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Marketing Coach and Internet Marketing Consultant
Marketing Coach and Internet Marketing Consultant

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What are you up to tonight? Spend a Saturday with +Dickie Armour, myself and a few friends at - If you're a coach in ANY niche, you need to be there!

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Calling All Coaches!

I'm running a 2-day event in March, in Heathrow, London (UK), right next to the airport. I've booked the UK's leading experts who all assist coaches and trainers to Market, Grow and Scale their business. Coaching skills, ninja-level marketing, secret systems, proven funnels, live video, product creation... i've got you covered!

Tickets go on sale at the end of next week BUT... I'm my customers and members of my online programmes get an 80% discount, 24 hours before I release tickets to the public, if they pre-register on this link...

If you preregister too, you'll be notified 24 hours before tickets are available and get the discount.

#marketing #coaches

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I've been using this for a little while... but this has to be the best #Infusionsoft text integrations that I have used. Very simple. Dirt cheap. And the support is amazing. Check them out...

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Book in quick! 2016 events now sold out 😳- Next 1-day #CoachMarketing event in Central #London is 13th January 2017 📲 Click 🔥

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Coaches! Join me on 3rd December in Heathrow to lay the foundations for greater success in 2017. Book in today at

If you are just starting out as a coach or want to look at ways to scale up your coaching business, you need to get ahead of the queue for applications to my next Marketing Mastermind event – PRE-REGISTER TODAY.

At my next Marketing Mastermind I will show you how to develop and structure a coaching business that gives you the constant and consistent cash flow you deserve, the sure-fire ways of attracting and only working with your dream clients and putting together a marketing campaign that works almost on autopilot!

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Where to start with video

I talk talk a lot about content marketing and blogging. It's a good mix of styles (writing, images and video) that can give your website visitors lots of variety – keeping them engaged. With almost everyone now owning a video camera – either in their digital camera or phone – video blogging is becoming more popular but it’s often difficult to know what will make a good video post.

Technology and ‘kit’ can be tricky for some to get their head around, to source and to use, so I've listed at the bottom of this post, some examples of easy to use, entry level kit that you could go out and buy (I have all of this kit in my the studio).

Saying this however, the tech is not your main concern. Content is still King. You need to ensure you have planned it all well before you even start producing video.

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing about your content and what you could produce:

How-to videos: People are always searching for step by step guides to help them do things – be it knitting a scarf, changing a tyre, using some software or fixing a washing machine. Film a short video of you doing something, post it on YouTube and then add the video to your website. You gain in many ways – by giving away a little of your knowledge in a way that people can use practically, you demonstrate your expertise – and if the person watching the film then struggles to do the task, they’ll know who to ask for help! Either ask a friend to film you doing something physical, or use free screencast software to record your desktop if you’re showing, for example, how to set something up in Excel.

Events: Whether you are organising an event yourself or simply attending one, events are great video blog material. Get some shots of the event itself and then chat to people and ask if you can record them talking about the event and why they are there. Simple editing software like Window Live Movie Maker is useful for pulling together bits of film to make something that looks quite professional. If you are using your phone then there are even film editing apps on your phone that you can use.

Reviews: When you buy a new product consider making a quick film where you demonstrate the best features, point out any problems and give a quick summary. Whether it’s the greatest product ever or a gadget fail, your review will be really useful for anyone else considering buying the same thing. Consider even reviewing your products, or getting customers to review your services on video.

Interviews: Interviews between two people can make very interesting videos. Invite someone you consider to be an expert in their field or a customer to have a chat with you about something topical or relevant and film it. 

Testimonials: One of the easiest videos to make is a testimonial. Simply find a happy customer and film them talking about how great you are! It raises their profile and your blog visitors get the chance to find out a bit more about what you do and how professional you are. Turning the testimonial completely on its head, why not film your own testimonial about one of your suppliers? If you know they are great at what they do then it would be a lovely surprise for them to find you’ve made a testimonial about them, without their asking for it! 

What about the kit then?

Where do you start? Videos can be really easy to make and there is plenty of free editing software around that can make your finished film look really good – If you are a Mac user, you have iMovie. If you are a PC user, you have Windows Movie Maker. Then you can scale up to buy software if you need to.

Here is a selection of some of the kit that I started out with and still have (along with loads of other kit now!)

* The Panasonic HMTA2EBW HD Camcorder – Under £90!
* CANON EOS 600D Digital SLR – for a tripod or hand held video
* GOPRO GP1001 HD Helmet Hero Sports Camcorder – to strap to your head if you are on a bike or something more exciting
* Sony HDR-PJ10E – with built in projector!

* MANFROTTO MKC3-HO1 Compact Tripod – for small handheld’s (under £50!)
* CAMLINK Professional Tri-Leg Video Tripod – A bit more money, but worth it

* Entry level 3 soft box lights for video – Under £100
* 2 professional soft box’s lighting kit – A great starter for low budgets

However you start... Just start. Video is THE thing we all need to get our heads around.

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