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Tasty, delicious summer treat. Strawberries and ice cream
for warm summer days, when you crave something sweet that is both tasty and healthy

Homemade banana and strawberry  Ice Cream (with or without added casein protein powder )

The gardeners slowly growing strawberries, fresh bananas, and real whipped cream. Lo and behold, our foundation for a tasty and healthy homemade ice cream recipe for warm summer days. 

Strawberries, this ripe little thing, born from soil and rain, sunshine and bumblebees. It is sort of like a serving of yummy life all by itself and as it enters our tummy, it paints our heart and mind with delight. Healthy, tasty, happy delight. 

So, for those warm summer days, when you crave something sweet and refreshingly cool, why not indulge in something that will help you keep that healthy, hot body and mind of yours in shape, feeding your sweet, sexy system healthy nutrition while taking care of curing your itchy sweet aching tooth all in one serving.


1 to 2 servings
10 - 12 Fresh strawberries
1 to 4 bananas
2dl Whipped cream
Optional ingredients:
2 spoons of tasty casein protein powder (stir with the bananas and freeze)
Organic Honey (for some additional sweetness and extra health)

Hit up the website link for the How to

Recipe and writing: +Michael A Koontz 
Photography: Alex Ardenti ( )
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Workout inspiration - Sprint run, Biceps and Triceps
Your fitness tribe - The Science of Health

This Friday treated me to a beautiful early bird winter day as I pulled down my cap and headed out the door into a bright, white Friday morning with puffy snowflakes that slowly fell to the ground. And I can only hope that your day was just as beautiful and enjoyable as mine. 

To start my Day, Morning walk and a short sprint run

My Friday workout started with a couple of pitch black cups of coffee, followed by that daily 20 minute morning walk i do.

Which this last Friday was rounded off by a sprint run on a snowy forest road on my way back home, and with the winter sun shining in full force and chirping birds singing for me as they was hiding amongst the trees, life just does not make a much more beautiful Friday morning then that. At least not very often :). . 

music of the day while you are reading our article
I am Hell by Machine Head

Later in the day
Biceps and Triceps 

And a few hours later in the day, after food and work had had their fun, as well as having done a short martial arts workout it was time to round of this day with Biceps and Triceps.

Biceps and Triceps
the beauty of challenging weights

Biceps consisted of 4 warm up sets and 7 kick ass working sets. 

When it comes to lifting weights life and experience, as well as science, all points to the same. Lift challenging stuff, do it hard and do it smart and listen to your body, and embrace the big exercises that properly exhausts and challenges as much as possible of your body and muscles in every rep and set there is.
Working out in a way that gives results, strength, lean muscle mass gains and keeps you healthy really is not harder than that. 

I rarely do cable exercises anymore and when i do, it´s more for the mental break that doing something different, or "easier" can provide.

But to maintain or even improve my health and fitness level i have since long realized i dont need that. All i need (and you) is the 'free' weight challenging stuff. Or to put it in another word, go for compound exercises if you can. And after that, look for exercises that forces you to truly lift and push your own levels. Never worry about mixing it up, all your body truly needs to stay in shape is for you to challenge yourself on a daily and weekly basis all through life. The mixing it up stuff should be for the times when you need to fight back the mental lazy bug or just to find some inspiration and additional joy and fun. 

So with that said. This was todays biceps and triceps workout. And no, it´s nothing fancy, but this is what did it for me today. 

Enjoy and have a wonderful week. And keep at it, eat healthy, have fun and work that body. 


Barbell curl
4 warm up sets x 5 reps, followed by 3 sets x 10 reps @ 145lbs and one tough as hell to do 13 reps @ 140lbs set that made the viking warrior in me come crawling out and wage war with the weights. 

Dumbbell curls
3 set x 10 reps @ 66 lbs 


Close grip bench press 
4 warm up sets x 5 reps, followed by 4 set x 10-12 reps @ 220lbs. 

3 set x 24 reps @ bodyweight. in a super set with skull crushers (you can do this in a machine or with a barbell or dumbbell). 

