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REFLECTIONS Picture Courtesy: M-Y-S-E-L-F Imagine 20 years from now, categorized as a ‘woman of
substance’ by the World, you ponder down your memory lane at an old snapshot and
remember the old times.  You realize that
you’ve been through a lot, and the exp...

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Tomorrow - a myth?
A cup of coffee in my hands and a laptop on my desk, a
swivel chair to sit on, with nothing but a lungi on, I began writing this
Easter morning. Writing about what? you may ask. So I've come up with the perfect idea to soothe your genuine curiosities
with. ...

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Seeking Light in the Darkness
Seeking Light in the Darkness Shot at Edathua, Alappuzha, Kerala, India with 50mm prime lens and Canon EOS 600D To download the FREE wallpaper, check out My Deviantart .

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Leaf in the Wind
"I love like a leaf in the wind..." - Jared Kinth P.S.: Shot on a windy day at the heart of Kochi. Gear: Canon EOS 600D and 50mm Prime lens. Download the FREE wallpaper version from My Deviantart .

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Close Up and Personal!
This is the photograph I took of the Scarlet that flew outside my window.  More more photos, like and visit TheImperfectSnap

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Candy Man
Battling both Sun and Rain, His shadows walked the sand; In an eager effort to feed his kin, Who awaited their sibling's grand...! P.S.: Picture Taken at Alappuzha Beach by Anoop Mathai Mathew for The Imperfect Snap .

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And one day during their photo-shoot...

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Sleeping Beauty
This is the Cat who has conquered my attic. The view you are seeing is the view that I get from my bed at night. If you liked this photo, check out my other photos here . Also don't forget to hit a like over here .

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How do you recreate the past? Read to find out!
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