Doe even mee aan de man/vrouw & public/private poll onder het originele bericht.
Challenging the idea that Google+ is a 'man cave.'

There's been a lot of chatter recently about gender distribution on social networks, with Pinterest skewing most toward women and Reddit toward men and everything else falling somewhere in between.

Attention has been drawn to the idea that Facebook and Twitter activity is mostly by women now, and that Google+, as Brad Reed describes it, is an "uninviting digital man cave." 

Now I don't doubt that men outnumber women on Google+. But I also suspect that the male skew is less pronounced than stats would tell. 

The reason is that I have the sneaking suspicion that men are more likely than women to post publicly on Google+, and women are more likely than men to post privately. 

Since public posts are, for the most part, both the posts that are measured and also the ones that are by definition more visible, because they alone are sharable, the perception of gender distribution on Google+ may be different from the reality.

The reason for this may be that public posts by women often bring unwanted sexual harassment type comments, which is a disincentive to post publicly. 

So let's take a poll. The goal here is not to count the number of men vs women who vote, but to test my theory that men are more likely to post publicly rather than privately. 

Please vote by clicking +1 on only one of the options in the comments section below.
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