Come Monday I'll get to spin my own propeller. Excited to be joining Google and the Google+ team next week. Today I'm enjoying my one, solitary day of unemployment. I love everyone who told me to take time off between jobs but I'm too Type A for my own good.

My grandmother used to day that the first year of death is to make up for all the sleep you lost in life. And all the unused vacation, I'm guessing. :-)
This traditional headdress was given to new Google employees, i.e. New Googlers or “Nooglers.” In American popular culture a “propeller head” is a nerd.
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Guess I will have to move you from my cool circle to my Google circle. Don't worry it's still cool just a different kind of cool.
Hearty congratulations, Anne!
Congrats Anne - they are very lucky to have you!
Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing you at Google!
We're thrilled to have you joining Google!
Congrats Anne. Very exciting news!
This definitely explains your cranked up G+ activity. Congrats, and good luck!
Congratulations +Anne Toth. Looking forward to you joining us very soon. Welcome.
Welcome to my Googlers circle! :P Nice great new people joining the Google+ team
I too am very happy you are here, but also kinda bummed because I can't find a Noogle hat on Ebay...
So excited to have you join us, Anne! :)
Congratulations Anne, and welcome to Google!
+Anne Toth , you get a choice of 3 laptops when you join Google, a Mac, a Windows, or a Chromebook. Which one will you choose? I told +Louis Gray that, since his laptop was Mac was on the blink just before joining Google. He messed with me and asked me about the Windows laptop. Haha
Congratulations Anne - looking forward to working with you!
Wow. Good move. I'll see you in Mountain View.
+Warren L I was told I had the choice of a Mac... or a Mac. Macbook Pro or Macbook Air to be more specific. I took the Air because in my past life I was known to travel a fair bit. Lighter = better for me. New toys are exciting though.
Anne, that is interesting. Mac Air is a wonderful laptop. Wonder what happened to the Windows laptop and Chromebook laptop?