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We're Always Good For Another Lead!
We're Always Good For Another Lead!


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From Zero to Profitable in 90 Days. had been dormant for years. The pictures were beautiful and the site was responsive, upon investigation decided to acquire a portion of the company with the intention of establishing profitability. Would be a shame to see a website with original inventory fall by the wayside.

Upon investigating the site there were a large number of obstacles, some obvious and others not so easy to identify.

The inventory was well cataloged but was not in any kind of database or other retrievable format. The establishment had given up on the site, and the resident developers were uninterested in making the needed changes.

After an overhaul of the inventory, old code, salvaging the beautiful Pictures and repairing the shopping cart we tested the site with some Ecommerce Ads and were happy to see that customers reacted overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Profitability soon followed.

Since the turn we undertook the challenge of Seo Optimization and found even more mountains to move. We've never backed down from a challenge. After some blasting we brought in the heavy equipment to remove the debris and we're happy to report that the organic traffic is on the rise.

There's still more to be done, and we'd like to remind everyone to hang in there. Creating successful businesses is never easy, and it will bring out the best in you and in those around you.

We'd like to thank the visitors who never gave up on the site and the establishment for trusting with the project and for the opportunity to be a part of such an internet gem. is yet Another success story in the history of Another Lead, an modern example of restored dreams, and one more story to inspire others to never give up.

If you're interested in Crystal Balls or Decor, or would just like to look around please feel free. We're very happy to have you there and look forward to your suggestions for improving the store. (send to or

Happy Shopping.  

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Going Live with our new Offsite SEO Program. Beta Testing Complete and the results are in. This program is designed to go for the Number 1 Position on Organic Listings. It's a competition so there are no guarantees but our program has been extremely successful and we're confident enough to take the Program Live.

You can find more details here:

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We've just rolled out our High Speed Website Delivery Program.
Page Ranking Jumps from position #200 to #1 Overnight. We don't care where you speed it up, just get it done.

We believe it is our job to save people time.  A slow loading website will not rank on Search Engines! Our average delivery time has dropped under half a second and we are still speeding things up.

More speed = More Rich Content

We are overcompensating for our sites allowing for more rich content to be delivered without sacrificing load time. By how much? We are prepared to sacrifice profit and put nearly all the proceeds of this program back in and take it to the limit.

Any innovations at Another Lead will always be shared with the public. Your Contributions will not only speed up your website, but anyone who benefits from the innovations your contributions developed.

In an effort to get this program moving as quickly as possible we have made it available in beta. There is currently limited support and access our sites are currently being delivered in under 500 milliseconds on the average. If successful the program will be fully developed and every courtesy possible will be made available to it's supporters.

We encourage you to find the program and provider that works best for you. Did we mention that faster websites make more money?

To get Another Lead You Need Speed!

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Another Lead has just published "A Shopper's Guide to Digital Marketing".  Includes 10 Digital Dont's, Why there's no guarantee, and an Explanation of which services you need. Help us improve the community. Tell us how we can make this guide better.

Looking for someone to do a dataLayer push for enhanced ecommerce on an old third party shopping cart. There is only one text box to add JavaScript for the entire cart push.

Can anyone recommend someone or does anyone want the job?

Worked on it with a Google Developer about 4 months ago and we have one working push to use as an example last time I checked.

As far as I know the only other way to get it done is through custom JavaScript variables in GTM.

So glad I found this forum, I have a few years with GTM (over different versions of course) so I'll be happy to contribute when and where I can.

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Convert Mobile Visitors with Older Non-Mobile Websites.
Mobile Retrofit.

There are still millions of companies with non-responsive sites and some large website providers are still putting out non-responsive designs.

Whether your responsive site is under construction or you're saving up for a new site you can still convert mobile visitors in the meantime.

Pull up your home page on your smart phone. Pick an area directly in the middle of the page.

Add a very big call to action (big for desktop view) and then a Very Big Phone Number. Add large Recognition and Trust Icons underneath the Phone Number and save.

Refresh the Home Page on your smart phone, if you can easily read the call to action, see the trust icons, and press the phone number you're good to go. Adjust if necessary then repeat for the remainder of your high traffic pages.

Most visitors don't bother to read all of the paragraphs and services, they just want to call and talk to a company that provides the services they're looking for. Especially when they are on a Smart Phone.

This method will serve as a temporary patch until your mobile site is completed and published.

Oh and here's Another Website Optimization Guide. Includes troubleshooting techniques for pages with relevant traffic that aren't converting.

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Our E commerce Wing is Live! We are pushing E commerce Advertising to a whole new level with the Most Relevant and Considerate Ads in the Industry. Check Out our Groundbreaking Dynamic Inventory Program and be the First in Your Industry to Capitalize on this Innovative Breakthrough. Ads with Price and  Specific Item Details for Every Item in Your Inventory operating on a 3 Tier Level. Visitors who Click go Directly to The Relevant Items. All Ads Target Customers who's search indicate the Intention to Purchase. This is unlike anything you've seen before in E commerce. Dominate Your Market with Another Lead. Call Today!

Our Website Optimization Guide is Live. It can be found at Check in often to get the latest update on New Web Resources.
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