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HEY! Are you ready for a caption contest? Are you? Are you? Are you? HAHAHA!!! Comment below with your best caption and come back tomorrow to see if you're the winner!
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Sofia D
im a real boy!
Sofia D
talk about split ends!
lifes hard but this orange was sooooo worth it!!!
Sofia D
talk about split ends, I'm gonna need more than tresseme 2 sort this out...
Respect the Orange.
Sofia D
hey apple betcha can't do this, huhu
I oranged for a fruity man it was a peeling.
Random other orange: Soo... when's the baby due?
The fat weird orange: What are you talking about?!
my caption:
night of the living orange
working on 'a clockwork orange'
Hey stranger!! Can I give you a hand??
Orange you gonna ask me what I'm doing?
Mr. Orange was transported to the hospital early this morning for having a tumor the size of an orange. Mr. Orange did comment on this situation, saying "I don't give a clementines crap what u see!!! I'm Fine!! I just cut myself shaving!!!"
Do you find my strip tease, a-peeling?
Cute pic yo lol i am ready plzz post iyt on youtube and i wyll watch iyt 4 da longest... (:
Is she peeling ok maybe shes expecting to be eaten
huuuum where's the front from the bak to brod up my caption ..
the orange has had enough of that (hold your tongue) "apple", and he's taking his juice with him.. this story is all to common america lol
Orange at Work: "Ugh... I'm always carrying my own weight around this place... sigh... It's enough to become completely undone!"
u will never know which way I am going :D
Im stealing a giant pumpkin! Wait? is it pumpkin season?
sometimes you have to pick urself up and carry on life goes on.
after that KNIFE i gotta find a way to hitch hike onto another fruit, like an apple!
One annoying orange carrying out... our planet!!!
amazing and funny i find this the best post yet
Jo Se
orange' u heavy?
'Got shot in the back and all my insides fell out' :( Fail
Desperate for a part at the Marmalade audition, Orange really showed them what he'd got
Pregnant orange 
you know the gingerbread man....Ha! Know the Orange man, he is so a-peeling...
wow that must be a really heavy orange
Orange u glad ur not carrying that orange hahahaha
orange ya glad this isn't a banana?
I like big butts and I cannot lie
perfectly made for the annoying orange
Don't know wats worse, the knot in my ass or the bulge in my belly
too coolllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
the orange: I'm carrying around my dead carcus...... i know what you're thinking......... :D
Hey look!! I'm carrying myself!!! I bet YOU can't do that!!!!
uuuggghhhh! i am so heavy! and i need a shirt, my belly button looks weird
take a look at the feet, people... looks like the main orange part is behind the peel figure so all this about carrying or being pregnant is fail lol :) as for my caption:

"i like big butts and i cannot lie..."
Yourself but backwards.....and pregent
Sometimes you just gotta carry yourself and move on.
Sometimes you gotta just pick yourself up and keep walking
OH BOY! I hope I can make it to the bathroom in time!! (walk faster, walk faster ,walk faster) :-\
He's got the whole orange in his hands!!!
Annoying Orange, I am your father!
this picture is really funny and awsome!
orangetta (pronounced and equivalent to a ninga )
hey apple, hey, hey apple....betcha can't do this
Man! This tumor is starting to become a real pain in the.....!
Does my ass look big in this?
Better then the Hunger Games!!!!!
After killing and skinning his friend for sleeping with his wife, Mr Orange was looking for somewhere to dump the body.
"I'll take that back, thanks"
Time to finish this break in! Lets take this treasure to the warehouse.
The young orange could feel his skin peeling under the harsh summer sun.
"I'm not a baby, I'm a tumor!" (This only makes sense if you've seen Hellboy 2.)
I have no idea but I love Annoying orange
Hey google+hey, hey, google+ come join my mafia in crime city.c'mon c'mon! Try it!
if it ain't got the bubble, it ain't worth the trouble...
i knew i shouldn't have touched that fruit peeler
Ran away from the orange stand. A creepy man in a car wanted to pay me to get in with him.
who captain? i captain of awesomeness SOOOO...tat means i captain of myself cuz i awesome. :O i just commented :D (:O WHOA!!!!! walking orange? COOLEO!!!! :D
Wow, I never knew that I was soooo heavy!
Well...Mom warned me about playing in the knife drawer...
HAHAHA funny orange walkin HAHAHA!!!
sometimes you just have to pick yourself up and carry on.
Don't worry I got you
Mia R
"He said I'm different because i can walk..(sniff)"
I dont know where i am going but i will keep moving just because i cant stop!!!!
"OH MY GWAD!!!! ITS A PREGNANT ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" <-------- thts my caption nd 1st thought of the pic :D
Uh, no. That's my navel...jeez!
we oranges will rule the earth! mm this is good omnomomnom hey were did all the orange men go? I guess they peeled on outta here hahahahahahahaha.
Orange ya glad I'm an excellent peeler!
Boy, am I appealing or what?!
"that orange has a little junk in the trunk"
LT Fall
ha ha ha that is so cool!
are you having segmentuplents
Ahhh! My feet are backwards!!
Now i know why my mom didn't want me to slouch.
I look like the hunchback of the orange century!
Screw American Girl, that's the American Orange!
Virgin Orange: I swear the holy ghost sired this.
So, fruit does have lots fat content. YOU LIE PACKAGE LABELS.
The orange peel finally getting annoying orange of the internet
I need a wagon cuz my butt's draggin'
its not a cute orange its a fassion fruit
Turns out, an orange CAN grow legs and walk away!
Junior, it was OK when you traveled in my papoose when you were two... Now your 22... Can't you walk on your own?????
I'm an orange mutant ninja turtle! Random...
why cant you just leave me alone orange
It looks like he is doing a # 2
Orange you glad google+ has this retarded What's hot thing to make you lose your faith in humanity
Damnit, Fred. I thought you'd said you'd been juiced. You STILL weight a ton.
Annoying me, annoying you, annoying all orange...
It would make me lose faith in humanity but i already lost it
if you think this one is dirty, you should see the one i made with the banana.
that is very very very very very very very very very annoying
wait wait am i fat or nine months close to having a baby i forgot someone tell me
good one im laughing right now!!!!!!!!
you know what guys I'm tired of the jokes about my belly button, I'm going home
u know ur the type of girl I wanna chew on all yo bubble gum!
really walking orenge you are not as good as they say you are way better. way funny. and so cool. i wish i could peel like that. don't listen to them you are awsome. love the videos. my fav. is the hoppy bean. it is so funny. want to hear a joke? a cookie went to the docter and said,'' i am feeling CRUMMY. like it? i shure hope so. i know a lot more awsome jokes. if you want some just ask. cio!
And there I was thinking I was a man…
Anyone want this? I'm tired of carrying it around.
This spray tan looks really fake. I should've gone to a tanning bed instead.
I know my shoes are on backward, just can't see them!
U can make it if you had a lot of time :)
The oranges are planning a spinoff to the Alien movies.
the florida is leaving the sunshine state because someone told him he has no pulp so he peeled off in anger
Oranges are people, my friend.
ogggh this my back is so heavy!!
My balls are so big I can only carry One At A Time! ....
haha yummm a walking orange even better!:)
I'm the guy you heard about. Took so much acid I thought I was a glass of juice. Now I have evolved!
Peter S
Welcome to Florida
Here we see the Farnese Atlas's lesser-known cousin.
neva knew oranges get pregnant it the back
hahahahahaha =D
On my way to meet my friend pineapple so I dont feel so ridiculous
Why is my butt hole halfway up my back?
How you gonna peel me and just throw me away?
you can make banana splits but how about an ORANGE SPLIT?
I'll help you little round one!
this orange is heavy, hope my birthmark doesn't show....
"got the whole world in my hands in my hands"
Original orangement! Walking forwards, whilst carrying backwards.
an orange walking foward but walking backwards as funny as ever.
sometimes you just gotta pick yourself up.
Next Spykids evil minion model.
Well kids this is where talking oranges come from....
Knock knock, who's there, orange, ughh orange who, orange you glad I didn't say banana, but you never did, oh

