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Learning, Loving and Living out God's Word
Learning, Loving and Living out God's Word


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Join the Movement | Take advantage of this opportunity to be part of a worldwide movement of believers listening to God’s Word together.

We’ll listen to parts of God’s Word from Genesis to Matthew to Revelation.
Sign up today! #GodSpeaking
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Live your life in such a way that 5 minutes before you meet Jesus you have no regrets.
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Jesus is God's Guide ready to lead lost sinners safely home. But if you refuse to acknowledge that you are lost a need a guide, you'll never accept God's way. If you resent the fact there is only one way, you will never follow God's Guide. If you insist on your own way, you will remain lost...forever.

Stop refusing the way, resenting the way, resisting the way...and just follow God's Guide home!

I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. John 14:6 NKJV

[Fixing My Eyes on Jesus Devotional, March 7]
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And this is the comfort. There is hope for tomorrow. This life is not all there is...the best is yet to come.
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While he (Daddy) may be physically absent and his voice silent, I am confident that his message will continue to reverberate throughout the generations to come.

My prayer (on this day of his move to Our Father’s House) is that his death will be a rallying cry. That tens of thousands of pastors, teachers, evangelists, and ordinary men and women will rise up to take his place. That they will take up his message like a baton being passed in a relay race and faithfully pass it on to those with whom they come in contact.

Because Daddy’s message is God’s message. And it’s a message of genuine hope for the future, of love for the present, of forgiveness for the past.

[Full Statement, DADDY IS HOME,]
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Call Him “Abba”

What makes you and me think we can do without a personal prayer life? It’s through prayer that we come into a personal, intimate relationship with our heavenly Father.
Do you long to have a closer relationship with God, but you don’t feel worthy? Are you convinced you are a nobody and therefore would never be accepted, much less welcomed, into His presence?
Praise God! Our entrance into His presence is not based on our own worthiness but on the worthiness of Jesus Christ! When we enter God’s presence in Jesus’ name, we are as accepted by God as Jesus is, because God counts us as His own dear children!
Jesus invites you and me, in His name, to come into His Father’s presence through prayer, crawl up into His lap by faith, put our head on His shoulder of strength, feel His loving arms of protection around us, call Him “Abba” Daddy, and pour out our hearts to Him.

You received the Spirit of sonship. And by him we cry, "Abba," Father. - Romans 8:15, NIV

[From Pursuing MORE of Jesus]
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We worship You, great God of Creation, as Elohim, the Strong One. You were in the beginning. You will be at The End. You always have been and You always will be. You are the Creator who brings forth something out of nothing, who formed man from dust, who turns darkness into light, who makes the world turn, who sustains all things by Your powerful word. (Hebrews 1:1-3)

When the nations rage and the people imagine a vain thing…
When the rulers take a stand and gather together against the Lord…(Psalm 2)
When the earth gives way…
When the mountains fall into the midst of the sea…
When the waters roar and foam…
When nations are in uproar and kingdoms fall…(Psalm 46)
When everything that is familiar unravels,
You are the Rock on which we stand!
You are our Stronghold.
We take refuge in You. (Psalm 18:1-3)

We worship You alone.

As we plunge into spiritual and moral darkness, You are our Light.
As political, social, racial, financial, and environmental storms break out all around us, You are our Anchor.
As we face terrorism’s threat and vows of annihilation from our enemies, You are our Shield.
When there are wars and rumors of wars—when nations rise against nations and there is rioting in our streets, You are our Peace.
In our weakness, You are our Strength.
As we grieve over lost freedoms and lost futures and lost values and lost loved ones, You are our Comfort.
In our despair over our lack of moral leadership, You are our Hope.
In our confusion when truth is spun and exchanged for a lie, You are our Wisdom.
In these days of desperation and confusion, we look to You, and You alone.

For the Glory of Your Name.

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I lift up my eyes to the hills—where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord… Psalm 121:1-2 #PrayerandPraise
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If the Cross were the whole story we wouldn’t have any hope.

...but there is hope because Jesus has risen from the dead. And that tells us that even death is not final, that there is hope for tomorrow because of the resurrection of Jesus...

He’s alive. We serve a risen Savior.

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