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I promised you a review of my new Vizio and here it is. My inner child thinks it's boring because it's really long and has no pictures.

My experience:  

Update: Photos have been posted. See

Update 2: I can't believe I forgot to mention the power brick in the review. It's been updated. See the last section before Software.
Vizio 15” Notebook Review. An ongoing review of the Vizio CN15-A2. Preface. I was hoping to do this review with a couple weeks of solid use under my belt. I have had it that long but it's been a frust...
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Sorry about the wait. You'll see why when you read the Drama section
That was a good read and it told me pretty much everything I wanted to know about these Vizio laptops. You taught me something that I didn't know either.
After you get it all working normally again, would you share your Windows Experience Index score? 
Thanks, I'm glad it was helpful.

Experience Index: 5.9
Processor 7.8
Memory 7.8
Graphics 5.9
Gaming graphics 6.6
Primary hard disk 5.9

It's worth noting that the experience index does not trigger the discrete GPU so scores reflect only the integrated intel graphics and not Kepler. Also, the advantage of the hybrid RAID 0 is that average read times decrease over time and the score will not reflect that.
Very cool, I did not know that either. 
Any plans on sharing some photos? 
Yeah I can do that tomorrow when I have daylight. Any particular angles or features that you want to see or see closer than thee press shots?
I'm extremely interested in the keyboard. I'd like to see it with a little more detail and some side shots to see the layering of the pieces. 
Cool, I'll post an album tomorrow and be sure to get some good shots of the keyboard.
That would be great, thanks. This is why I love the Google+ community. 
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