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Breaking: Head of CMS Resigns

#CMS #HealthCare #Medicare
Marilyn B. Tavenner, the administrator of the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, helped preside over the rollout of sweeping changes in the nation’s health care system.
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Thanks for sharing +Brandon Ives. Don't know if the walls are crumbling but they sure must be quaking today!
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Storytelling in Content Marketing 

"Engage in it with a passion and an intimacy that a blockbuster movie could only dream of ...all we have to do is give it to them", +Kevin Spacey 

#contentmarketing    #storytelling
+Content Marketing Institute  
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...and no better way to tell your story than a Google+ HOA...
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Nice tip from +Neil Ferree  for Circloscope Alert

#circlemanagement +Circloscope 
I'm not a Brand Ambassador for +Circloscope but if I were I would advise you to visit to get an alert when the new version of this circle management tool for G+ goes live, you'll be ready to go!

#circlemanagement   #jnferree  
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Is Google+ Just Not Cool Enough?

+Tom Webster discusses what went wrong in Google's marketing of the platform on +Mark Schaefer's Marketing Companion podcast from the lack of a Unique Selling Position and user experience to missing the capture of Millennials. Is a platform's success dependent on mass participation by our youth and if so why is LinkedIn the number two network?

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+Al Remetch One of the few rational views I have seen expressed on the topic. Thanks!
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Anneliz Hannan

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Just the Kind of Kickstarter campaign I Could Get Behind

That will teach him not to put his hoof in mouth +Linda Dee !
#horsepower   #gif  
#animal   #gif   #horse   HE DESERVED A KICK IN THE HEAD!
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Best Social Media Platforms for Content Marketers?

I know many can refute this chart showing G+ as the least effective platform for content marketing, especially when it comes to the superb visual content abilities! Why is #googleplus rating so low for B2B?

More charts on the research: by +Patricia Redsicker +Social Media Examiner 

#contentmarketing  #b2bmarketing
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Thanks again +Naveen sinha ;)
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Anneliz Hannan

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Google Could Soon Be On The Front Line!

Tech giant Google has been identified as part of a PricewaterhouseCoopers-led group vying for the Defense Department's 10-year, $11 billion electronic health-record contract.
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80% of Hospitals Have Not Communicated An Infectious Disease Policy on Ebola

I was baffled reading this piece today by +Dan Munro , not only as a former practicing nurse but as a health care consumer. Usually, nursing and health care professionals are inundated with clinical policies for the least of being, malpractice suits. While I may not have concerns about contracting Ebola, with all the media frenzy and recent debacle in Dallas, are you surprised or concerned about the survey results?

#healthcare   #publichealth   #ebola
Released on Friday, the survey of 700 Registered Nurses at over 250 hospitals in 31 states included some sobering preliminary results in terms of hospital policies for patients who present with potentially infectious diseases like Ebola. 80% say their hospital has not communicated to them any policy regarding potential admission of [...]
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Probably before the Obola administration could skew it... 
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Anneliz Hannan

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Does anyone know of a docking station that will hold the S5 with the premium flip cover in place? Thank you. 
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I don't know have a great day.
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Anneliz Hannan

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Ageless In My Eyes

No matter the years that accrue, nor the infirmity and weathered facade that the 80 plus decades bestow, the beauty of my mother remains eternally ageless in my heart and mind. I am thankful this Mother's Day to have the great fortune to have my mother by my side. Happy Mother's Day to all G+ mother's and those that honor them this day. 

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+Anneliz Hannan very fortunate ..... enjoy every minute you can this Mothers day and every day
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An Example of  Why I Stick With Google and Google Chrome
.....invoking a misquote of  Mark Twain “Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated."
#internetexplorer   #securitywarning  
The government is warning Americans NOT to use Internet Explorer as their web browser until a security flaw is fixed by Microsoft. How you can protect yourself:
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Thank you +Pina Lalli 
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Aerosmith Honors Boston Strong

Many, many moons ago I lived in Boston, close to the marathon finish line, and next door to where Aerosmith practiced (yes it was a trip). It is a pleasure to see them honor their hometown with this tribute montage to those that have fallen and those that still continue to Dream On.

#bostonstrong   #bostonmarathon  
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+Anneliz Hannan happy new year
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I welcome discussion, polite debate and sharing of information on my professional foci of Social Media, Business and Economic Development, Public Relations, Public Affairs, and HealthCare, Pharma, Biotech and Life Sciences. Personally I enjoy exploring posts on scenic photography, politics (with good humor), animal welfare, anything to do with living coastal, a good laugh from a cleverly written post, and of course how to improve my conversations with you on G+.

As a nurse and strategic communications executive, my travels have taken me from the bedside and homes of patients, through surgical suites, into intensive care units, around the medical training labs, to the halls of Congress, behind the press podium and onto the printing press, down the aisles of retail, and under the arches of executive offices but it is the next door to open that has me most excited.


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Pumping up the beat in Social Engagement, Corporate Communications, Public Relations and Public Affairs in HealthCare for Business Development.
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