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HEY! Did you know that Dr. Bananas used to sell computers but then he quit because he lost his drive! GET IT!? HAHAHA!!!

Go tell Dr. Bananas he's an apple!
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awwww I'll send some one to get him then leave him out in the sun mwahahahahahahahahhahaha
that made no sense. ok sometimes u make me feel smarter u DUMB ASS ORANGE!!!
Ouch! I went to Dr.Bananas and told him he was an apple and he he he HE PEELED OFF HIS SKIN, DROPPED IT ON THE FLOOR AND I SLIPPED ON IT! Good one mate!
Me: Hey...Hey Dr. Bananas, hey Dr. Bananas hey?
Dr. Bananas: What?  What is it?
Me: You're a APPLE!
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