Workout, photography and writing: +Michael A Koontz 

Friday workout - Sprint run, Biceps and Triceps Your fitness tribe - The Science of Health. This Friday treated me to a beautiful early bird winter day as I pulled down my cap and headed out the door into a bright, white Friday morning with puffy snowflakes that slowly fell to the ground.
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Going from age 30 to 80
how does that affect your lean muscle mass and cardio

Your fears are saying that you will grow fat and tired while loosing lean muscle mass and capacity in both body and mind, no matter what you do. Right?. .

Science says - no, that is not true

A healthy man (or woman) that is living a sedentary life (not being  physically active in a daily physically challenging way by doing cardio and lifting weights week in week out) will indeed lose about 30% of his or her lean muscle mass going from a biological age of 30 to 80. 

But hold your horses and think about that for a while. 

50 years of sedentary life is big, big chunk of unhealthy lifestyle choices. And did you really think that sitting still and avoiding all physical, daily challenges, for 50 years would not make anyone weaker and more fat? Of course, you did not. 

Anyone training hard and eating healthy knows how crappy they feel just after a few weeks of less healthy and less active life. So just imagine the impact of doing life like that for the next 50 years.

The scientific flip side of that coin is a huge positive thing for all us health nuts.

If you maintain a healthy and fit and active lifestyle, everything, from fighting off cancer to maintaining your mental capacity and performance, your sex drive and sexual capacity, your strength, your body fat and your lean muscle mass can all either remain more or less as it is today - or even be improved upon all through life.

If you manage to just maintain or slightly improve your health and well being comes down to not just your daily lifestyle choices but also your starting point.

Anyone being world class fit and healthy (without the use of ped) today will of course not be able to improve much or any at all upon that during their next 50 years of life. But they will be able to either maintain it or just loose a tiny few percent, which is a universe apart from what 50 years of sedentary life will do to you.

And, if you are just a sexy fit and toned and healthy guy/girl, then the wonderful thing is that there is nothing about the age process that will keep you from being more or less as fit, toned, healthy and sexy all through life.

Or, if you are right now, living an unhealthy and sedentary life, to vastly improve upon that by making changes starting today.

writer and photography: +Michael A Koontz 
Fit and active vs Aging Your fitness tribe - The Science of Health. While we have always had fit and healthy people running around the vast regions of this planet. From the stone ages all through every stage of our human history, it really isn't until now that we have truly started to understand ...
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workout inspiration
chest and abs + chins

While doing my regular chest workout, it just felt way to good and kick ass, so for fun i ended up throwing in 3 super sets once finished with hanging leg raises and chins. And while that has nothing to do with working your chest, sometimes, mixing it up for nothing but pure fun and additional challenge is the small, out of place stuff, that keeps us fit and toned and healthy for decades instead of just a few months per year.

bench press

4 warm up sets, i normally do 5 reps during my warm up sets, but i am enjoying switching minor stuff up for a few months, so right now my warm up is 10 reps per set.

5 working sets, 8-14 reps. As heavy i can go while keeping it intense and strict.

incline bench press

5 set x as many reps as i could muster, 8 - 12 seemed to have been the range. I havent done incline in quite a while so this too is a nice change of pace. And these two exercises are really all i need right now for my pecs.

Hanging leg raises, super set with chins

3 set of each, around 10 reps per set for hanging leg raises and 15 to 20 reps per set for chins. Well, i was pretty dead tired on the final set so perhaps it only ended up being 12 or 13 reps.


All rounded off with a 20 minute intense hiit mma workout. Nothing fancy, kicking, punching on a big floor standing sandbag while keeping a constant fluid movement going with my feets.

And of course, the day started with a beautiful 20 to 30 minute morning walk outdoors.

Workout music: The burden by Slipknot,
Workout: +Michael A Koontz 
Model: Christina,

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legs and abs - vacation workouts
Sometimes we mix it up by going heavier, less weights,more intense, less intense. More sets, less sets. And sometimes we mix it up by going a tiny bit different

Nothing spectacular about this workout. But it was vacation time, incredible heat and warmth and lot´s of wonderful leisure. And it still kicked our legs and ass the proper way. So perhaps someone else will find a good amount of inspiration here to mix it up.

workout music
Slipknot - the negative one (official video, august 2014)

Squats - warmup

3 set x 5 reps of light weights.

