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Annette Holland
"Genius might be described as a supreme capacity for getting its possessors into trouble of all kinds." - Samuel Butler
"Genius might be described as a supreme capacity for getting its possessors into trouble of all kinds." - Samuel Butler

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Help a sister out
Time to cull content. Which of my collections do you think you would engage with once moved to my site.

Write-In Options:
- Coffee Break
- Tech Minded
- Tuck Me In

No Brainers absolutely going back to my blog:
What's For Dinner at the Improv Kitchen/Recipes
Drink Up!
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Tell Me Something Good
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Tell Me Something Good
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We are officially on DAY FIVE of REVEALS
from the 19TH ROUND
of the +Chrysta Rae Photography Scavenger Hunt!!!

What is the scavenger hunt?
Only the most inspiring, creative and fun way to learn your camera, push your limits, experiment, and shoot things in ways you didn't think you could.

I host this event a few times a year for anyone of any level of photography to participate.
I open the game up to 300 Photographers
I give you 7 items to shoot
I give you a period of time to shoot and enter your photos.
Then I have them judged by amazing photographers

I then open the albums up to the public - every morning over the course of 7 days.
There are 7 categories:
This is the "*PEPPER*" album.

This event is an amazing way to use your camera in new ways.
It gets you seeing things in new ways,
It helps improve your photography skills,
gives you a huge audience,
and lets everyone celebrate each other's successes.
Make new friends,
and be a part of a community of photographers who care about each other, teach each other, and inspire one another.

The group of "scavengers" that participate create a community unlike any other on G+.
Support, encouragement, friendships even some #huntsmack is enjoyed.
We become a family over the course of the round.

This is a negative-free zone - I have zero tolerance for any critiques that are uninvited.
Please be respectful and remember that every person went out there and took the time to shoot these images
and put thought into them and tried their best.
As always, I am proud of every single one of you.

(NONE of the images were taken by ME - this is a collection of images taken by multiple photographers participating in the scavenger hunt. All copyrights apply)

With that - I present to you the "*PEPPER*" album,
1 item seen in 123 different ways.
122 Photos - View album

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This Recruiter’s Interview Prep Will Land Your Next Dream Job

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#BlackGirlsLivesMatter #BlackWomenMatter

I've heard about the video. I wish I could be shocked, but I'm not. Too many of our own prey on us while the "good brothers" stay silent. No more silence. Either stand with your sisters or get the fuck out of the way. And no, caring about us because you have a daughter isn't enough. Care about us because it's the RIGHT THING TO DO. Because we have always had your backs and continue to do so. 

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However, people are concerned because the bending often skews in one direction; not leaving many opportunities for underrepresented groups.


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So while they were preserving the papers that told how Walker navigated the challenges of race and gender in early 20th century America, they were finding the same threads in their lives.

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And Twitter explodes (rightly so). Really +NASA ? Ivanka and Devos?

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A little sunshine
Today's #joinindaily theme is "Yellow". Hosted by +Johnny Wills​.
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