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Annette V
Faith in the God of the bible, family, friends, bunnies. These things make me smile.
Faith in the God of the bible, family, friends, bunnies. These things make me smile.

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Art Series: Darth Vadar and Family, coloring book
of the colouring books I do on this blog are for adults, but today I
have a book geared at the younger set.... particularly those youngsters
who like Darth Vadar and the different characters from Star Wars.  
Jeffrey Brown has put together a colo...

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The Chambers and the Vestibule
Todays' bible passage comes from Ezekiel 40:44-49 . Before today I didn't know that the priests split their duties.   Some priests would be in charge of the temple and other priests in charge of the altar.  I also wasn't aware that ONLY the sons of Zadok we...

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Recipe: Tuna Cheese Noodle Casserole
Wow... I found it rather difficult to find a tuna noodle casserole with cheese sauce difficult.  They all seemed to use kraft dinner as a base and I didn't want that. I eventually found this one , declared it good enough, and modified it just a touch.  Ingr...

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K is for Karst
Welcome to another week of blogging through the alphabet. Amanda and I are delighted to have you join us (for this week or every week) with the Letter K. You can read others in the series: A: Sidney Altma n, Canad ian Scientist . B: Beavers! C: Chant Nation...

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Using Books to See Canada
Just wanted to share with you some books we are using in our study on Canada.  We don't use them all the time, nor do we use the entire book. Books that my son reads and then narrates.  The point of these books is to introduce the lad to some great Canadian...

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Today's passage comes from Ezekiel 40:28-43.   Ezekiel is now through the south gate and in the inner court. Can you imagine the sheer size of everything? I was asking hubby tonight (since all scripture can somehow tie into Christ) about how this whole scen...

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Hymn Study: Praise the Lord His Glories Show
Praise the Lord His Glories Show Read these Lyrics eh?   It's a lovely song. Praise the Lord, God’s glories show, Alleluia! Saints within God’s courts below, Alleluia! Angels round the throne above, Alleluia! All that see and share God’s love, Alleluia! Ear...

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Breakfast Poem
The Homeschool Review Crew does word prompts for Instagram fun, I think
it's great to have these words prompts for doing quick posts.  :)   I
find them fun as sometimes it surprises me where my brain goes.  :) The word for today is Breakfast.  Let's follo...

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These look great! I love all the variety from the same project! We just started with Level I and are enjoying it!

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Review: The Amazing Animal Adventure
The Amazing Animal Adventure is a large, hardcover book, filled with illustrations from all around the world.  A look and find book that teaches about different ecosystems.  Let me show you through this book eh? This is such a neat book, one of the things I...
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