Dead lifts

2 set x 5 reps (130 kg/286lbs)

2 set z 5 reps (150kg/330 lbs)

3 set x 10-12 reps (180kg/396 lbs)

sprint run

3 x Short, 100m sprint rush as fast as you can go + an equal distance of lower paced jog in between. 


3 set x 10-14 reps as heavy/light as you need it to be to hit those reps, and short on rest in between sets).

lounges with barbell

You can of course use dumb bells instead. But we used a barbell.

1 set x 10 reps, repeat for both legs straight away until you have reached 5 reps per set, and then you take off the barbell and do one more set per leg without weights.

mma lounges

This was just for fun. "lounges" without weights, but with punches on a boxing bag for each rep. Alternate leg between every rep.

Do a straight punch as you do your lounge step out movement. And then you do a cross at the lowest point, and on the way up you do a hook. Finish with a powerful knee to the bag before doing one rep for the other leg and continue until you are all happy and good :).

tummy - hanging leg raises

3 set x as many reps as you can go.

All done!. Hoping you enjoyed this workout as much as me and my gf did when we crushed it :).

writer, photo, workout: +Michael A Koontz 

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thank you - happy to see that you are approving of the workout :)
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Workout inspiration - biceps, triceps

Spring is in full bloom and summer is just around the corner for those of us that is living on the northern hemisphere, and well, if you are approaching winter instead - enjoy that too - in life and the gym :P.

But no matter time of year, it´s another week to champion and keep taking baby steps towards your future health and fitness goals.
Personally i am feeling tip top fit  and running around with lesser body fat then any point the last ten years, and best of all, still doing so with surprisingly good strength and energy levels.

So i can only hope you guys are going at it just as good, and remember to have fun and enjoy life while you keep on being both fit and healthy.

This weeks triceps and biceps workout looked as follow.


Close grip bench press
Warm Up: 4 set x 5 reps

working set:
2 set x 10 reps 120 kg(264 lbs)
1 set x 12 reps 110 kg (242 lbs)


3 set x 25 reps

skull crusher

3 set x 9 reps, no idea about the weight, but it felt good :P.


Biceps curl, barbell
Warmup: super set with triceps, skull crusher. 4 set x 5 reps

Working set:

3 set x 12 reps 70kg (154lbs)

Biceps curl, dumb bell
3 set x 13 reps 28kg(61 lbs)

Text:Workout: +Michael A Koontz 
Fitness model: Juliana Daniell
Photographer: Unknown (if someone knows, let me know and i will update this post)
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A healthy, fit and active life
Quick Quinoa Recipe

Before the delicious and easy to do recipe, a short real life proof of the benefits of adopting an active and healthy life style (even if that is just a little bit more healthy and active then before). At 48 years old, Salma Hayek is, like so many other girls and guys, without a doubt much better looking, sexy and healthy then she/they ever where as a 20 year old.

"I never exercised my whole life, but now I do yoga,” Hayek told Net-a-Porter's The Edit. “I was always borderline chubby, because I like my food and, frankly, I like my wine. I have to say, I’m pushing 50 but I feel great. I looked worse in my youth! I’m in good shape right now.”

in other words, girls and guys. Worry less about your age and just get going. The positive change always do come over time, no matter your age and current fitness/health level.

Quinoa Quick Recipe

Without further ado, A tasty and very quick to do Quinoa based meal with some whole eggs, fruit and berries thrown into the mix (for the tasty yum they provide as well as the health and fitness aspect). 

And as far as the animals (and products) go that all have a part in the meal you are now about to prepare. Pick (if possible) food from ecological farmers with free walking animals and less damaging productions (and healthier produce). There is no need for you or me or anyone else to support the less healthy, sordid and inhuman parts of the global food industry. So, if you have a choice and opportunity, shop with your brain, heart, and health.