Orange you glad I can carry my own weight?
there's nothing behind my back! i promise!
Hey ! Hey, Apple! Hey , Apple! Hey!! Apple look over here! Hey , Apple! Can you do this , Apple?! Hey , Apple! Hey! Hey! Apple, hey! Are you jealous Apple?!
orange man... idk lol my failed attempt at a name for it
Excuse me Pardon me I gained a little weight in the buns. So I have to carry the load but you have to give me space!
Every time I expose myself people think it's juicy.
why they gotta throw rocks at my back i'm just tryin to get home with this massive fucking orange
Ok, you don't want my vitamin C, I'll just carry my #$$ on outa here.
so where do i go for plastic surgery
im gonna try to make that! prob. fail.... but whatev!
Caption: Orange'nt you glad you don't ALWAYS carry the weight of the world!
Well, my arse might be puckered, but at least I"m alive ....
he must be in flordia because he is looking very orange
"In hindsight, perhaps there is a market for citrus contraception."
"Contraception, not just for cucumbers."
Someone stabbed me with a pumpkin! From behind!
alan le
I'm sexy and I know it.
Toby A
"If my life wasn't so segmented it'd be easier to bear."
That's the last time I ask her where she wants me to stick this thing...
To avoid being eaten, oranges have been known to use Vitamin C in an attempt to quickly evolve and run for their lives.

The peel on this unfortunate fellow dried up before he could make it off the picnic table.
Im carrying a heavy load, so show some respect
This is a very LARGE vitimin c load I am carrying here.
it dosnt matter what is on the outside, its what is on the inside that counts.
caption: Let's think, are we we taking our world in a backwards direction, or not? (Sorry to be so serious, it's really cute and cheerful and very creative.)
It's not u its me, but its totally u. xD
heng ky
sikile... kuwalek... ha.... hay.....
omg omg omg did you see the hunger games well i was watchin it in 3D but i got shot
Its a cool picture and it look like its really alive.
16 and pregnant level: fruit
Some days, you just have to pick yourself up and carry on.
I want to break free,
I want to break free,
I want to break free from your lies
you're so self satisfied
I don't need you,
I've got to break free,
God knows,
God knows I want to break free.

I've fallen in love,
I've fallen in love for the first time
and this time I know it's for real
I've fallen in love,
God knows,
God knows I've fallen in love.

It's strange but it's true,
I can't get over the way you love me like you do
but I've got to be sure
when I walk out that door;
oh I want to be free baby,
oh how I want to be free,
oh no I want to break free...

...but life still goes on
I can't get used to living without living without living without 
you by my side,
I don't want to live alone,
hey -
God knows,
got to make it on my own,
So baby can't you see,
I've got to break free.

I've got to break free,
I want to break free,
I want I want I want I want to break free...
When life gives you lemons, trade them for oranges and make an army of men
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