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I don't usually engage in, encourage or escalate name calling and personal attacks on social media, but my IDGAF is showing. It's time for me to take a break. The special ones know how to find me offline.

I wonder how many of you will actually take advantage of that.
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Time magazine photographer Joakim Eskildsen was commissioned to document life below the poverty line. What he discovered was shocking

“People are disillusioned with the fact that it is so difficult to get by today. They said there is no American dream any more. This, they said, was the American reality.” This was what the Danish-born photographer Joakim Eskildsen found, and in turn highlighted, when he was commissioned by Time magazine to photograph Americans living below the poverty line.
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#morethan28days #ancestralaugust #blackwomenbeingawesome

What is African Feminism? Many feminists from around the world have contested the idea of whether modern conceptions of feminism are African or un-African. Indeed, feminism has existed in Africa since the times of Queen Nzinga of what is now Mozambique and Yaa Asantewaa of Ghana. These women have inspired contemporary African feminists, who have contributed significantly to feminism in various ways—whether it be through art, music, writing, policy. They have been committed to bringing the voices of African women into the spaces that they work within, and they are indeed change-makers—not only on the African continent, but also throughout the African Diaspora. 

Theo Sowa is Chief Executive Officer of the African Women’s Development Fund. She has previously worked as an independent advisor for a wide range of international and social development issues. Her work has covered advocacy, service delivery, evaluation, facilitation, policy, and organizational development with a range of international and intergovernmental organizations and grant-making foundations.

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Please comment on the original post. Testing a theory.
Geek Question of the Day: Continuing in our reviews of fictional products, we've got a household item straight out of the 23rd century. Yup, tonight's question is; Assuming you've had it for a week, what would be your Amazon review for the fully functional Star Trek-style matter/food replicator that you received from them? Oh and if you get a few minutes to sign up for and give us a hand with the beta, that would be amazing. Thanks everyone for your help so far! #gqotd

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Annette Holland

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Gawd do I deal with this all the time.
"Act/Speak like a man." When I act or speak like my male peers or have the audacity to demand recognition and respect for my ideas, people say I'm being an angry Black woman. UGH!

The "angry Black girl/woman" stereotype only occurs whenever Black women have the unmitigated gall to speak their minds with passion and power, to care for themselves first, and to celebrate our humanity. This stereotype has long been used to shame us into silence and complicity. If tone matters more than message to you, the problem isn't the way it's said. The problem is YOU. 
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And other women. ;)

You think, "talk like them, they'll listen, understand better, you'll be more effective." But, no. You're a whole bunch of negative terms, you're hurting little manly feelings, you're supposed to be "nice." Be "nice" and you're not assertive enough.

It's exhausting at times trying to walk that very fine line.
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A great accomplishment statement grabs the eye, ear of hiring managers. It brings your great moments to life, tells hiring company "why you".
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Geek Questioner Podcast #0021
+Hamilton Carter & The Physics Files
Covering August 19th thru August 25th, 2016
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This week we discuss who would write our biographies, the names of some gentle giants, villains we sympathize with, rabbits getting into our favorite quotes, characters who hide their power, newly purchased replicators, our favorite fictional bar fights, learn a bit about physics, and a whole lot more!

Following that we interview scientist, father, ham radio enthusiast, programmer, writer, and geek +Hamilton Carter. Trust us, he's awesome!

Join +Aalia Khan Yousafzai and I for our latest shenanigans and if you like it, please subscribe and feel free to comment below! Oh and sign up if you want to be a guest!

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#gqp #gqp2016 #geekquestioner
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Charlie Hoover
#0021 - Hamilton Carter & The Physics Files by Charlie Hoover
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Preview, download or stream and the Anonymous Nobody... by De La Soul
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Going back to my cave now.
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An outlaw for an inlaw
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My digital comics subscription is getting outrageously large...
We talked to the designer of Marvel's most technologically advanced nation
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I am just trying to get through my Bleach Manga... Why are PDFs so freaking wonderful!
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#BlackGirlMagic   #WomeninSTEM  

thanks for the heads up +Cliff Bramlett 
Jendai Robinson is finding new ways to detect heavy metals and neurotransmitters for NASA.
Jendai Robinson is a chemist, researcher, and maker who builds new types of material and chemical detecting sensors for NASA.
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Google Map shows locations of rare Pokemon Go catches

Google Map shows locations of rare Pokemon Go catches


Pay what you like and get a bundle of awesome ebooks and more!

So I have a new book out today.

I had planned to do a big promotional post about my new novel, The Big Sheep, which is out today, but frankly I'm a little sick of all this

What If Only Black People Could Get Superpowers?

A young black person gets shot by police. This time, he gets up, discovering that he’s more powerful than he ever could have imagined.

Oculus stops blocking Vive owners from playing exclusive Rift games

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Magical Unicorn Umbrella

You know what happens if you open a unicorn umbrella inside? It rains cupcakes. True story.

How to Get Around Most Airlines' Hidden Fees

Flying is cheaper than it used to be. Adjusted for inflation, a ticket from LA to Kansas City cost $575 in 1955, compared to a couple hundre

Low-Calorie Alcoholic Drinks for Weight Loss

Lose weight—without skipping happy hour—with these low sugar drinks. Mojitos and mint juleps are just some of the low calorie cocktails that

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Very convenient to the Silver Line. Was only there for the Taste of South Boston, so I didn't really explore the hotel.
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I love the variety of food and desserts here.
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I usually stay at La Quinta when traveling with my pets. The rooms are clean, the beds comfortable and this location was close to the freeway and a Cracker Barrel was across the street.
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