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HEY! Check out my rock-hard abs! HAHAHA! #rockoforanges #rockofages
HEY! Check out my rock hard abs!!! HAHAHA!!!
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those r the 2 shows i H8
they are stupd but fun to watch if you have nothing to do.
they even have a show on cartoon network
I luv that show but oranges dnt have abbs but any i luv the show

O...M...G Someone just wrote ' who the hell is toby turner? ' seriously!!! He is a youtube sensation! Subscribe him and the annoying orange if you haven't already! :D x  
Hey that is awesOme us it supposed to be rock of ages????I think that's funny hey Peter Palmer my last name is palmer lol:D
lilly i think ur last name is epic :3
all of u who say Adventure Time and Regular Show suck balls. But your not wrong about Annoying Orange's TV SHOW, the webshow is still awesome.
Adventure time dosnt suwk balz(it dose alital bit.) but regular show is epic.the annoying orange has most of its fans just because toby turner is in it and he is well known on youtube... 

PS:lilly my friends younger sister is lilly
Is this going to be one of your next episodes.
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