A female opinion on cardio and weight training done right we so agree with

Here at +Your fitness tribe we usually try to tell people to do cardio more intense and less time consuming while hitting weights more seriously. IF they are looking to improve their lean muscle mass and looking for that sexy, fit look.

So, reading this from Laura Jeanne - well i could not help myself but to quote it and do a link to the article, because this quote so mirrors our views on what is effective and smart training.

I cannot stress this this one enough. PLEASE don't come to the gym just to spend hours on the treadmill, elliptical, or any other piece of cardio equipment and consider that a legitimate workout. It's not. It's a waste of your time and energy and, more importantly, is NOT going to give you the results you want to see in your body. The more cardio you do, the more you're going to have to do over time to see the same benefits. Not to mention, hours of cardio every day is just plain boring. Learn to train smarter. Be bold - pick up the weights! I wish everyone would start adding weight training to their gym routine. I'm not saying you need to pick up massive weight, but just don't spend your time there every day on a walk to nowhere on the treadmill. If you want to do cardio, consider adding high intensity interval training (HIIT) to your routine. HIT gets your heart rate up and the fat burn going in half the time. And as for that idiotic misconception that women will get bulky and jacked like a dude if they lift weights...STOP using that as an excuse to just do cardio. I train my butt off and I'm a whopping 122lbs. Bulky? I think not. Lesson to be learned here? Just say NO to endless hours of cardio!
End quote

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