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Treat Them Like Family...Educate Them Like Family!
Treat Them Like Family...Educate Them Like Family!
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Halloween Safety for you four legged family members!

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Collar article!

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A good read on separation anxiety! 

Christopher Jones’ interview with Rob Seegers on Duco II

"Duco was at home a calm dog but always dominant in his behavior. He was never nervous. He had a very strong working drive but not in an aggressive kind of way. He was totally possessed by searching, retrieving and guarding objects. That character made him difficult to train in the KNPV-program, because he had an autonomous character and did things one his own"

Hi Chris,The most important dog that you have is the dog you train with. Duco is dead. When you want to breed dogs it is important to know the bloodline.

Q1. What was Duco like with strangers that came to his house? How would he greet them?

R.S. He didn't bark, he stood up and observed. Mostly he was in his kennel. The times that he was not in his Kennel he was "cool" to strangers, dominant, but not aggressive. Most people were impressed by his attitude. When he looked at other aggressive barking dogs, they stopped barking.

Q2. What was he like at biting? What type of biter was he?
R.S. He had a strong powerful bite. The longer he bites on a decoy man, the stronger his bite got. His bite was always without any noise.

Q3. What was his pain tolerance like? How hard would you have to punish him before he would let go of the decoy etc?
R.S. Unbelievable, I can't tell you how hard, because otherwise I have to go to jail. But seriously, the dog had trouble with giving up on all things because of his dominancy. With a kind of a dog that Duco was, you have to know things about behavior in a psychological kind of way. But on the other hand sometimes you have to be hard to him but always remain calm yourself. When you are getting aggressive the dog will also be angry.

Q4. Was he a happy to please dog in obedience training?
R.S. No, he liked it when you talk to him and lay your hand on a pleasant way to him by stroking. But when you gave him a ball for instance he would tear it apart.

Q5. How old was he when he died and what did he die from?
R.S. He was 10 years and died of cancer.

Q6. What was he like as a young puppy? Did you know when you got him as a puppy that he would be so good, or was he slow to mature and show his true character?
R.S.I got him when he was at seven months. The people where I got him from couldn't handle him and thought he was crazy and dangerous. But he was an intelligent dog, with a brave heart and a lot of courage. I knew from the beginning that it was a special dog, because his mother and father and his whole bloodline were giving very strong offspring.

Q7. Was he more police dog or more sport dog?
R.S. He was only police dog. How harder the circumstances, the better he was.

Q8. How many breeding’s did he have, and what are some of the problems you can get by breeding too close on him?
R.S. He bred about 130 times, with about 40 different female dogs. He has about 1,100 offspring’s.The problems you can get by breeding too close on him are mental and physical problems. It works the same as by human and other animals.

Q9. How tall and heavy was he?
R.S. He was about 64cm tall and around 40kg. He was very heavy muscled.

Q10 Who were his strongest sons?
R.S. Quite a few, so too hard to say. Many good sons and daughters.

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Yes indeed!
The quickest way to teach your puppy separation anxiety is to have a huge farewell when leaving home to go to work and a huge greeting when arriving home after work. By just leaving and not saying anything is the best way to avoid separation anxiety. Think about your dog's mental state down the road and not your personal feelings now. Have a nice day! #separationanxietyindogs   #dogbehavior  

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Very soon iCare K9 will be offering boarding accommodations to the entire DMV area. Our custom designed kennels are made from materials that is easy-to-clean and naturally anti-microbial to provide a safe clean resting area for your dogs. Our kennels are waterproof, mold resistant and manufactured free of silicone and lead and are much quieter than most traditional kennel systems.
Our kennels are composed of 100% recyclable materials and is built with at least 35% post-industrial recycled materials. If you'd like to make a future reservation email us at

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With almost 3,000 square feet of open space equipped with agility dog flooring, iCare K9 makes an ideal place to hold dog-friendly events.

Does your four-legged friend have a birthday coming up, are you planning a bark-mitzvah, do you want to host a yappy hour with friends? Or is your kennel club preparing for a conformation match and looking for a practice ring? Then iCare K9 is the place.

Our facility is also open to non-profits at a discounted rate of 25% off to be used adoption fairs, practice space for service dog organizations, etc. Please email us at for more info.

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