Tacos anyone? #robots
Flying Robots Deliver Tacos To Your Location. Our unmanned delivery agents are fast and work tirelessly. Easy Ordering On Your Smartphone. Just tap and let the machines do the rest. Tweet. Get a TacoC...
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I'm making BaconCopter!
Saw this a few days ago and thought to myself, that right there is the magic of America. When you look at the latest new leap of intuition, the newest tech or invention, the latest breakthrough that heralds a paradigm shift and changes the very nature of the world, and you think to yourself, "I bet you anything that thing could get me a taco. Goddamn do I need a taco. Let's taco this bitch up."
Oh crap I hope that becomes popular enough to hit the east coast!!
Cold tacos, anyone? is more like it. Unless they wick the heat from the discharging LiPo batt packs into the food compartment. ;) Either that, or it'll have to fly extremely fast, thus, subjecting the food to bug splatters.

Either way., I'm in!
If it crashes into some birds along the way you can get some wings with it too!
Yeah..... I think it will go down a little different. Weed dealers will be on this like....well every other tech that came before. And for a while heads will get weed delivered by copter...until the DEA catches on and they will up the ante with armed drones....and pretty soon everyone in Brooklyn is DEAD.
+Annika O'Brien - Looks like LobsterCopter is still in the works. Not quite a TacoCopter adventure, but picturing either a lobster-shaped copter or a lobster dangling from a quad is cracking me up!
Wait, not all the guys are straight, but I don't think you're they're type. Also, not aware there's a client called "msg". 
+Annika O'Brien Maybe he means "about" instead of "on". Sort of a linguistical mishap. Perhaps he's a fan of msg? Personally, it makes my heart race like an SOB so I avoid it at all costs.
He's from Britan. I've never heard of it but it's possibly in China. Maybe that's why he loves msg. It all makes sense now.
There we go! All sorted out. The inter-web thingy can be a little confusing some times. I don't think they use msg in tacos though do they? Seems way off topic.
Maybe he meant massage....msg after the happy ending!
Uncle Sam doesn't allow UAV's to fly in air space commercially. Sorry folks. :(
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