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I would say "Only in LA..." but that isn't an LA cop car.
Bob Lai
I think it was Maryland, and 'Batman' goes to hospitals and entertains ailing children.
Its "The Batman"... That would be so funny if I managed to pass something like that...
Buhah... sorry.. Just imagined how fast his car would be stolen here, and then he beaten by some football fans. Sad, but they would surely mistake him for a gay, because they've never seen a real one [...insert embitterness here]
You mean Honda? Not saying that I don't like their looks. But firstly, until recently they had lot of problems with crash tests. It was about their cars resembling flat steel pancakes after hitting a pothole, a cat, or even a wind gust. Secondly, I hit my knee painfully during Brussels Moto show, trying to get out from new Civic coupe (yes, I know it's a silly reason)
That's not an Integra. Pretty sure it's an Infiniti. Likely an M35/37/45. 
Oh come on :). Think like this - It's 2AM and I'm still working = surely it's worse on my side :-(
"I know you're not the real Batman because that is not the Batmobile. I'm a cop it's my job to notice these things."
If you all haven't read this guy's backstory, you really need to. He's absolutely awesome.
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