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How in the everloving planet is  my #Lightroom   catalog 25GB --- a 25GB database? What the hell!!!!
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I like big databases and I cannot lie...
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Doctor Who Holiday
We'll be starting our holiday in a clock tower! What could be more fitting than that for a Time Lord themed holiday. And that view! And that tub!

Source and many more photos:

#bucketlist London, United Kingdom 
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I know it's been a while since I read the series, and I haven't read at least the last 5 books, but NOTHING in this trailer looked anything like the Shannara I remember. Which of the books is this based on????
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The trailer really looks like the whole thing was done for non fans. Is there going to be any non action stuff(?)  [Dr Who subtitles use (!) and (?) for sarcasm.]
I have seen 2 different movies that tried to do Philip Jose Farmer's Riverworld.  One sucked a bit less than the other.
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Introducing Google+ Collections on iOS

Google+ users on Android and the web are using Collections to connect with others around shared interests ranging from Homebrewing, Climbing Junkie Photos to Magical, Mystical Mountains and Marine Life Today, we’re excited to announce Collections on iOS.

Create a Collection about something you’re interested in; make as many as you’d like;  and don’t worry about over sharing since people can follow just the Collections they like. 

Google+ users who have already created Collections asked us for the ability to customize who can see their Collections and if they could add taglines to describe them. We recently announced these features on Android and the web; today they are also available on iOS. To better explore the wide range of Collections already created, we announced last week that you can search for Collections on Google+ on Android as well. 

Thanks to everyone for these ideas. Please keep the feedback coming - we’re listening. Have questions about Collections?  Check out our Help Center or join this community for Help, Tips & Tricks:

To get Collections in your Google+ iOS app, download it here:

We can’t wait to see what Collections you create!
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They should have used my collection on the stock photo😢😢😢
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I'm likely preaching to the choir, but here, more info on how privilege affects perception (in this instance, law making) and understanding your 14th Amendment rights (if you're in the U.S.).

Added bonus of explaining why we specify which minority group(s) in civil rights and civil liberties struggles. (Hint: it's not spelled out for you, you'll have to think .)

The sad part is, the people who need this the most are probably not interested.
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Opinions? Should I watch? 
The full first season of The CW's iZombie is now steaming for free ahead of the season [...]
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No me!

(First step, give me all of your delicious food!)
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Thanks for sharing, Annette!
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Read the commentary by +John Lieske and then the article.
You Need To Read This Link For The History Lesson Alone
This article focuses almost exclusively on two of the groups involved in the Civil Rights Movement throughout the 1960's-- the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)-- but it also points out that there were many others. THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR EVERYONE TO UNDERSTAND. The SNCC and the SCLC were two that primarily resided in the traditional South and had high visibility. Some of the members of the SNCC (like Stokely Carmichael) eventually made their way as foundational members of the Black Panther Party, and later to other organizations. And that's only a few groups out of many.
Here's the thing: The image of the Civil Rights Movement as a stoic gathering of solemn folks in Sunday finery is a revisionist myth that only serves to demonize people of color.
I don't say the above to point out a tactic that needs resisting. You can't resist it. It's already worked its magic on the US as a whole for more than 40 years now. You can't say "Civil Rights Movement" without imaging Dr. King speaking in his preacher's cadence and solemn tones. You don't imagine nonviolent protest as something intentionally set up to annoy and inconvenience the public, you imagine it as a group singing "We Shall Overcome" in a public park or walking down the street that's been blocked off by police (with all the proper permits, I'm sure). You don't need help to think of the people in the Civil Rights Movement as "good" people who talked calmly and intelligently and with reverent patience in order to calmly fight the evils of racism.
The reality is that the Civil Rights Movement then was just as diverse and varied as the BLM folks today. And that's okay. It's better than okay, actually-- we need to stop holding on to broken narratives that set unrealistic expectations. If you think I'm being overly dramatic let me give you a high profile example. In the coverage following Travon Martin's shooting, the media managed to dredge up several pics of the teen posing like a hip hop artist and making guesses like "gang signs". There was no sharing that only a few years before being killed, he went to space camp ( ) and more resembled a kid you'd see on a network (or CW) television show than you would a hardened criminal. That's not an isolated case, either: Mike Brown got the same treatment, as have many cases before and since. The theme is always the same... "(he or she) was no saint" is the common refrain.
And that's part of the trap: no one has to be a saint to be unjustly treated. That we demand sainthood from people of color before we (as a public) will even bother to listen is a testament to the success of this twisted and deceiving narrative.
But I'm digressing a bit far from the article at this point. Go give it a read for yourself. It's way better written than this post of mine (editing and premeditation beats stream of consciousness almost every time).
Many have suggested that Black Lives Matter isn't carrying on the legacy of the civil rights movements. But it is — just not the legacy you remember.
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Don't Cry for Me, Argentina
OK, I might cry if I visited, stayed here and then had to leave. The bedrooms are standard, but the rest of the house! I may just have to sleep in the living room for the view!!!
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No, really, click through and take a look.
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Catching up on #DoctorWho #DoctorsFinest. What are you up to tonight?

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"Dad's Army" on YouTube, some good British comedy....
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Sunday afternoon... 
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