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The Corpus Christi celebrations have just ended here in Cusco - 8 days of processions and festivities and feasting and firecrackers - and this is just one of the many shots I took throughout the week. To see more, check out my blog:

For #sacredsunday curated by +Robyn Morrison  +Manfred Berndtgen  +Charles Lupica  +Margaret Tompkins  and +Sherrie von Sternberg. 
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I love these cultural and religious celebrations  This is so colorful and beautiful!  Thank you very much for sharing with +SacredSunday™ !!
Hi Annie, it's so nice to see other parts of the world. Thanks for posting these great shots.
Oh yes, +Manfred Berndtgen, and the celebrations go on for  another few weeks yet, as we have the re-enactment of the Inca mid-winter solstice celebrations this weekend and the festival of St Peter and St Paul at the end of June. It's one big party here in Cusco!
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