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Anne Miles

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Important "life hack," care of Anne Agnew: Shoe polish contains a small amount of silver, which means you can use shoe polish to kill a werewolf.

h/t +David Agnew 
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Anne Miles

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Move over, Hangouts.
Yet another messaging app from Google, with little reason to expect it to be a success.
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Allo is basically being like Telegram, minus the home brewed encryption and creation by developers who are from areas that want to steal all of our information.
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Anne Miles

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I can't make this stuff up. #debate
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Anne Miles

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Do you think Yggdrasil would have been football field size?
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Anne Miles

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This is what peaceful protest looks like. 
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Anne Miles

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Oncoming storm!
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Anne Miles

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I'll just leave this here. Reframing, and it worked. #debate
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+Anne Miles me too, but it is an interesting study
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Anne Miles

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My impression. Remember I'm reading the debate through the lens of persuasion here.

Tonight we saw mom and dad fight. And as long as dad doesnt make it personal, he wins. You'll see him attack her boss and her record and he will let the press bring up all the things he did not.

Hillary by contrast was fighting him, going on the offensive, she was very aggressive. She was personally mean. She has nothing to lose, she's down and has lost a lot this last month.

His job was to hit the economy, not make any gaffes and take the punches. He had to appear Presidential and refuse to go after her. He did that. It's genius.

Americans aren't listening to the talking points, we know them, they're watching the people. #debate
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Nate M
+Anne Miles​ calling a woman a fat pig is being a mysogynist, especially when the man saying it is fat and displays himself as a pig. The correlation between the rise of fascists and Trump's own verbiage is striking, if not conclusive. 
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Anne Miles

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Great job Singapore Resistance!!! you rock!!
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Thank you!!! It was a team effort!
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Anne Miles

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David Brooks is a political and cultural commentator who writes for The New York Times.Aaron Sorkin is a screenwriter. His films include A Few Good Men, The American President,Charlie Wilson’s War, The Social Network, Moneyball andSteve Jobs. His television series include The West Wing,Sports Night, Studio 60 and The Newsroom.

BROOKS: “Okay, I am struck by the deep American-ness of this hour. It’s a country of energy and ambition and I mean even Walter10 has in his biography of Franklin this discussion how ambivalent we are about ambition and there is the ambition of him [Franklin,] there is the ambition of Lincoln but then I think through your characters – whether a Zuckerberg, Billy Beane, Jobs, Charlie Wilson – there are people with outlandish ambitions, out of proportion to what might be expected of them in their role?”

SORKIN: “Yeah. Again I just find that very romantic.”

BROOKS: “Yeah.”

SORKIN: “And it all goes back to Don Quixote. This guy who felt like he was living in a world that was just a little –  had gone over the edge of incivility and crudeness – and he was a scrawny old man who was experiencing dementia and he decided that you can be a knight if you just behave like one.”3

A scrawny old man decided that you can be a knight if you just behave like one.

You can be a knight if you just behave like one.

If you just behave like one.

-Roy H. Williams, wizard

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Anne Miles

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1. A beautiful dream is worth believing in, even when others think you are crazy.
2. A beautiful dream is worth fighting for, even when you lose.
3. A beautiful dream is worth pursuing, even if it never comes true.
4. The possibility remains that your beautiful dream might turn out to be folly.

Lessons from Don Quixote
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Anne Miles

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“I tend to write very romantically and idealistically. So the characters that I write are going to be, kind of, quixotic. And they’re going to fail a lot and fall a lot. But, you know,there’s a romance in trying for honorable things.” 
– Aaron Sorkin, June 29, 2015
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