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Every mum is proud of their children, right? OK, most are. There are exceptions. But I am the proudest mum in the world, no contest. You know why? Because my daughter has turned out to be the person I wish I could have been at her age. She cares; she wants to help people and animals; she wants to make a difference and... save the world. And she's doing it... a bit at the time!

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Read My Mind Magazine: Information
Launch date: April 4th 2017
It's going to be BIG.

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Waterstones book shop, 30th March 6pm : Free entry

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April 4th brings a special day this year, and will be celebrated every year onward as the anniversary of the birth of Read My Mind, an awesome magazine bringing together bloggers, musicians and artists from all over the world, a creation that will surely be enjoyed internationally too.

With it's fantastic articles and stories, with the super free-to-enter contests for subscribers, this beautiful publication is sure to be a hit!
[e-magazine format initially. Print-on-demand in the pipeline]

Read all about it here!

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My article about seventeenth century midwives for the Historical Fiction Virtual Blog Tour (HFVBT) on the blog 'Historical Fiction Obsession'

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Podcast/blog post review of The Popish Midwife by reader (and author) Viga Boland

"The author spent years researching her story and her attention to detail and fact, the historical period, customs and dialects gives The Popish Midwife authenticity. But it is AnneLisa Christensen’s considerable writing talent that make this an absorbing, worthwhile read even for those, who like me, aren’t fans of historical fiction, but who love a well-written story…one that keeps us turning the pages and wondering what will happen next. Highly recommended."

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They say there's no smoke without fire, but I say, there's no fire without a dragon! And this is the interview of one special dragon called Farloft, who's adventures have youngsters everywhere riveted!

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We often read author interviews, they are the ones whose name is on a book cover, but what about those working hard behind the scenes to help get the book into the finished shape? Interview with Jill Corley, beta reader and editor.

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Love this review

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Love this review of The Popish Midwife. Follow the link to seem more excellent reviews (can you see me blush?) :-D
#Book Review of #ThePopishMidwife from #ReadersFavorite -

Reviewed by Viga Boland for Readers' Favorite

It's a bold task to take on writing a 400-page plus book based on the life of an obscure English midwife who lived in the 1600s. But that is the challenge Annelisa Christensen gave herself with The Popish Midwife, after studying court transcripts about the trial and conviction of the courageous Elizabeth Cellier, who dared to write a book disclosing the brutality and inhumane treatment of those imprisoned for even minor offences in Newgate Prison.

The Popish Midwife takes place at the end of the puritanical, strict era of Oliver Cromwell, when King Charles II was returned to the throne. While people celebrated the new freedom, the country was far from safe or healthy, especially for Catholics. As a Catholic, Elizabeth was ever exposed to danger as she went about her work of helping mothers give birth. She also spent much...
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