4 Whole Eggs (Yolk and all, While some still believe that there is something unhealthy with the Yolk, it is by far the most nutritional part of the egg and, unless you have some medical issues, will only be beneficial for you). 
Quinoa (your preferred serving) 
Greek Yogurt (or another thicker and sugar-free yogurt if you so prefer) 
Handful of Strawberries 
2 Apples 
A teaspoon of Cacao 

1 tablespoon honey

How to

Mix the Honey and Quinoa and either Bake or Fry until ready. (Hey, I am free riding chef so as far as amount of time and stuff, that´s all up to you) 

Serve in a cup of Yogurt mixed with the Cacao and add the hacked and sliced Apples and Strawberries on top. 

Enjoy your Eggs on the side and serve with Milk from free walking cows or water or a delicious protein powdered drink :). 

Writer and chef: +Michael A Koontz 
Model: Salma Hayek at a beautiful and sexy hot 48 years old.
Photo: Nico, Net-A-Porter

Website version:
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Hoping that you have all had a wonderful and fit and healthy 2014 and that 2015 will turn out to be your best and healthiest year yet.

But if not, never forget that every little step you take towards a healthier lifestyle and body is a step towards a better rest of your life and every step matters.

So, dont sweat it over broken fitness and health goals or promises you made to yourself and failed to achieve. There´s no end line in a fit and healthy lifestyle, well, at least not until you are dead and gone :).

And as such, there is no such thing as a failure, every time you fail, it´s just another reason to try better and to try again, and every time you succeed in one of your goals, that´s not an excuse to stop, it´s just one more stepping stone towards new goals, and coming years and an even healthier life and more fit body (and mind).

So for 2015, if you are looking for something new to inspire you to keep fit and healthy. Then look no further then to your own future.

A recent science study has showcased that even at the age of 80 your mind benefits so greatly from making healthy life style choices when it comes to food and keeping physically active that you can still perform mentally and intellectually as well as any healthy 20/30 year old can do.

And really, what better reasons then to keep our bodies and minds healthy, fit and strong decades from now, keeping diabetes, cancer, general age related decline and alzheimer's at bay as well as the body fat in check, do we need to find motivation and energy to keep the daily health grind going today, tomorrow and all of life :).

Older adults who were more fit — they had higher CRF levels, performed as well as young adults in planning, problem-solving and organizing information. Fitness did not appear to affect young adults' memory or executive functions

Young adults performed better than older adults on long-term memory, Dr. Hayes and team found. However, older adults who were more fit performed better on memory tests than older adults who were less fit

This study was published Dec. 22 in the Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences and compared people between the age of 20 and 82.

merry xmas photos and write up by +Michael A Koontz 
life in the Anthropocene Vol. 06. 100 years ago, the world was engulfed in flames the likes rarely seen before or after. It was, what we today refer to as "world war 1", and it was a great beast of horrifying scope and violence. Making even the ravaging nature of the Roman empire, ...
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Banana blueberry bread
healthy eating for a fit and healthy life style

Estimated total time 
1 hour and 15 minutes.
Serves: 10-12


3 ripe bananas
1 to 2 cup of blueberries (it´s not only full of tasty sensations but healthy yum too so no need to skip on the amount of blueberries, the more the merrier)
¾ cup milk
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
3 tbsp vegetable oil
2½ cup all purpose flour

( The original recipe had ¾ sugar and 1 tsp salt
 , but that´s completely meaningless for the taste buds and unhealthy so i simply skip that shit - and so should you really do too )

1 tbsp baking powder
1 tbsp butter for greasing the pan
1 tbsp flour for blueberries and pan

How to

Preheat oven to 350 F degrees. Prepare a loaf pan by greasing it with the butter and a little flour.

Rinse your blueberries and sprinkle them with a bit of flour. This will help so that the blueberries won't sink to the bottom.

In a medium bowl mash the bananas with a fork. To this bowl add the oil, milk, vanilla extract, egg and whisk away.

Mix together the flour and baking powder  Add your cup(s) of blueberries as you prefer.

Pour the batter in the prepared baking loaf pan and bake for about an hour or whatever amount of time it takes until an inserted toothpick comes out clean.

Remove the loaf from the pan and let it cool a bit before slicing into it and devouring it whole with a big cup of milk :).

