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I am so stealing that one
Hah.  About 30 years ago my grandfather used to go down to the local grocery when he was in his late 70's to early 80's and just take peanut butter, bread, and a few other things every few days.  After the first few times someone noticed and confronted him.  "He said, I'm an old man, what the fuck are you going to do?"  Nowadays he'd probably be tackled and arrested, but back then, in a small town, they just called up my Uncle and told him about it.  My Uncle was a pretty successful man, so he said "just setup an account, try and keep track of what he takes, and send me a bill every week.", and so they did. :D
That is Technology........ Grandfather.......
Jajajaja thats sooo true
what kind of cigarettes he sucks??..
Gotta love this perspective on the good old days ;)
I don't laugh at many of these G+ annotated photos but this one is genuinely funny. I can hear the man's voice and smell his cigarette, even.
I like it but I don't think they should curse in it
LOL now that's funny...............
OK, this made me laugh for quite a while.
Bahahha, Being his age now I can relate..
Yeah that and what would u get from one dollar today? A gum drop maybe.
Haha..., your post made me laugh :))))) love it !!!!!!
Well yes it's true…
That back before the years of the Depression, and almost a 10yrs. after that a lot of people were hit hard. We did not even have money for anything. Our neighbor, let us use their well for water, we would chop wood for both the stove/ oven and heat when the coal ran out. We did a lot of crazy stuff to survive but...
We never "STOLE A THING!!!"
Look where it has taken you with all these years of stealing. 
And then your mommy says: "my good boy!" =))
Nick U
thats so funny i forgot to laough
C Solis
Hahaha! Too funny! :-D
Ravi S
y ru not smoke????????????????????????????
Organisms Genetically Modified   ......  OMG
Andy H
Are you serious? REPOST
Oh sorry old man we are living in a new world
Funny and made to revive those golden days
Yeah. That's right. Too many cameras
When I was a boy my momma would give me a dime to buy a loaf of bread, and she would let me keep the change to get penny candy.
I tried playing a guitar, but then my brother got fat, and I had to fly away in a hot air balloon. I landed somehow, in the year 1864 London England. I was a soldier, I was being sent to Africa to fight in wars for the king.

- Lord Thomas Wellington, New Zealand.
Omg couldnt stop laughing at that one. :)
now you give that job to your grand son he will do, no matter camers
Hahaha...totally didn't expect that.
Oh sorry old man now we are living in a new world
Welcome to the depression, ala the capitalist utopia. 
He is Father Of OBAMA ??????????????????????????
damn... i thought he's gonna mention about inflation. :D
Gotta do haardwork to pass those damn cameras Pal ^&%&
I felt a sudden relief. Good for a break.
There wasn't a lot of text in that image, but even in it's briefness I still didn't see that coming.
Lol Hilarious!!!
I thought he was gonna say "Now prices are so high you can't even by a candy bar with a dollar" Or someting like that. But LOL!
so not working;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
haha lol that is hillairious
i loaded the page up and shit my self caus it was at the top but yh it gd
Jejejejeje in was time no in this 3er millenio. my freind to cost to life is increes so last time is past now is now to salary is no good because evrerybody us need to increase to salary minimo to more money for my life
I swear good old days, no camera, no cell phone.
Those lovable old people, they're so CUTE!  I just want to take this guy home, give him a cup of coffee, and sic him on my neighbors.
Brilliant the old man with the sickret in the mouth
ha ha ha,this is is a good one. love it!
Because I'm easy come, easy go, Little high, little low,
Any way the wind blows doesn't really matter to me, to me
- Bohemian Rhapsody
Ahaaa!!! Sooo Funny!
What a G.:P
That's right !!  Old school... keep it up old balls ..!..
please god give him again his child life (i love his child life)
6 heat sinks...2 A to D boards...3 Raspberries...a 7.5v power supply..a handful of connectors
I thought it was pretty funnyl. Where is your humor??
Christine Miller
kendl S
that is kinda sad
LOL!!!!omg thats like my fav post now!!
Andy L.
Well What am i supposed to say
Hahahhahahahahhahahahhhahahhahahahahhahhahahahahhahahahahhhahahahhhhahahahah.., rection of everyone i told about this
Nice one ESP with that Pic in the background.
How frigging true love this prefect for the world today

How true friggin cool prefect I remember the same
This is a brilliant social commentary. Simply finding it funny completely misses the message.
Thats supposed to be a black guy
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