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Anne-Sophie “She's a Changemaker” Dumetz
Visionary Women, Leading Change. One word and choice at a time.
Visionary Women, Leading Change. One word and choice at a time.

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How to Create a Message that Resonates as a Visionary Woman Entrepreneur:

How do you create a clear, credible, client-connecting message that resonates with your ideal client AND with you?

Nancy Tierney of Firecracker Communications interviews Anne-Sophie on Messaging. Plus, understand how the "beingness" of your...

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So, has your newsfeed been TRUMPED, too?

My newsfeed this weekend was this weird twilight zone of political stories, activities, rebuttals, and other people who seemed to be going on with biz as usual — talking about “be a badass, creating impact, fuck fear, be a goddess” etc.

And frankly, it was confusing:
— How do WE the people born to become leaders, react to the world news?
—What do WE do about our marketing, our businesses?
—How do WE take a stand for what we believe in?

And still keep business rolling?

I’ve got some insights and 3 steps for you today to help deal with this.

Keep reading over on the blog

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Selena Delesie is a Leadership coach and we've worked together for close to a year. We uncovered her core message and clarified her core work & helped her build programs, and she decided it was finally time to put together a summit. I interviewed her for her own event, here's what she said right afterwards!

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If 2016 is the year when things fell apart, 2017 is the year to let it all FALL TOGETHER.

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Video:Why Being YOU is what matters the most in business as #VisionaryLeader #womenentrepreneur #shesachangemaker

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Want to change the world as a visionary leader? You have to do this first (video)

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3 easy habits to change your life now.

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VIDEO: How NOT to deal with Overwhelm + What you CAN do when you're expanding your biz #shesachangemaker #womeninbusiness

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Defeat the BS Vortex that Fear & Doubt Built #entrepreneurs #mindset #shesachangemaker
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