Original recipe

Miniscule recipe alteration by +Michael A Koontz 

Enjoy, and dont forget to hit the gym today too

Banana Blueberry Bread - Perfect combination of bananas and blueberries in a quick bread that's simple to make, yet delicious and satisfying.
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healthy eating for a fit and healthy life style 

Estimated total time.
35 to 40 mins

Servings: 4


1 english cucumber
1 green bell pepper
3 medium tomatoes
6 green or red onions (i prefer red)
2 to 3 boneless skinless chicken breast cut in small strips
2 flour tortillas cut in small pieces (or a few tortilla chips)
⅓ cup of chopped cilantro
¼ cup olive oil
¼ cup lemon juice
pepper or other spices to taste
1 tbsp sumac

how to

In a saute pan of your choice, add chicken with a bit of olive oil and saute until cooked. Add pepper or other natural spices (avoid salt tho) on the chicken depending on your taste buds.

Once the chicken is properly done, in the same pan, add the tortillas that have been cut in small pieces and fry for a bit until they are nice and crisp.

Next chop all the tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers and onions in small cubes.
Add them all to a large bowl. Add the cilantro, parsley and mint.

Take a new  bowl and whisk the olive oil, lemon and pepper and sumac until it turns thick.

Mix together the chicken and the tortilla chips and pour the dressing over everything.

Serve with Milk or water
And you are all good to go, healthy and yummy.

Original recipe (slightly altered by mike) from

Fattoush Salad with Chicken - a delicious Lebanese salad with a special spice called sumac, with chicken and mint. This salad is to die for.
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fit beyond 40

Life as a young, fit, healthy and toned guy/girl does not end in your 20´s, your 30´s, 40´s or 50´s, not even in your 60´s or 70´s (and that fit and healthy, young and happy feeling "limit" will only keep on moving up, up and up).

There are of course things that do change as we mature and grow through life. 
But almost all of the things related to getting out of shape (and less healthy) over the years is due to the continued accumulation of your own habits and choices and not due to the quite minor biological changes happening.

Yes, there are biological changes but in all honesty they are quite small and can be greatly, if not entirely offset by your choice of lifestyle. (the lower testosterone production in men and girls is a great example, the change really is small, but it do affect us. But that effect can be greatly averted, perhaps even made entirely mute and reversed).

And the ones we cant control today, well we dont have to waste energy worrying about what we cant change right?.

But even in those big ass cases such as cancer, Alzheimer's and our biologically possible life span, science are making progress by the leaps and bounds as i write this and you read this. And most of those things, as big as they might seem , and therefore out of your control, already do get greatly affected by your own basic life style choices such as food and training. 

As such, they can also be made much worse by your own choices. And the accumulation of a persons choices is primarily the age related decline we most often see in others when we talk about people getting old and out of shape (or how some seem ageless and as young and healthy as always)

No one actually has to settle for more body fat as we age unless we allow it to happen (or life throws us a big can of shit and hale storms)

No one really has to loose muscle mass unless we allow it. Grow slow and week, confused and tired.

In most cases it comes down to how you eat and train and keep active, healthy and happy, week in week out. Why so many end up more out of shape in their 40´s then compared to how they used to be in their 20´s is due to the 20 years in-between of eating crappy food (or to much of the good food), drinking and drugs and training to little.

And vice versa. People that look fit, young, toned and sexy in their 40´s and 50´s and 60´s do so due to keeping their discipline week in, week out. There is no magic or secrets to it, there is no genetics preventing you from getting in better shape (or out of shape) even tho some people are of course a few % more blessed with good genetics that makes it easier. That is all it do however, making it easier by a few %.

So, no matter where you are on the scale of life. Dont get discouraged.
Just go out and claim the baby steps you need to be who you want your future self to one day be.

It´s all about making a choice of how you want to progress in health, body and mind the next 20, 30 or 40 years and then sticking to it.

For instance, the model in this write up is 45 years old and obviously looking both young and fit in a feminine way.  And she also proves another point, it´s never to late to make that change happening.

Having gone from being fit in her 20´s to allowing herself to get out of shape in a bad way after two pregnancies, as she turned 41 she decided to start working out again and reclaiming health, body and her fit and active life style.

