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What a great day! I took +Colby Brown and +The Giving Lens  workshop team on a photowalk around Cusco. They're an amazing group of photogs: +Michael Bonocore +Joe Azure +Vincent McMillen +Mike Chambers +Christopher Cox and +Alexis Coram, and it was a fun day. Here are some of them in action.
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366/151 May 30, 2012
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Very nice. I am really surprised that there are workshops there. Are there many? Not alot here, I am looking forward to learning much more when I get back to the states.
Hi +Michael Earley. This is a special scouting workshop with +Colby Brown and +The Giving Lens, Colby's charitable foundation that combines photography education with giving back to local communities. The team is here to help us publicise the work we do at +Picaflor House, the project my organisation runs here in Peru. Next year, there will be a full workshop - so keep an eye out for that!
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