Today is the 2nd day of the Steam Sale. If you're only gonna comment about how PS3, XBOX or Wii are the only decent platforms, please refrain. (There doesn't seem to be anything too spectacular, but Portal 2 is $4.99 so if you haven't played it yet, you've no excuse not to now.)
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I absolutely love Portal 2. Definitely need to play it again.
Matt C
What are the two-player options for the PC version?
Every Valve game ever made is being sold as the Valve game pack for $49.99.

I love Valve.
but but platform of choice is the only platform of value....any other choice dependent on their life is invalid   :)
I haven't played portal...  but probably won't, if it's a FPS.  Those things make me physically nauseous :(
it's a FP-puzzle game... many FPS elements so maybe not for you (especially the flying through the air bits). but very very interesting if you can get on with it...
Yep, some sections require a lot of momentum.
+fan tai - The perspective is first person and you shoot Portals so I guess you could call it a FPS.

Play it. Portal is so worth the nausea!

Mirror's Edge is the only other first person game that is a MUST PLAY.
Oh please, what game do you play that doesn't show the player's perspective.  FPS is FIRST PERSON SHOOTER.   You're not fighting againt NPC's or other players.   It's no more a FPS then  Zelda.
+Matt DelMastro lol.  Some FPS I could play.  We used to have Marathon marathons (hah!  I kill me :)) on the Macs at school after the labs closed.  Quake, I can play for about half an hour.

Doom - 2 mins to 5 mins max.

Descent - 30 seconds of looking at it and I want to puke my guts out.  I physically have to go lie down somewhere.

Pretty sad, but the way I see it - I can live in a 3D world, and some engines don't affect me, so obviously they have implementation bugs :P :P
+G. Michael Williams I agree. There is FPS, and then there are games like Portal. Portal is most certainly not an FPS in any sense of the term.
Matt C
If it's First-Person, then yeah, in that sense.
+fan tai - Play Portal, Portal 2, and Mirror's Edge.

Play them all now. At the same time. They're all excellent.

+G. Michael Williams - Mass Effect 1,2, and 3, Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, most racing games, and most games with Mario and Luigi are all examples of games that are not in the first person perspective (those are in the 3rd person where the user can see the main character on screen).

First person perspective is when you play from the perspective of the main character of the game... looking through the eyes of the main character.

A First Person Shooter is a game played in the First person perspective where the main character is holding and aiming a weapon.
I may look at it. I've been spoiled by no downloading with OnLive.
Cut my teeth on PC gaming, and will remain loyal to it. Agree with +Kara Marie Rawson. Bummed out that everything nowadays is real-time, kinda miss the more relaxed and more cerebral experience of turn-based strategy/RPG.
+G. Michael Williams I think what +fan tai is talking about is an inability to play 3d perspective games. Back in the 90s it was called VR sickness and it's caused by the same thing that causes motion sickness. The eyes are telling the brain one thing and the ears are telling it something different. My wife has the same problem with FP games. Has nothing to do with fighting. 
+Kara Marie Rawson I tried minecraft too... :(  Sadly, it gives me nausea too (as do shaky cam like the damned new Battlestar Galatica sobs)
If you get sick playing video truly have my sympathy.  You are a very minor percent of the population.   Expecting the world to adapt to the have my contempt.
+G. Michael Williams Idiots who can't read have my contempt.  If somehow me saying that I can't play FPS other than a very rare few means I expect you to adapt to me, you have reading comprehension issues.
... and this is the point I mute this thing
+Kara Marie Rawson - The only thing that the PC isn't very good at is same-room/split-screen multiplayer gaming. 2-4 people can easily pick up 2-4 controllers and play a game using 1 TV and 1 console. 

That's about it. The PC gives a superior gaming experience in pretty much every other way. #GloriousPCMasterRace  
I think we are COMPLETELY missing the pont here. The point is Steam is having a sale on some really cool games. Try them or not. The choice is yours. Who gives a rat's ass what the hell genre the game falls in? And to think I almost got sucked into arguing that point. It's a freaking game. Jesus tapdancing Christ. Enjoy it for what it is and have fun.
I'm also recommending Deus Ex: HR to people. Absolute steal of a single-player experience for $7.50
+fan tai Note:  I never called you out.  Given the current political environment that expects the world to accommodate every malady it's not beyond reason.  Further, you complained about it.  So, being the vast minority bitching about your ability to play a game...FUCK YOU...Yeah...I'm not the sweet cuddly unicorn kiss the world prepared you for.
Such great games. Man, I wish the Valve bundle was being pushed in advance of a HL2:E3 announcement! Also, I really wish Steam's offline support was better.
My son was playing Mirror's Edge 2D at the age of 3, two hands on keyboard. At 4 he was playing ME 3D, keyboard + mouse. He's almost 8 now, and we do lots of shooters together, and of course Portal 2.
For those who enjoy third person shooters, I've been suggesting Caster.  It's only $0.99.  The video and screenshots don't seem to do it justice.  Try the demo on the developer's site.

Personally, I avoid first person games due to simulator sickness...  Granted, it was the original Spyro that taught me vomit can come out of my ears. ;)
I have experienced nausea perhaps three times, and usually while frustrated because I cannot find some damned hidden item. Frustration + searching = motion sickness.
I bought that after seeing a tweet from another developer I follow. I splurge and buy both Portal 1 and 2 for $6.99

Umm <sheepish> how do I play them! ??? OMG! All I hear is this thunking sound when I walk into an apparently solid wall! :-)
I rarely play FPS - never liked them much.  Picked up Portal sometime on Steam and loved it.  Got myself Portal 2 and Trine 2 during this sale so far.

Only played a small part of Portal 2 so far, but the gameplay is starting to come back to memory.  Looking forward to playing more...
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