And my own gf is today better looking then ever, in looks body and health. Not sure the same can be said of me, lol, but in all honesty - perhaps it can =) (and i am certainly not complaining at all about my current fitness level and health).

In either case, both me and my gf and this model is just 3 out of the millions of people out there already living and proving that anyone, regardless of age can get in great shape and get healthier and younger looking just by your own daily choices and doing so, while living a happy, fulfilling life.

But dont take my opinion for it. It´s simple science, a simple fact.

For good and bad, our health and fitness level, depends much more on your daily choices then anything else. No need to fear age people, it prevents very little. Instead, one could argue that time is your best friend when it comes to getting fit and toned and healthy.

Because getting in shape, staying in shape, and improving your health, it takes time.

So, wherever you are on that journey. Today is a great day to kick some ass :).

Writer: +Michael A Koontz 
Model: Maggie Corso,
Photographer: Pavel Ythjall

quick real fit and active advice

Meal frequency

I recently read a recent article about maximizing body fat loss.
And sadly it was one more article by a respectable resource that insists on people eating plenty of meals during the day to increase your metabolism.

But no, it doesnt actually work like that. It´s an old myth turned real due to the persistence of time i guess.

But it is a myth and has no up to date science backing it.

If you enjoy 3 meals per day stick to that, and if you prefer 5 meals per day, then eat 5 times per day. . 3 meals or 8 meals per day do nothing to change the amount of body fat you loose.

It´s all about the quality and amount of what you eat and the quality and persistence of how you train and keep active.

lift heavy weights

YES. :P. Yes, this is something you really should do. Guys and girls alike. Lift challenging weights every week, no girl or guy will ever wake up all hulking big by lifting heavy, it takes years upon years to get there even for a gifted guy. And girls actually have to lift challenging and intense, week in week out to even get close to looking like the model in this write up do.

Girls simply can not get more muscular and toned then this by training hard and eating healthy in a natural way (and please do keep it natural girls - and guys).


Not only is water good for your skin and health, but it also greatly impact your energy levels in life and workouts. So yes, that one is true, keep it real and keep hydrated. But please keep in mind that you dont have to drink so much that you are running to the potty every 20 minutes :P.


Do daily "daily life, low intense" cardio, like walking outdoors for 20-30 minutes, doing some gardening in the summer, taking the steps instead of elevator. The bike instead of your car and so forth.

it´s good for you.
And 2-3 days per week switch it up and do some real , hiit based cardio for 10 to 20 minutes per time, that will increase fat burn and cardio performance, while not getting in the way of keeping or increasing your lean muscle mass.

Unless the greatest joy in life is spending hours every day running on the treadmill or outside in the forest. You do not need to do that to be fit and toned, and most people should not since it only makes it harder, if not impossible to get a fit and muscularly toned and strong body.

Either do your cardio several hours before your weight lifting, or after it.

Do compound exercises

We all have some quirky fav exercises that we do because we love em. But the ones that everybody should do every week is the big compound exercises because those are the ones that will generate the biggest improvements to your body and your health.

They both build lean muscle mass and up your body fat loss much better then small targeted exercises ever will.

SO in other words.

Incorporate Squats, Dead lifts, Standing row, chins and bench press in your routine, week in, week out, no matter your age and current fitness levels. 

Just make sure you do em properly and listen to your body.

food is about quality first of all

Yes it is. Calories are all good and all to keep an eye on.
But the biggest one is the quality of the food and what nutrients it has.

I mean, i am assuming that your health is important too and not just your looks :). So, go for quality food with good, quality protein, fat and slow quality carbs, no added sugar and salt, no crappy fillers and weirdness.

Just to say it tho. You do of course have to keep some self control of the amount of food you are eating too. No matter how healthy the food is, there is an upper and lower limit on how much or little you can eat and still be healthy and fit.

But your body and your mirror will keep you informed on whether or not you are eating to much or to little - if you just listen to it.

In other words.

