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Annmarie Miles
Part time writer, full time believer!
Part time writer, full time believer!

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I am trying (with little success) to migrate over to +Annmarie Miles my other gmail account. So please follow me there if you like. Ta A

Arrgggghhhhh! What's the point? It's been a #murphyslaw kind of day :/

Would you like to read, or listen to ME read one of my short stories? Go to :)

My day at #HayFestivalKells :) Who knew there were so many books (or Kells-es) 

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New on the blog ;) Crying with Laughter (and friends)

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#atozchallenge C is for Carla - from Change of Scenery

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HI everyone. Thanks for inviting me to the group. All going well... so far... :) B is for Barb the Bubble...
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