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New Water Witch Wednesday video!

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BIG NEWS is on its way!!!!
Hey Everyone! Guess what? There is BIG NEWS and EXCITING CHANGES over at They are coming THIS MONTH!!!!! Be the first to hear about it by singing up for the Newsletter! If you follow via email or through Blogger you will want to be sure ...

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Folk Magic Water and Horse Brass Spell for Luck and Protection
This spell
uses traditional elements such as horseshoe, horse brass and silvered water.
First, a little background on each of the items we will be using in this spell. Horse Brass Horse Brass are brass amulets
traditionally used in the UK to decorate and he...

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Henna Magic for New Beginnings
As many of you know I have been keeping different aspects of myself
separate for a while. I am now working on moving many of my websites to
blogs and now run a professional portfolio of my work at When I originally named my business...

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Modern Fusion Temple Dance
Modern Fusion Temple Dance- A Workshop with Monique Trinity Rose A few weeks ago I took a new kind of Sacred
Dance workshop. I was first attracted to it because of the name, but when I
looked at the instructors name I knew I had to attend. If you don’t know...

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Waking Persephone
Day 1 I arrived at Waking Persephone late, I was so
excited to get there but the traffic was against me the whole way. There were 2
major accidents that put me about 30 min behind. I hate when students arrive at
my class really late and I hated it even more...

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Drowning Ceremony
Burning Ceremonies around the dark moon are really great, powerful and
popular! They help us to shed the old, work through blocks, shadow work and releasing things that hinder our progress. As a Watery person you may not feel very connected with fire and i...
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