Eat greens, fruits (i know, lots of fruit sugar in fruit... but it´s the kind of carbs that really will not keep you from being healthy and fit, unless you are gunning to be the worlds best fitness model perhaps. But even then, fruit has so much health related stuff), whole grains, eggs, chicken and drink milk without all the weird modern day shit added to it.

Keep your food simple, eat it and cook it in ways you enjoy. And keep to this small list and you actually have it all covered.

I know, fish is quality food too, but i left it out because fish in it´s current modern state is an unsustainable food industry that really should take a break and let the sea replenish - and in a lot of cases also a case of you not actually knowing how much unhealthy stuff there is in the fish you eat due to how we pollute the seas and how fish is one of those species that stores all the filth we pour out in to the waters.

So, for now i would not recommend anyone to eat fish, unless you just loooove the taste.


From your health, to looking as young as possible, to loosing body fat, to building muscles, and even your brains capacity for feeling fun, happy, horny and fulfilled.

Sleep is the mother of all!.

Dont freak out if you cant sleep some days, it happens to us all.
But turn off those gadgets hours before you go to bed.

And no coffee after 1700. Get some sunlight earlier in the day and so forth. Do what you can do promote the natural day cycle of our body and it´s hormone system. If you really do feel fresh with 5 hours of sleep, go with that. But be honest to yourself and give yourself the sleep your body tells you it needs and not what you tell yourself your body needs.

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Thx you 
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Health benefits of dairy in a fit and active life


For quite a few years, some health 'experts' tried to steer people away from consuming dairy products, Like it was a stain of venom tainting peoples health with the plague of obesity and diabetes

Other child hood horror stories where told about milk and dairy making guys more female thanks to the cow´s natural estrogen found in dairy products 

But personally i have been saying for a very long time that anyone being serious about their health and keeping fit and active should in fact embrace and include ecologically and animal friendly produced dairy in their daily food. 

And as such, i´m very happy to see that the mindset of proper and current science is steadily growing a bigger and more solid understanding that getting back to promoting dairy in peoples diets is not just a healthy thing, but also a way for people to eat healthier for less money and that dairy is the perfect choice for a fit and active lifestyle, promoting lean muscle mass and healthy nutrition. 

We now know that Dairy actually help you hold of that dreaded tummy fat. And we now know that Dairy does not increase cancer or diabetes risks. 

Yes - there are things to be aware of 

Some people are of course allergic to various dairy products and others might want to skip milk and cheese and yogurt entirely due to the more sordid parts of the agriculture and food production business that sadly provide abysmal care and conditions of not just dairy farm animals, but also engage in food production practices that are questionable from a health and environmental perspective as well. 

But the bleaker parts put aside, as long as you keep to voting with your wallet and only buy dairy and food in general from food producers that care about producing a healthy and safe product, as well as prioritizing animal well fare and environmental care - then from a health and food perspective it is a simple and sane no brainer to include dairy on a daily basis in your diet. 

Skip the dairy products with added sugar, it might taste better, but added sugar makes no one a happy or healthier or more fit pup.

Benefits of dairy in your fit and active - and healthy - life 

Dairy will by itself aid you in lowering your body fat%
It contains some of the best slow, quality carbs and high bio value proteins you will find in any food resource - essential and positive parts in increasing your lean muscle mass while keeping your body fat as low as possible (for the amount of calories you consume).

To make it even better, the fat in dairy is actually healthy for you and not bad at all. 

Dairy contains quality vitamins and minerals that will help your bone mass and general health stay on top. 

And no - dairy does not make your blood levels go crazy, it will not make you put on a magical and unhealthy amount of body fat around your waist and hips, or give you diabetes

- Further more, grass fed, free walking cows from ecological farmers are not fed synthetic or additional hormones beyond their own natural hormone production. So you will not turn in to a woman or a beastly hulk with horns, and ecological farmers are usually a good thing for our environment instead of the damaging. abusive and inhumane environmental disaster that is large scale factory farming

Read the rest of this health article at a Norse View.

A song of silence. Health benefits of dairy in a fit and active life. Dairy For quite a few years, some health 'experts' tried to steer people away from consuming dairy products, Like it was a stain of venom tainting peoples health with the plague of obesity and diabetes.
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