Suspicion of impersonating?  Did he look like a police man or not? 
Steven Peers was detained in Manchester city centre while wearing the outfit to perform 'comic sketches'
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This is why I always buy physical media...

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If you have to eat meat, consider supporting the free range, humanely produced kind.
Regardless of whether everything written in this article is true or not, treating our fellow creatures humanely is not a bad idea.
Rolling Stone takes you inside the dark underbelly of factory farming in the meat industry
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Copyright vs free speech: #TPP will take away basic rights if ratified - deeper & broader than #ACTA in bad ways
Through the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), US corporatists are aiming to exert their legal control globally, by backing a move to extend intellectual property (IP) laws. But according to Snowden leaks, the move will come at the cost of free speech.
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Ha ha...finally a use for the old floppy drive...
There's something cool about floppy drive music, and this guy has it nailed. Check out +MrSolidSnake745's Youtube channel.
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On the plus side: the food is actually quite nice and the staff are friendly and attentive. However... when it comes to your bill, this can sometimes take as long as you spend eating, before they can be bothered getting around to working out what you owe them. Occasionally they offer you a free round of complimentary drinks, which is great, but mostly unwanted, as you'd sooner have just paid your bill and left after finishing, rather than sit around, bored for 40 mins, waiting for them to get their act together and give you your bill. If you order the nobi nagar, which is supposed to contain "ghost chilli", what you actually get is a generic dish that they try and big up with chilli extract, to increase the heat. If you check with the waiter before ordering and tell them you'll happily pick something different if fresh ghost chillis aren't available, they will always tell you they have fresh ghost chilli. Unfortunately, they never have. If you complain afterwards, they will promise to give you the correct dish next time, but they never do. They have also suggesteed ordering a phall, but I've tied telling them it's not about heat, but the TASTE and I want to taste ghost chillis, but they don't seem to understand this, so it never makes a difference. My last visit was 19th March 2016 and I will not go there again as they have lied about this dish at least five times now. I am considering complaining to trading standards to be honest, as I wonder what else they have advertised on the menu that isn't what you get when it's served. There are a number of great places to eat Indian food in Macclesfield. Ufortunately, although Lazeez does produce some really nice food, it is no longer one of the places I would consider, as they have repeatedly let me down and lied to me about this dish. Ghurka Dining is now top of my list, followed by Aroma Spice. Neither of them big up ghost chillis, but at least they're honest about what they serve.
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